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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Scalia comments show need for new rights amendment, backers say": has this report.

And Bloomberg News columnist Ann Woolner has an essay entitled "Women Aren't People Under Scalia's Constitution."
Posted at 10:54 PM by Howard Bashman

"State high court losing lone Democratic appointee": Bob Egelko of The San Francisco Chronicle has this news update.

Howard Mintz of The San Jose Mercury News has an update headlined "State Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno to step down."

And Maura Dolan of The Los Angeles Times has a blog post titled "Justice Carlos R. Moreno announces retirement from California Supreme Court."
Posted at 10:48 PM by Howard Bashman

"Snyder names Corrigan to lead Department of Human Services": The Detroit Free Press has this news update.

The Detroit News has an update headlined "Snyder names Corrigan to Cabinet."

And Booth Newspapers report that "Gov. Rick Snyder taps Justice Maura Corrigan to run key department."
Posted at 10:46 PM by Howard Bashman

"Crossing the line: The line drawn by an appeals court in opposition to the Mt. Soledad cross is an obvious one; We hope the Supreme Court will agree." This editorial will appear Friday in The Los Angeles Times.
Posted at 10:40 PM by Howard Bashman

"Attorneys spar in hearing over Iowa Supreme Court selection process": Grant Schulte of The Des Moines Register has this blog post.

And in Friday's edition of The Washington Post, Bert Brandenburg will have an op-ed entitled "End the impeachment war on judges."
Posted at 10:36 PM by Howard Bashman

"Oregon Supreme Court rules that simply viewing child pornography on the Internet isn't illegal": The Oregonian has this news update reporting on two rulings (access here and here) that the Supreme Court of Oregon issued today.
Posted at 10:34 PM by Howard Bashman

"Return of the Nuclear Option: The Senate may finally curb the filibuster; Hallelujah." Timothy Noah has this essay online at Slate.
Posted at 10:09 PM by Howard Bashman

One more rational basis for Alabama's ban on the sale of sex toys: The Waseca County (Minn.) News today contains an article headlined "Man charged with two felonies for making homemade explosive device" that begins, "A Waseca man has been charged with felony creation and possession of an explosive or incendiary device and felony terroristic threats after authorities discovered a homemade explosive device hidden in a sex toy."
Posted at 03:55 PM by Howard Bashman

"How To End the Filibuster Forever: The Senate can kill the rule any time! And with only 51 votes." Akhil Reed Amar and Gary Hart have this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.
Posted at 03:50 PM by Howard Bashman

Law professor Laurence H. Tribe argued a First Amendment free speech case before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts today: You can access the archived video of the oral argument via this link. And the appellate briefs filed in the case can be accessed via this link (scroll down).

In today's edition of The Wall Street Journal, John Berlau has a related op-ed entitled "Financial Info: Banned in Boston; The Bay State trots out a paternalistic rationale for its latest infringement on free speech." You can freely access the full text of the op-ed via Google News.

And in June 2008, Fortune magazine published a related article headlined "The man who beat the SEC: Phil Goldstein quit being an engineer for the City of New York and taught himself the art of closed-end funding investing; Since then he has made a small fortune and battled the SEC, but now the state of Massachusetts wants to quiet him down."
Posted at 03:42 PM by Howard Bashman

"President Renews Nomination of Goodwin Liu to Ninth Circuit": The Public Information Office of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued this news release today.
Posted at 01:07 PM by Howard Bashman

"New Wash. Supreme Court justice takes seat Friday": The Associated Press has a report that begins, "Charlie Wiggins has been known to spend his free time searching the Bible for references to 'justice' and re-enacting the state Constitutional Convention in costume. Needless to say, he considers his new seat on Washington's Supreme Court a dream job."
Posted at 11:02 AM by Howard Bashman

"UHP can keep crosses in place -- for now": Today's edition of The Salt Lake Tribune contains an article that begins, "A federal appeals court in Denver has stayed an order demanding the Utah Highway Patrol Association remove crosses placed along the state's highways to commemorate troopers killed in the line of duty."

And The Associated Press reports that "Court blocks removal of Utah highway crosses."

My most recent earlier coverage of the case appears at this link.
Posted at 10:35 AM by Howard Bashman

"Cross-sex strip searches ruled unconstitutional": Today in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko has an article that begins, "A female jail guard's strip search of a male inmate was a 'humiliating event' that violated his rights, a divided federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled Wednesday. Such searches of a prisoner by a guard of the opposite sex are unconstitutional except in an emergency, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a 6-5 decision."

You can access yesterday's en banc ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit at this link.

My earlier coverage of the original three-judge panel's ruling in the case can be accessed here.
Posted at 08:40 AM by Howard Bashman

"Let Scalia speak: Some say his address before members of Congress will create the impression of a conservative alliance; That's far-fetched." The Los Angeles Times contains this editorial today.
Posted at 08:32 AM by Howard Bashman

"Several states want court ruling on birthright citizenship": This article appears today in The Washington Post.

The New York Times reports today that "State Lawmakers Outline Plans to End Birthright Citizenship, Drawing Outcry."

And The Arizona Republic contains an article headlined "Arizona's birthright citizenship bill in D.C. spotlight."
Posted at 08:30 AM by Howard Bashman

"Obama Tries Again on Judicial Nominees": Evan Perez has this article today in The Wall Street Journal.

The Associated Press reports that "Obama resubmits judicial nominations to Senate."

Today in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko reports that "Obama renews push for Bay Area judgeships."

Josh Richman of The Oakland Tribune reports that "Obama renominates UC Berkeley professor to 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals."

Howard Mintz of The San Jose Mercury News reports that "Obama renominates San Jose judge, two others from Bay Area to federal bench."

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that "Obama again nominates Butler to federal bench; Ex-justice's bid has twice failed in Senate."

And The Providence (R.I.) Journal reports that "McConnell renominated for U.S. District Court vacancy."
Posted at 08:12 AM by Howard Bashman

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