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Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Gun Rights Ruling Risks Danger to Public": Kenneth Jost has this post today at his blog, "Jost On Justice."
Posted at 11:36 PM by Howard Bashman

"State high court may end a protection for party hosts in alcohol suits; Some justices appear ready to open the way for lawsuits against people who charge fees to attend underage drinking parties and an intoxicated guest hurts someone": Maura Dolan will have this article in Monday's edition of The Los Angeles Times.
Posted at 11:35 PM by Howard Bashman

"Same-sex ruling echoes historic interracial decision; 1967 case allowing interracial unions influences ruling against same-sex marriage ban": This front page article appears today in The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

And yesterday's broadcast of NPR's "Weekend Edition Saturday" contained an audio segment titled "Flood Of Gay Marriage Cases Releasing Stream Of Federal Rulings."
Posted at 10:00 PM by Howard Bashman

"Gov. Jerry Brown puts deep imprint on California judiciary": In Monday's edition of The San Jose Mercury News, Howard Mintz will have an article that begins, "As he prepares to fill a surprise opening on the California Supreme Court, Gov. Jerry Brown's track record of appointing judges strongly points toward a consistent theme -- scouring the legal ranks for candidates with some intellectual firepower who might add diversity to the nation's largest judiciary."
Posted at 09:48 PM by Howard Bashman

"A question of where protesters take a stand": Robert Barnes will have this new installment of his "The High Court" column in Monday's edition of The Washington Post.
Posted at 09:42 PM by Howard Bashman

"Unnamed parties sue in state Supreme Court over John Doe campaign probe; Court issues first order but seals it from public view": Patrick Marley, Jason Stein, and Daniel Bice had this article in yesterday's edition of The Journal Sentinel.
Posted at 01:22 PM by Howard Bashman

"Legacy of civil rights leaders source of fights": Jesse J. Holland of The Associated Press has this report.
Posted at 01:20 PM by Howard Bashman

"Georgia Supreme Court will hear appeal of killer; Warren Lee Hill's attorneys will present arguments": The Albany Herald has this report.

The Associated Press reports that "Ga. high court to hear oral arguments in Hill case."

And the "fresh loaf" blog of Creative Loafing Atlanta has a post titled "Georgia's Supreme Court to hear Warren Lee Hill appeal on Monday."
Posted at 01:08 PM by Howard Bashman

"Lansing casino case headed to US Supreme Court": The Lansing State Journal has this report.
Posted at 01:02 PM by Howard Bashman

"Student journalist sues Otterbein for police records": The Columbus Dispatch has an article that begins, "After repeated, unsuccessful requests for campus police records, an Otterbein University student journalist is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to order the private school to turn over arrest reports and other records."
Posted at 10:23 AM by Howard Bashman

"3-year study of Louisiana's judiciary concludes more study is needed": The Times-Picayune of New Orleans has this report. The study issued Friday can be accessed here.
Posted at 10:22 AM by Howard Bashman

"Native American inmates appeal hair length issue to U.S. Supreme Court; Plaintiffs argue Corrections' policy requiring short hair violates their religious tenets": The Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser has this report.
Posted at 10:20 AM by Howard Bashman

"2 veteran Supreme Court lawyers will argue for industry, states in EPA emissions case": Jeremy P. Jacobs of Greenwire has this report.
Posted at 10:14 AM by Howard Bashman

"Scalia laments decline in civics education; Justice speaks at Union League of Chicago": This article appeared yesterday in The Chicago Tribune.
Posted at 10:09 AM by Howard Bashman

"Shadowing the Supreme Court: Law School clinic gives students intense grounding in real-time cases." The Harvard Gazette has this report.
Posted at 10:06 AM by Howard Bashman

"Under the U.S. Supreme Court: Citizens United rolls, SEC rule drifts." Michael Kirkland of UPI has this report.
Posted at 09:26 AM by Howard Bashman

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