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Monday, April 13, 2009

"Immigration legal system does not protect rights": The Associated Press has this report. According to the article, "U.S. citizens arrested as illegal immigrants or deportable residents cannot count on the legal system as a safety net."
Posted at 08:57 PM by Howard Bashman

"Court declares Franken winner; Coleman to appeal": The Minneapolis Star Tribune has this news update.

And The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a news update headlined "Judges say Franken won Senate race; Coleman likely to fight."

At his "Election Law" blog, Rick Hasen has a post titled "Initial Thoughts on the Decision in the Coleman-Franken Dispute: Coleman's Chances on Appeal Appear Quite Small."

You can access today's ruling at this link.
Posted at 08:55 PM by Howard Bashman

"Rhode Island Senators Suggest Circuit Nominee": Seth Stern has this post today at the "Legal Beat" blog of CQ Politics.
Posted at 07:20 PM by Howard Bashman

Federal government files brief in opposition to petition for writ of certiorari filed by media tycoon Conrad Black and his co-defendants: I have posted online at this link the federal government's brief in opposition filed today.

Back on January 9, 2009, I had this post linking to Black's cert. petition.

You can access the U.S. Supreme Court's docket entries in the case by clicking here.
Posted at 07:12 PM by Howard Bashman

"Appeals court denies Nacchio bail": The Denver Post has this news update.

You can access today's order of a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit at this link.

And The Associated Press reports that "Ex-Qwest exec asks high court to delay prison term."
Posted at 06:04 PM by Howard Bashman

Calculation of time under federal procedural rules of court to be simplified: Today's edition of The Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia's daily newspaper for lawyers, contains this month's installment of my "Upon Further Review" column, headlined "The Approaching Dawn of a New 'Day' Under the Federal Appellate Rules."

My column focuses on several important changes to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that, as of December 2009, will affect lawyers who handle appeals.
Posted at 05:08 PM by Howard Bashman

"Phils announcer Harry Kalas dies": The Philadelphia Inquirer provides this very sad news update.

And reports that "Phils broadcaster Kalas passes away; Long-time announcer collapsed prior to Monday's game."
Posted at 02:11 PM by Howard Bashman

"A Reticent Justice Opens Up to a Group of Students": Adam Liptak will have this new installment of his "Sidebar" column Tuesday in The New York Times.
Posted at 02:08 PM by Howard Bashman

"Ban on Drooping Drawers Faces Legal Challenge": This article appears today in The New York Times.
Posted at 11:18 AM by Howard Bashman

"Differing views in GOP on voting rights case": Mark Sherman of The Associated Press has a report that begins, "The GOP's struggle over its future and the party's fitful steps to attract minorities are on full display in the differing responses of Republican governors to a major Supreme Court case on voting rights."
Posted at 09:57 AM by Howard Bashman

"When to Retire a Justice": Law professor Paul D. Carrington has this op-ed today in The New York Times.
Posted at 07:55 AM by Howard Bashman

"The Next Guantanamo": The New York Times today contains an editorial that begins, "The Obama administration is basking in praise for its welcome commitment to shut down the American detention center at Guantanamo Bay. But it is acting far less nobly when it comes to prisoners held at a larger, more secretive military detention facility at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan."
Posted at 07:54 AM by Howard Bashman

"The Supreme, er, Sponsors Court: Hold that case; Lady Justice is busy judging 'The Biggest Loser.'" CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen has this op-ed today in The Los Angeles Times.
Posted at 07:52 AM by Howard Bashman

"Supremely bad trend continues": Indian Country Today contains an editorial today that begins, "It's only fitting that the latest bad U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Indian law would begin with an awkward and offensive phrase, written by Justice Antonin Scalia to describe the plaintiff."
Posted at 07:50 AM by Howard Bashman

"The Supreme Court and law left hanging: By dismissing an Oregon case involving the death of a cigarette smoker, the justices have left open questions about their instructions to lower courts and the limits of punitive damages." The Los Angeles Times contains this editorial today.
Posted at 07:48 AM by Howard Bashman

"State's high court may not be the last word in recount; Norm Coleman could take his case to federal court, possibly leaving the state's second U.S. Senate seat empty for months more": This article appears today in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Posted at 07:45 AM by Howard Bashman

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