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Friday, July 22, 2011

"Obama Ends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy": This article will appear Saturday in The New York Times.

Saturday's edition of The Los Angeles Times will contain an article headlined "Obama ending ban on gays serving openly in the military; 'Don't ask, don't tell' will end Sept. 20, but the Pentagon is still struggling with major issues such as benefits, housing and discrimination complaints."

The Washington Post has a news update headlined "Military certifies repeal of 'don't ask' policy."

And McClatchy Newspapers report that "Ban on gays in the military will end in 60 days."
Posted at 11:30 PM by Howard Bashman

"Justice Ginsburg counts down OT 2010's Greatest Hits": Jess Bravin of The Wall Street Journal, via Twitter, links to the text of a speech that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg delivered today in Cooperstown, New York just two days before the induction ceremony into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Posted at 08:25 PM by Howard Bashman

"Droney Gets Unanimous OK From Senate Judiciary Committee; Full Senate Approval Also Expected For Nomination To Federal Appeals Court": This article appears today in The Hartford Courant.
Posted at 08:20 PM by Howard Bashman

"States enact record wave of anti-abortion laws": The AP has this report.
Posted at 05:06 PM by Howard Bashman

"Court won't hear arguments over 'enemy combatant'": The Associated Press has this report on a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued today.
Posted at 04:35 PM by Howard Bashman

"William Welch: Obama Administration's Point Man to Stop Leaks; The prosecutor has been called a tenacious and tough-as-nails lawyer, but also overzealous." This article appears online at the Washingtonian.
Posted at 12:09 PM by Howard Bashman

"US court rejects SEC rule on board nominees": The Associated Press has this report on a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued today.
Posted at 12:01 PM by Howard Bashman

"Man kidnapped, slain in Juarez was federal court interpreter": This article appears today in The El Paso Times.
Posted at 10:00 AM by Howard Bashman

"Prison hospital medicates Loughner against his will, lawyers say; Lawyers for Jared Lee Loughner complain that the Tucson shooting suspect has been given antipsychotic medication against his will despite a court order": Carol J. Williams has this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

The Associated Press reports that "Prison resumes forcible medication of Loughner."

And at his "Under the Radar" blog at, Josh Gerstein has a post titled "Defense: feds drugged Jared Loughner, defying court order."
Posted at 08:37 AM by Howard Bashman

"Military ban on gays likely to end soon, Pentagon says; Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Michael Mullen have concluded that the policy can be lifted without harming military readiness, and they are recommending that President Obama repeal the law, Defense officials say": This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

And The Associated Press has a report headlined "AP sources: Panetta to OK end of military gay ban."
Posted at 08:34 AM by Howard Bashman

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