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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Ex-NCAA athletes can sue Electronic Arts over video game likenesses": Maura Dolan of The Los Angeles Times has this news update.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a news update headlined "EA loses ruling in 'NCAA Football' suit."

USA Today reports that "U.S. appeals court rejects EA in another likeness case."

In Thursday's edition of The Wall Street Journal, Joe Palazzolo will have an article headlined "Appeals Court Says Ex-College Stars Can Sue Videogame Maker Electronic Arts; Football and Basketball Players Protested Use of Their Likenesses." You can freely access the full text of the article via Google News.

Jonathan Stempel of Reuters reports that "Ex-NCAA athletes score court victory over EA video games."

Bloomberg News reports that "EA Loses Bid to End Athletes' Suit Over Use of Likenesses."

The Associated Press has a report headlined "Court: College athletes can sue EA over images."

At her "Trial Insider" blog, Pamela A. MacLean has a post titled "Electronic Arts Must Face College Athlete Likeness Suit."

At the "Hollywood, Esq." blog of The Hollywood Reporter, Eriq Gardner has a post titled "Appeals Court Rules on Use of Athletes in Video Games; Whether or not the First Amendment protects celebrity exploitation is a hot topic in the legal system."

And Variety reports that "Electronic Arts Loses Latest Round in Suit Over NCAA Player Likenesses."

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued rulings today in two related cases, which you can access here and here.
Posted at 10:44 PM by Howard Bashman

"Samuel Alito Will Save America's Privacy: A lower court's ruling on warrantless cellphone searches is doomed at the Supreme Court -- thanks to Justice Alito." Mark Joseph Stern has this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.
Posted at 10:27 PM by Howard Bashman

"New Jersey Gun-Carrying Limits Upheld by Appeals Court": Bloomberg News has this report on a ruling that a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued today.
Posted at 10:20 PM by Howard Bashman

"Next Citizens United? McCutcheon Supreme Court Case Targets Campaign Contribution Limits." Paul Blumenthal of The Huffington Post has this report.
Posted at 09:00 PM by Howard Bashman

"Patent life: how the Supreme Court fell short." Maggie Koerth-Baker has this post today at "Boing Boing."
Posted at 08:59 PM by Howard Bashman

"Democrats To Introduce Supreme Court Ethics Bill": Stephanie Mencimer has this post today at the "Political MoJo" blog of Mother Jones.
Posted at 08:57 PM by Howard Bashman

"The (Almost) Lost Speech of Justice Anthony Kennedy: How his insightful remarks about the Constitution inadvertently make the case for a Supreme Court 'media pool.'" Andrew Cohen has this essay online today at The Atlantic.
Posted at 07:46 PM by Howard Bashman

"The Next Filibuster Face-Off: Obama's Judicial Nominees." Sahil Kapur of TPM DC has this report.
Posted at 07:32 PM by Howard Bashman

"Ginsburg's dedication undimmed after 20 years on court": Richard Wolf will have this article Thursday in USA Today.
Posted at 07:30 PM by Howard Bashman

"Ed Carnes to succeed Joel Dubina as Chief Judge of federal appeals circuit": The Montgomery Advertiser has this news update.
Posted at 06:24 PM by Howard Bashman

Programming note: Due to a family outing to attend this morning's Lakewood (N.J.) BlueClaws game (11:05 a.m. start; access the game preview at this link), additional posts will not appear here until this afternoon.

The BlueClaws (the Class A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies) are hosting the Hagerstown (Md.) Suns (the Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals).
Posted at 08:50 AM by Howard Bashman

"Widening Regional Divide over Abortion Laws": Pew Research Center for People & the Press issued this news release on Monday. You can access the complete survey results at this link.

And at, David Davenport has an essay titled "The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decisions Reverberate Through The States."
Posted at 08:42 AM by Howard Bashman

"Right-to-die battle: court of appeal rejects paralysed man's case; Judges reject Paul Lamb's request for help from doctors to die but allow another man to get help to travel to Swiss clinic." The Guardian (UK) has this report.

And The Associated Press reports that "UK court rules against euthanasia."
Posted at 08:40 AM by Howard Bashman

"Supreme Court decision bolsters challenge to Oklahoma gay marriage ban, couple argues in state case; The U.S. Supreme Court's move to strike down federal law has ignited a flurry of activity in the long-dormant state challenge to Oklahoma's ban on gay marriage": Chris Casteel has this article today in The Oklahoman.
Posted at 08:40 AM by Howard Bashman

"The people's judge": Today's edition of The Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania contains an article that begins, "Standing before a cadre of judges representing every level of the state judicial system and hundreds of family members, friends and colleagues overflowing from the rotunda of the Luzerne County Courthouse, Correale F. Stevens on Tuesday took his oath of office as the newest member of the state's highest court."

And today's edition of The Citizens' Voice of Wilkes-Barre contains an article headlined "Stevens sworn in as state Supreme Court justice."

The online biography of Pa. Supreme Court Justice Correale F. Stevens can be accessed here.
Posted at 07:45 AM by Howard Bashman

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