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Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Louisiana governor appeals ruling on black supreme court justice": Reuters has this report.

And The Associated Press reports that "State seeks review of ruling on La. Supreme Court Justice Bernette Johnson."
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"License immigrant, State Bar urges court": Today in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko has an article that begins, "Rejecting the Obama administration's position, the State Bar has invited California's highest court to invoke rarely used lawmaking powers, if necessary, to grant an attorney's license to an illegal immigrant who has passed the bar exam."
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"Supreme Court's Kagan gives U-M students a look behind the curtain": This article appears today in The Detroit News. reports that "Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan tells U-M crowd about serious and not-so-serious workings of the high court."

The Michigan Daily reports that "Law School unveils newly renovated South Hall" in an article that misspells Justice Elena Kagan's last name.

And the University of Michigan Law School has issued a news release headlined "Justice Kagan Highlights South Hall Dedication Weekend" that begins, "Associate Justice Elena Kagan gave an inside look at the Supreme Court during a Friday morning talk presented by the U-M Law School, in which she said justices are not motivated to rule in certain cases to favor or disfavor a particular president, that even the politically divergent members of the Court genuinely like and respect one another, and that she--the junior justice--has tasks such as serving on the Court's cafeteria committee."
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"Justices United: The California Supreme Court Reviewed." Gerald F. Uelmen has this article in the September 2012 issue of California Lawyer magazine.
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"F-bomb's collateral damage: Obscenity case explores the limits of courtroom expression." Mike Scarcella will have this article Monday in The National Law Journal about a case that is now pending on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.
Posted at 03:38 PM by Howard Bashman

"Jury decides hormone therapy caused Utah woman's breast cancer; Jury finds hormone therapy led to breast cancer; drug companies vow to appeal": Brooke Adams has this article today in The Salt Lake Tribune.
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"Arizona Supreme Court in Mesa case: 1st Amendment protects tattoos; Mesa case must go back to county court." This article appears today in The Arizona Republic.

In today's edition of The East Valley Tribune, Howard Fischer has an article headlined "Court ruling: 1st Amendment protects Mesa tattoo shop."

And Reuters reports that "Top Arizona court rules tattooing is protected speech."

You can access yesterday's ruling of the Supreme Court of Arizona at this link.
Posted at 08:54 AM by Howard Bashman

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