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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

“Bush invites Senate leaders to discuss court choices; Democrat ready ‘to start talking names,’ but Republican doubts any will come up”: Jill Zuckman and Jan Crawford Greenburg have this article today in The Chicago Tribune.

The Washington Post today contains a front page article headlined “Bork’s Shadow Looms Over Court Opening; Defeat of ’87 Nomination a Model for Liberals, a Lesson for Conservatives.”

The New York Times reports that “Democratic Leader Discounts a Filibuster.”

The Washington Times reports that “Bush heeds calls to consult on pick for top court.”

In The Dallas Morning News, Todd J. Gillman reports that “Supreme battle is brewing; Court fight could make Bork, Thomas hearings seem relatively genteel.”

The Denver Post reports that “State justice touted as nominee; Praised by members of both parties, Rebecca Love Kourlis is among the people being suggested to the White House, sources say.”

The Journal News of Westchester, New York reports that “Schumer guesses Rehnquist might stay awhile.”

And The Hill reports that “GOP aims for speedy hearings” and “Timing looms large.”

In commentary, The Boston Globe contains an op-ed by Thomas Oliphant entitled “Bush faces test on abortion” and an op-ed by Peter S. Canellos entitled “With a politician’s eye, O’Connor led the way.”

In the Arizona Republic, columnist E.J. Montini has an op-ed entitled “Rehnquist is No. 1, O’Connor is No. 3, Baloney is No. 2.”

In The Baltimore Sun, Law Professor Sherrilyn A. Ifill has an op-ed entitled “Supreme Court should include a diversity seat.”

In The Washington Times, Manuel A. Miranda has an op-ed entitled “Advice on court picks.”

In The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Law Professor David Stras has an op-ed entitled “O’Connor retiring with dignity from the Supreme Court.”

In The San Jose Mercury News, columnist Sue Hutchison has an op-ed entitled “Even those often at odds with O’Connor will miss her.”

And FindLaw commentator Joanna Grossman has an essay entitled “What Might Two Supreme Court Vacancies Mean for Reproductive Rights? While the Federal ‘Partial Birth’ Abortion Ban Has Been Held Invalid, The Composition of the Court is About to Change.”

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“Eminent Domain Put On Hold In Connecticut; Communities Put On Notice Pending Revision Of State Law”: The Day of New London, Connecticut today contains an article that begins, “State legislators declared a moratorium Monday on the use of eminent domain in Connecticut, saying no municipality — including New London — should go forward with any plans until they have revised the law to protect the rights of private homeowners.”

And The Hartford Courant reports today that “Land Seizure Laws To Get Review.”

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