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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

“Bush Pledges Wide Search for Court Seat; Race, Sex and Hurricane Among Factors as President Seeks a Second Nominee”: This article appears today in The Washington Post, along with articles headlined “Specter Asks; Roberts Answers, for the Most Part” and “For Chief Justice, A Final Session With His Court.”

Today in The Los Angeles Times, David G. Savage reports that “Former Rehnquist Clerks Recall His Wit, Warmth; Don’t let your career swallow your life, the late chief justice would advise law students; He was known for his way of putting people at ease.” The newspaper also contains articles headlined “Bush Urges Senators to Focus on Roberts, Not Next Nominee; Hearings for chief justice are to begin Monday; Democrats hope to learn the president’s second nominee soon, but Bush says he’ll take his time” and “Clerks, Colleagues Mourn Rehnquist at Supreme Court; Chief justice nominee Roberts is among those who carried his coffin up the marble steps.”

In USA Today, Joan Biskupic has articles headlined “Roberts, Rehnquist compel comparisons; Close relationship underscores transition” and “Chief justice’s death hits O’Connor hard; Their close friendship bloomed in late ’40s.” And in related news, “Former aide Roberts helps bear Rehnquist’s coffin; Court nominee, Sen. Specter discuss hearings.”

In The Chicago Tribune, Jan Crawford Greenburg has an article headlined “A pine coffin and tearful last respects; Roberts helps carry Rehnquist to place of honor at court.” A related article reports that “Funeral to be ecumenical.”

The Boston Globe reports that “Democrats shift strategy on Roberts; Plan to use Katrina to highlight racial and economic divide.”

The Hill reports that “The right wants a woman.”

The Washington Times contains articles headlined “Bush hints at Gonzales for court opening“; “Rehnquist’s ‘strong legacy’ hailed“: and “Senate sets date for Roberts confirmation hearings.”

The New York Sun reports that “Roberts To Face ‘Piercing Questions.’

The Houston Chronicle reports that “As Rehnquist is mourned, Senate focuses on Roberts; Confirmation hearings delayed, but GOP wants a full court soonest.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “Specter praises Roberts for chief.”

BusinessWeek contains a news analysis headlined “Roberts in the Eye of the Storm; Criticism of Bush’s handling of Katrina may affect his next pick for the Supreme Court; But John Roberts will likely see a smooth confirmation.”

Michael McGough of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “Rehnquist lies in state; Funeral today in Washington cathedral.”

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that “Nomination raises stakes on Roberts, Wisconsin senators say.”

The Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World reports that “Local court watchers mull future direction of bench.”

And The Arizona Daily Star reports that “City lawyer to help bear coffin of chief justice.”

Posted at 6:30 AM by Howard Bashman