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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"Superior native serves as Virginia solicitor general": Shelley Nelson of The Superior (Wis.) Telegram has this report.
Posted at 09:06 PM by Howard Bashman

"The Dangerous Supreme Court Case Nobody Is Talking About: NIFLA v. Becerra has huge implications for free speech, religious freedom, and the pro-life cause." David French has this essay online at National Review.
Posted at 09:00 PM by Howard Bashman

"Casinos prepare for Supreme Court ruling on sports betting": Nicole Raz has this front page article in today's edition of The Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Posted at 08:55 PM by Howard Bashman

"'A lot of people are protected because of our loss': A Utah woman's death set legal precedent, but her family still feels the pain of her absence; Salt Lake City lawyer honored for his role in seat belt safety case." Pamela Manson of The Salt Lake Tribune has an article that begins, "More than 15 years after his wife died in a car crash, and long after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a precedent-setting decision on seat belt safety requirements in a lawsuit over her death, Delbert Ondi Williamson still struggles."
Posted at 08:50 PM by Howard Bashman

"Twitter's Not a Great Place for Legal Advice; Even 280 characters are not enough to provide the clarity needed": Online at Bloomberg View, law professor Noah Feldman has an essay that begins, "We have our first confirmed federal Twitter judge, Judge Don Willett of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit."
Posted at 08:44 PM by Howard Bashman

"High court to consider whether lawyer can proclaim guilt over client's objection": Richard Wolf of USA Today has this report.
Posted at 08:30 PM by Howard Bashman

"If SCOTUS finds SEC ALJ appointments unconstitutional, what happens to tainted cases?" Alison Frankel's "On the Case" from Thomson Reuters News & Insight has this post.
Posted at 08:24 PM by Howard Bashman

"The Justice Department Is Going Straight To The Supreme Court To Try To Stop DACA Revival": Zoe Tillman of BuzzFeed News has this report.
Posted at 05:50 PM by Howard Bashman

"Pregnant immigrant teen seeking abortion is released from government custody": Ann E. Marimow of The Washington Post has this report.
Posted at 05:46 PM by Howard Bashman

"A Lot at Stake: Amicus Filers 2017/2018." Adam Feldman has this post at his "Empirical SCOTUS" blog.
Posted at 04:55 PM by Howard Bashman

Programming note: This afternoon I will be traveling to Atlanta, where on Wednesday and Thursday I will be attending meetings of the Appellate Judges Education Institute's Education Committee to plan the programming for the 2018 AJEI Summit, which will take place in Atlanta this November. I was originally planning to travel to Atlanta on Wednesday, but I was able to move my departure free-of-charge to today to avoid any travel-related disruptions arising from the snowstorm expected in Philadelphia tonight through tomorrow morning.

Additional posts will appear here this evening.
Posted at 09:44 AM by Howard Bashman

"Pennsylvania Could Be On The Verge Of Dealing Partisan Gerrymandering A Big Blow; The state Supreme Court could order new congressional maps before the end of the month": Sam Levine of HuffPost has this report.
Posted at 09:36 AM by Howard Bashman

Access today's Order List of the U.S. Supreme Court: At this link. The Court did not grant review in any new cases. In addition, the court dismissed two direct appeals for lack of jurisdiction.
Posted at 09:33 AM by Howard Bashman

"D.C. Circuit Review -- Reviewed: The Middle Chapters." Aaron Nielson has this post at the "Notice & Comment" blog of the Yale Journal on Regulation.
Posted at 09:26 AM by Howard Bashman

Monday, January 15, 2018

"House Judiciary should investigate Supreme Court": The Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette-Mail has published this editorial.
Posted at 10:02 PM by Howard Bashman

"Pennsylvania Supreme Court to decide if state congressional district map is a partisan gerrymander": Lindsay Lazarski of WHYY has this report.
Posted at 09:57 PM by Howard Bashman

"Supreme Court asked to rule in divorced gay couple's child custody case": Howard Fischer of The Arizona Daily Star has this report.
Posted at 09:54 PM by Howard Bashman

"Confirming Judges, a Trump Win in 2017, May Get Tougher; Democrats see improved position to push back on nominees with narrower Senate margin and cracks in GOP unanimity": Brent Kendall of The Wall Street Journal has this report.
Posted at 09:38 PM by Howard Bashman

"Monstrous gerrymanders: The Supreme Court takes on two redistricting cases from Texas; The justices will hear four cases this term that could shape political maps." Steven Mazie has this post at the "Democracy in America" blog of The Economist.
Posted at 09:28 PM by Howard Bashman

"Deconstructing the Question Presented in WesternGeco": Timothy Holbrook has this guest blog post at "Patently-O."
Posted at 09:24 PM by Howard Bashman

"Vladeck takes the ball in a big game": Texas Law News has this report.
Posted at 09:22 PM by Howard Bashman

"To Try to Save Client's Life, a Lawyer Ignored His Wishes. Can He Do That?" Jeffery C. Mays of The New York Times has this report.
Posted at 09:20 PM by Howard Bashman

"9th Circuit to study workplace conditions in wake of Kozinski's retirement over sexual misconduct accusations": Maura Dolan of The Los Angeles Times has this report.
Posted at 04:15 PM by Howard Bashman

"When Barbie Went to War with Bratz: How a legal battle over intellectual property exposed a cultural battle over sex, gender roles, and the workplace." Jill Lepore has this "A Critic at Large" essay in the January 22, 2018 issue of The New Yorker.

Former Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski is mentioned in the essay some 25 times.
Posted at 04:10 PM by Howard Bashman

"Amicus Anomaly: UVA Professor Gets Rare High Court Nod." Kimberly S. Robinson of Bloomberg BNA has this report.
Posted at 01:12 PM by Howard Bashman

"On Partisan Gerrymandering, Time's Up?" Kenneth Jost has this post at his blog, "Jost on Justice."
Posted at 01:08 PM by Howard Bashman

"Justice Scalia Spoke Favorably of Trump's Presidential Run, Author Bryan Garner Says; Conservative justice was 'fascinated' by Republican candidate's outspokenness, author of 'Nino and Me' says": Jess Bravin of The Wall Street Journal has this report.
Posted at 12:58 PM by Howard Bashman

"OT2017 #11: 'Numbing Effect.'" You can access today's new installment of the "First Mondays" podcast, featuring Ian Samuel and Dan Epps, via this link.
Posted at 11:04 AM by Howard Bashman

"A Case for Math, Not 'Gobbledygook,' in Judging Partisan Voting Maps": Adam Liptak will have this new installment of his "Sidebar" column in Tuesday's edition of The New York Times.
Posted at 11:00 AM by Howard Bashman

Sunday, January 14, 2018

"A Female Senator Figured Out One Small Way to Fight Sexual Harassment: We still have a distance to go, of course, but it's a meaningful start." Dahlia Lithwick has this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.
Posted at 10:14 PM by Howard Bashman

"A DACA Question: Should Judges Use Local Cases to Halt National Orders?" Katie Benner will have this article in Monday's edition of The New York Times.
Posted at 09:54 PM by Howard Bashman

"Women taking their right to go topless to state's high court": Michael Casey of The Associated Press has this report.
Posted at 05:42 PM by Howard Bashman

"Mississippi Considers Two-Flag Solution to Confederate Flag Issue; Bill proposes both would be 'of equal status and dignity' in Mississippi, the last state flying the Civil War-era flag": Cameron McWhirter of The Wall Street Journal has this report.
Posted at 05:36 PM by Howard Bashman

"Oregon Prosecutors Push to Make Some Convictions Harder to Win; Move to repeal unusual Oregon law that allows juries to convict without unanimity praised by state DAs; law would also make acquittals harder to reach": Jacob Gershman of The Wall Street Journal has this report.
Posted at 05:32 PM by Howard Bashman

"U.S. court revives charges stemming from 2012 meningitis outbreak": Nate Raymond of Reuters has this report on a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit issued on Friday.
Posted at 05:28 PM by Howard Bashman

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