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Friday, November 10, 2017

"2017 Alumnus of the Year, Stephen Dillard": Samford University has posted this video on YouTube.
Posted at 10:37 PM by Howard Bashman

"D.C. Circuit Review -- Reviewed: 'The Nielson Presumption.'" Aaron Nielson has this post at the "Notice & Comment" blog of the Yale Journal on Regulation.

If I may respond to one of Nielson's comments, it is difficult to conceive that any D.C. Circuit judges would be presumptively against live-streaming that court's oral arguments, especially since the audio of that court's oral arguments are posted online in due course.
Posted at 10:30 PM by Howard Bashman

"Video: 'Penn Law Celebrates Stephanos Bibas' Confirmation to the Third Circuit.'" Matthew Stiegler has this post at his "CA3blog."
Posted at 10:22 PM by Howard Bashman

"AFJ: Willett Would Undermine Health and Safety of Millions." Alliance for Justice issued this news release and accompanying report today.
Posted at 10:16 PM by Howard Bashman

"Kagan withdraws from Supreme Court immigration case": The Associated Press has this report.
Posted at 10:05 PM by Howard Bashman

"God Should Sue Roy Moore": Columnist Nicholas Kristof has this op-ed online at The New York Times.

And in the SundayReview section of this Sunday's edition of The New York Times, columnist Frank Bruni will have an op-ed titled "Jesus' Parents and Roy Moore's Gall."
Posted at 09:55 PM by Howard Bashman

"Socrates in the Age of Trump": Nikos Konstandaras will have this op-ed in Saturday's edition of The New York Times.
Posted at 09:48 PM by Howard Bashman

"'Children Must Be Protected': Roy Moore's attacks on gay people look even more sinister in light of the allegation that he molested a 14-year-old girl." Mark Joseph Stern has this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.
Posted at 05:52 PM by Howard Bashman

"Scott records query adds intrigue to Supreme Court battle": Gray Rohrer of The Orlando Sentinel has an article that begins, "Gov. Rick Scott wants to know what two Florida Supreme Court justices were talking about after they heard a contentious case involving his power to appoint future members of the court."

Nick Evans of WFSU News reports that "Gov Scott Seeks Documents, Audio From Supreme Court."

Mike Vasilinda of Capitol News Service reports that "Controversy unfolds after conversation between Supreme Court Justices overheard."

And at Florida Politics, Bob Sparks has a post titled "Supreme Court brings new meaning to 'oral arguments.'"
Posted at 02:10 PM by Howard Bashman

"Watchdog: What do Georgia judges have to hide?" Chris Joyner of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has this important report.
Posted at 01:57 PM by Howard Bashman

"Friend of Boston Marathon bomber asks US Supreme Court to hear his case": John R. Ellement of The Boston Globe has this report.
Posted at 01:54 PM by Howard Bashman

"Briefs filed in Supreme Court case describe rejection and harm experienced by LGBTQ community": Kelsey Dallas of The Deseret News has this report.
Posted at 01:50 PM by Howard Bashman

"Supreme Court takes a technological step forward": Mark Sherman of The Associated Press has this report.
Posted at 01:46 PM by Howard Bashman

"Are Women Getting a Better Chance to Argue in State Appellate Courts? Like in Most of the Law, the Answer is 'It Depends.'" Rob Rosborough has this post at his blog, "New York Appeals."
Posted at 01:30 PM by Howard Bashman

Access the November 2017 issue of the Harvard Law Review: Via this link. The issue contains the newest installment of the publication's annual look back at the preceding U.S. Supreme Court Term.
Posted at 01:20 PM by Howard Bashman

"Trump judge nominee, 36, who has never tried a case, wins approval of Senate panel": David G. Savage of The Los Angeles Times has this report.

And The Washington Post has published an editorial titled "Some of Trump's judicial nominees may be unfit. The Senate is rushing them through anyway."
Posted at 01:16 PM by Howard Bashman

"When a Day in Court Is a Trap for Immigrants": Steve Coll has this post online at The New Yorker.
Posted at 09:30 AM by Howard Bashman

"Watchdog Group Appears to Exaggerate Standing Claims in Trump Suit; Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington may have misled the court in an effort to get its case against the president to trial": Theodore Kupfer has this essay online at National Review.
Posted at 09:26 AM by Howard Bashman

"Woman who sued Chicago over right to bare breasts loses appeal": Jonathan Stempel of Reuters has this report on a ruling that a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued on Wednesday.

Lest anyone accuse the panel of not giving the case a close look, the decision issued one year and seven days after oral argument. You can access the oral argument audio via this link (13.0 MB mp3 audio file).
Posted at 09:18 AM by Howard Bashman

In posts at Alison Frankel's "On the Case" from Thomson Reuters News & Insight: Yesterday, Frankel had posts titled "Chevron deference landmine lurks in new brief in SCOTUS whistleblower case" and "Boies firing by NYT spotlights advance conflict waivers, common but controversial."
Posted at 09:10 AM by Howard Bashman

In the November 13, 2017 issue of The New Yorker: Ken Armstrong has an Annals of Law Enforcement article headlined "Two Murder Convictions for One Fatal Shot: In dozens of criminal trials, prosecutors have put the same gun in the hands of more than one defendant."

And Jeffrey Toobin has an article headlined "Is Tom Cotton the Future of Trumpism? The junior senator from Arkansas is a hybrid of insurgent and old guard."
Posted at 09:05 AM by Howard Bashman

"A Poet, with Prison Behind Him, Becomes an Attorney": Nicholas Dawidoff has this post online at The New Yorker.
Posted at 09:00 AM by Howard Bashman

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