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Sunday, March 6, 2005

“Parties Map Out Strategies as Filibuster Fight Looms”: Monday’s edition of The New York Times will contain an article that begins, “Republicans and Democrats are preparing intently behind the scenes in anticipation of a Senate floor showdown over Democratic opposition to President Bush’s conservative judicial candidates, a procedural clash with the potential to throw the Senate into turmoil.”

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“Pocket Knife Almost Derailed Lawyer At Supreme Court”: Yesterday’s issue of The Day of New London, Connecticut contained an article that begins, “A lawyer for Fort Trumbull homeowners in the Kelo v. New London property rights case said he almost missed his day before the U.S. Supreme Court when airport security officials found a pocket knife in his carry-on bag.”

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The Houston Chronicle is reporting: Today’s newspaper contains an article headlined “Legal maverick back in spotlight; Craig Washington’s novel tactics for truck driver in human-smuggling case may be heard by Supreme Court.”

And in other news, “Turnout skews juries’ makeup; Lower rates for poorer minorities raise questions on system’s fairness” and “Work, other issues take priority for some; Some residents in poorer areas say they can’t afford to lose a day’s worth of pay.”

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“Davis takes reprimand spat to the Web”: The Bryan-College Station Eagle today contains an article that begins, “Three years after he became the first district judge in Brazos County history to receive a public reprimand from the state, Rick Davis began a campaign last week to change the law concerning how judges are investigated and sanctioned.”

The judge’s web site, titled “The Texas Inquisition,” can be accessed at this link.

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“TV show could help probe into killing of judge’s family, official says”: This article will appear Monday in The Chicago Tribune.

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“Judge pays fine in airport case”: Saturday’s edition of The Harrisburg Patriot-News contained an article that begins, “Supreme Court Justice Thomas G. Saylor Jr. said yesterday he paid a $750 fine for trying to sneak a pocketknife on board an airplane last month at Harrisburg International Airport.”

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“Too Young to Die: The Supreme Court nixes the juvenile death penalty; What that says about the Justices’ thinking–and ours.” This article will appear in the March 14, 2005 issue of Time magazine.

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“The Bench Under Siege: Threats are part of judges’ lives; But a ruthless attack on one family in their Chicago home tests the whole system.” The March 14, 2005 issue of Time magazine will contain this article.

The Associated Press is reporting that “Police Get Tips in Judge’s Kin Slayings” and “Hale’s Parents Want To See Their Son.”

And Monday’s edition of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will contain an editorial entitled “A crime beyond heinous.”

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“Holy Moses! US agonises over display of Ten Commandments.” This article appears today in The Independent (UK).

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today contains an editorial entitled “The Big Ten: An unholy mess.”

The Portland (Me.) Press Herald contains an editorial entitled “Religious creeds don’t belong on public grounds.”

In the March 14, 2005 issue of The Weekly Standard, Terry Eastland has an essay entitled “They Shalt Not.”

Today in The Boston Globe, Ellen Goodman has an essay entitled “Monuments to God or history?

In The St. Petersburg Times, Philip Gailey has an essay entitled “U.S. a Christian nation? Not exactly.”

In The Arizona Republic, E.J. Montini has an essay entitled “Thou shalt not make a mockery of a monument.”

In The Baltimore Sun, Joshua O. Haberman has an op-ed entitled “Best way to display Ten Commandments.”

In The Montgomery Advertiser, James L. Evans has an essay entitled “Ten reasons against public Scripture displays.”

In The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Rev. Dr. Gerald B. Kieschnick has an essay entitled “Church, state aren’t totally separate.”

Yesterday in The Toledo Blade, Rose Russell had an essay entitled “Let Commandments remain on public sites.”

And last Monday in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jane Eisner had an essay entitled “Posting Ten Commandments unlikely to have desired effect.”

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“The Senate on the Brink”: The New York Times today contains an editorial that begins, “The White House’s insistence on choosing only far-right judicial nominees has already damaged the federal courts. Now it threatens to do grave harm to the Senate.”

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“Quiet judge persists in Schiavo maelstrom; Circuit Judge George Greer, who is regularly reviled and travels with security, is not the man his critics might suspect”: This article appears today in The St. Petersburg Times.

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“Wrong on All Counts”: Today in The Washington Post, columnist George F. Will has an op-ed that begins:

In 1992, before delivering the Supreme Court’s ruling in an abortion case, Justice Anthony Kennedy stood with a journalist observing rival groups of demonstrators and mused: “Sometimes you don’t know if you’re Caesar about to cross the Rubicon or Captain Queeg cutting your own tow line.” Or perhaps you are a would-be legislator, a dilettante sociologist and a free-lance moralist, disguised as a judge.

You can access the complete op-ed at this link.

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“Judge’s Slain Husband Mourned; Amid rigid security, hundreds come to pay respects to the spouse of Joan Humphrey Lefkow”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

The Chicago Sun-Times contains articles headlined “Lefkow eulogized as friend of underdog” and “Artist puts faces on 2 seen near home.” Also, columnist Mary Mitchell has an essay entitled “Standing up to the evil that threatens to overwhelm us.”

The Chicago Tribune contains articles headlined “‘We are all shaken’; Hundreds grieve for a judge’s husband, slain in what many fear was an act of terror on American justice” and “Judges’ security gets harsh look; U.S. marshals fall short in many cases, 2004 report asserts.” In addition, columnist Mary Schmich has an essay entitled “Judicial even when the heart is ripped apart,” while columnist John Kass has an essay entitled “Killings were public–so, too, is family’s loss.”

And The Daily Herald of suburban Chicago contains articles headlined “A somber farewell” and “Security tight for Lefkow’s funeral.”

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“Taking a Road Less Traveled in the High Court; Justice Kennedy, chosen as a conservative, has made decisions that echo the liberal Warren era”: David G. Savage has this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“For judges, their families, threats are a part of life”: The Sunday Gazette-Mail of Charleston, West Virginia contains this article today.

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