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Sunday, March 13, 2005

“E-mail on affair with boy disputed; Court will rule if note to ‘minister’ is confidential”: This article appears today in The Arizona Republic.

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“In killings’ wake, urgency to protect courts; From bullet-proof benches to ‘shockbelts’ for dangerous defendants, courts take precautions”: Monday’s edition of The Christian Science Monitor will contain this article.

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“26-hour reign of terror after killings ends; Fugitive Nichols gives up peacefully in Gwinnett”: This article appears today in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, along with the following additional articles:

The New York Times today reports that “Suspect in Court Killings Is Captured Near Atlanta” and “Police Start Piecing Together the Path of Accused Shooter.”

And The Los Angeles Times reports that “Suspect in Court Killings Caught; Brian Gene Nichols gives up peacefully in an Atlanta suburb; He is accused of a fourth slaying after a Customs agent is found shot” and “Suspect’s Childhood Neighbors Baffled by Slayings in Atlanta.”

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“Slaying of judge’s mom ended a life of poetry, and of pain”: The Denver Post contains this article today.

The Chicago Tribune today contains articles headlined “Crowd pays tribute to Lefkow’s mother; Friends recall her poetry and her love” and “Lefkow case puts security in spotlight.” Also today, columnist Mary Schmich has an essay entitled “Face of killer shows sad man, not a monster,” while columnist Clarence Page has an op-ed entitled “It’s Hale who owes us the apology.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that “Some judges remaining public, defiant.”

The Daily Herald of suburban Chicago today contains an article headlined “What if Lefkow killer got treatment?

And The Associated Press reports that “Chicago Killer Spent Last Days in Rage.”

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“GOP vs. judicial filibusters: There are major consequences to Republican ‘nuclear option’ against this talkative process.” This article appears today in The Richmond Times-Dispatch (via “ScrappleFace“).

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports today that “Frist keeps his options open; His slate’s full now, but the Senate majority leader may run for president in ’08.”

And today in The Mobile Register, Steven L. Taylor has an essay entitled “Democrats’ history on filibusters belies their current stance.”

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