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Saturday, March 19, 2005

“Huge roof payout put back in play”: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today contains an article that begins, “The state Supreme Court on Friday overturned a lower court ruling that threw out a $94 million award to the families of three ironworkers killed in the 1999 Big Blue crane collapse at Miller Park, but significant legal issues remain before the case can be settled.”

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“Lefkow shouldn’t let killer take family’s home, community”: Today in The Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Sue Ontiveros has this essay.

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“Detectives’ Lawyers Know the Spotlight”: Sunday’s issue of The New York Times will contain an article that begins, “A criminal trial without good lawyers is not unlike a pennant game without good pitchers.”

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“Congress Steps In on Schiavo Case; Lawmakers to Pass Bill to Resume Feeding, Allow Court Review”: This front page article will appear Sunday in The Washington Post.

The New York Times on Sunday will contain articles headlined “Schiavo Battle Brings Life’s End Into Discussion” and “Protesters at Hospice Push for Showdown Over Schiavo.”

And from National Public Radio, this evening’s broadcast of “All Things Considered” contained a segment entitled “Congress Resumes Bid to Intervene in Schiavo Case.” And this morning’s broadcast of “Weekend Edition – Saturday” contained a segment entitled “High Court Stays Away from Schiavo Case.” RealPlayer is required to launch these audio segments.

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“A Matter of Restraint: In a tragic case, the Supreme Court will have to decide how to strike a delicate balance between the rights of victims and those entrusted with protecting them.” Newsweek has posted this article online today.

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“Fair Trial For Terrorist?” CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen today has an essay that begins, “The Supreme Court conferred Friday morning about one of the most important terror law issues to arise in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America.”

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Newsweek releases poll results on the “nuclear option”: An article that Newsweek posted online today contains the following two paragraphs toward its end:

Then there’s the filibuster issue. The Republicans, in control of both legislative and executive branches, may push to change Senate rules to make it impossible to filibuster judicial nominees, the so-called “the nuclear option” because Democrats have threatened to respond by using procedural rules to shut the Senate down. (Under current Senate rules, 60 of the 100 senators are needed to cut off debate, and the Democrats have 45. That has been enough to sustain a filibuster, but not to win votes.) Neutering the filibuster would be unpopular with Americans, nearly six in ten (57 percent) of whom would disapprove. Even one-third (33 percent) of Republicans say they would object to such a move.

Still, as unfavorably as they view taking away the filibuster option, Americans may not have the stomach for an obstructionist Democratic response. Nearly half (46 percent) say they would disapprove of retaliatory slowing down or stopping of Senate business; 40 percent say they would approve of such a move. Political independents disapprove by a 47 percent-36 percent margin; just 26 percent of self-identified Democrats would disapprove.

The poll questions and raw data that the poll produced are available here.

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“Judicial interpretation poses major problem for the U.S.”: The Macon Telegraph yesterday contained an op-ed by Bill Ferguson that begins, “Antonin Scalia is not a happy man.”

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“Politics gains greater role in nominations”: Sunday’s edition of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch will contain an article that begins, “In an unusual public address last week that many viewed as an audition for his possible nomination to head the Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia remarked on the radically altered judicial climate since his confirmation to the court by the Senate in 1986.”

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“Congress OKs Deal to Keep Schiavo on Tube”: The Associated Press reports here that “Congress leaders announced agreement Saturday on legislation they said would allow a severely brain-damaged woman to resume being fed while a federal court decides the right-to-die battle between her parents and her husband.”

Reuters, meanwhile, reports that “Senate, House Reach Compromise on Fla. Woman.”

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“Schiavo’s plight still weighs on former guardian; The man appointed in 2003 to act as a guardian for Terri Schiavo has not forgotten the harrowing task of trying to imagine himself in her place”: The Miami Herald contains this article today.

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“Kaiser sues fired worker for leaking data; Confidential patient information linked on blog, suit says”: This article appears today in The San Francisco Chronicle.

The Oakland Tribune reports today that “State orders blogger to stop posting Kaiser medical info.”

Yesterday, The San Jose Mercury News reported that “Kaiser adds to its lawsuit against blogger; Woman also accused of invading privacy.” And earlier in the week, The Mercury News reported that “Kaiser goes to court over patient data leak.”

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“Why Filibusters Should Be Allowed”: George F. Will will have this op-ed in Sunday’s edition of The Washington Post.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today contains an editorial entitled “Breaking the Dems: Do it!

And today in The Winston-Salem Journal, Law Professor Carl Tobias has an op-ed entitled “Worsening condition of judicial selection: Controversial renominations should concern those who live in jurisdictions.” In the op-ed, Tobias inaccurately asserts that Fourth Circuit nominee William James Haynes II, on being renominated earlier this year, was designated for the Fourth Circuit seat that had previously been filled by Maryland residents. As a look here or here confirms, the Fourth Circuit judge whom Haynes is designated to replace is based in Abingdon, Virginia.

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In today’s edition of The New York Times: Adam Liptak reports that “With Schiavo Subpoenas, Lawmakers Leap Into Contested Territory.”

An article is headlined “A New Screen Test for Imax: It’s the Bible vs. the Volcano.”

And the newspaper contains two op-eds on the topic of security for judges. Senior U.S. District Judge John Kane has an op-ed entitled “Personal Safety and Public Justice,” while David Feige has an op-ed entitled “Put Down Your Gun.”

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