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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

“Man Ordered Arrested for Website Content”: This article appears in the current issue of Creative Loafing Atlanta. The article reports on a lawsuit that the ACLU of Georgia initiated. More details are available in that organization’s press release, entitled “Pike County Grandfather Facing Arrest Over Watchdog Web Site Against Child Abuse, Charges ACLU.” Both the ACLU’s federal court complaint and brief in support of a preliminary injunction are available online.

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“Reporters Insist Others, Not They, Be Targeted in Leak Case”: The Los Angeles Times today contains an article that begins, “Lawyers for five journalists found in contempt for refusing to name confidential sources told a federal appeals court Monday that a former nuclear weapons scientist who is suing the government should have tried harder to get the information from other sources before taking the journalists to court.”

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“Democrats Reject a Compromise on Judicial Nominees”: This article will appear Wednesday in The New York Times.

The Associated Press reports that “McCain Urges Compromise Over Filibusters.”

The McClatchy Newspapers report that “Frist says he’s ready to pull trigger on ‘nuclear option.’

Reuters reports that “Showdown on judicial nominees may come next week.”

Voice of America News offers a report headlined “Let Us Talk…and Talk…and Talk…About Filibustering! reports that “Students filibuster against Frist at his alma mater.”

Wednesday’s issue of The Hill will contain an editorial entitled “The nuclear build-up.”

And online at Tech Central Station, Lee Harris has an essay entitled “On Bluffs and Nuclear Options.”

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In Wednesday’s edition of The New York Times: Tomorrow’s newspaper will contain articles headlined “Congress Rekindles Battle on Mandatory Sentences” and “Congress Adopts Restriction on Treatment of Detainees.”

The second of those two articles begins, “Congress barred the government on Tuesday from using any money in a newly passed emergency spending bill to subject anyone in American custody to torture or ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment’ that is forbidden by the Constitution.”

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“Appeals Court Backs Cheney in Secrecy Case”: This article will appear Wednesday in The New York Times.

David G. Savage of The Los Angeles Times provides a news update headlined “Appeals Court Tosses Out Suit Against Cheney.”

The Washington Post provides a news update headlined “Appeals Court Dismisses Cheney Suit; Administration Not Required to Divulge Energy Meeting Records.”

Bloomberg News reports that “Cheney Task Force Records Can Stay Secret, Court Says.”

And United Press International reports that “Judicial Watch rips court decision.” The press release that Judicial Watch issued today can be accessed here.

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Available online from National Public Radio: This evening’s broadcast of “All Things Considered” contained segments entitled “Energy Policy Lawsuit Thrown Out“; “State Law Prohibiting Unmarried Cohabitation Challenged“; and “Is Yellowstone Ripe for a Crime Spree?

And today’s broadcast of “Day to Day” contained a segment entitled “Slate’s Jurisprudence: Status of the ‘War on Terror’” featuring Emily Bazelon.

RealPlayer is required to launch these audio segments.

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In Wednesday’s edition of The Christian Science Monitor: Tomorrow’s newspaper will contain an article headlined “Pivotal days for Frist and the GOP; The Senate majority leader faces a test of party loyalty and leadership as ‘nuclear option’ on judicial nominees draws near.”

And in other news, “What’s appropriate in cheerleading; A bill to tone down ‘sexually suggestive’ routines draws boos, cheers, and a deeper look at a staple of Texas culture.”

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“Not in Kansas any more?” is question pondered by those seeking obscenity prosecutions: Yesterday’s issue of The Salina Journal contained an article headlined “Grand jury wasn’t costly, but some questions remain; Unclear is how much might have been spent on store items.”

The Kansas City Star last Tuesday reported that “Grand jury declines to indict adult businesses; Battle over what is obscene ends in favor of two Salina stores.”

And in earlier coverage, The Salina Journal published articles headlined “No indictments for two adult stores; Grand jury impaneled 3 weeks ago as a result of petition drive is dismissed” and “Not giving up; Petitioners don’t see grand jury’s lack of indictments a setback.”

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“Rebel symbol ends up in court; Student defends right to wear Confederate flag”: The Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette today contains an article that begins, “When she barred Hurricane High School students from wearing clothing depicting the Confederate flag, Principal Joyce Vessey Swanson did it to eliminate racial tension. She ended up stirring up a battle over the First Amendment that landed in Charleston’s U.S. District Court Monday.”

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“Senator Bill Frist (R-TN), Majority Leader, talks about President Bush’s judicial nominations”: C-SPAN provides online access to video of this press briefing (RealPlayer required) recorded earlier today.

Wednesday’s edition of The Australian reports that “Congress in crisis over judge delay.”

CBS News offers a report entitled “What’s The Fuss About Filibusters?” by Steve Chaggaris of the CBS News Political Unit.

You can access online a press release entitled “Dobson Decries Filibuster Deal; Compromise Would Prove GOP ‘Do not Deserve Leadership Entrusted to Them.’

Finally, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has issued press releases entitled “Senator Kennedy, Civil Rights Leaders Stand up for Checks and Balances; Denounce Republicans for abusing power by attempting to put nominees on the courts that will roll back rights“; “Four Years Later: An Early Look at the Impact of Bush Judges on the American People“; and “Reid Offers Unanimous Consent on Confirmation of Thomas Griffith.”

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“There is a possible solution in the works to the filibuster stalemate”: Byron York has this essay today at National Review Online.

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En banc D.C. Circuit orders dismissal of lawsuits brought by Judicial Watch and the Sierra Club seeking National Energy Policy Development Group documents on the ground that the group was an “advisory committee” within the meaning of the Federal Advisory Committee Act: You can access today’s unanimous ruling, on remand from the U.S. Supreme Court, at this link. The Supreme Court’s ruling, issued June 24, 2004, can be accessed here. Today’s ruling appears to be a sigificant victory for the Bush administration.

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“Hindu god, beer label don’t mix, lawsuit says”: The Contra Costa Times yesterday contained an article that begins, “A Brentwood man who says a microbrew beer label depicting a Hindu god holding a beer has offended him and Hindus worldwide is suing the brewery.” The offending label can be viewed at this link.

At the conclusion of the article is a list of other “Beer ad battles,” which includes mention of Bad Frog Beer and Polygamy Porter.

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In battle for driver’s license, Jesus Christ refuses to turn the other cheek: The Associated Press reports that “Jesus Christ in Legal Battle in W.Va.

The article states that “Attempts to prove his name really is Christ have led the man born as Peter Robert Phillips Jr. through a lengthy legal battle and a recent victory in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.” You can access that court’s ruling, issued April 7, 2005, at this link.

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“Democrats, GOP Discuss Defusing Judicial Conflict; Among the efforts, one would unite six senators from each side to force parties to compromise”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

The Chicago Tribune reports today that “Bush, Gonzales push Democrats on jurist votes; Scant progress seen on Senate deal; both parties angle for fight.”

The Washington Times reports that “Frist plans to use ‘option’ on nomination of Owen” and “Bush raps judicial filibuster.”

The Boston Globe reports that “Filibuster ban gets White House nudge; Bush, Gonzales call for Senate to vote on all judicial nominees.”

The Rocky Mountain News reports that “Cheney weighs in on judicial filibuster.”

The San Antonio Express-News reports that “Rhetoric heats up in fight over judicial nominees.”

In The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dick Polman has a news analysis headlined “For Frist, a lose-lose situation: The Senate majority leader’s hesitancy on ending judicial filibusters has him under fire from all sides.”

The Tennessean reports that “Conservatives push Frist, GOP toward showdown on judges; Some Senate leaders seek way to avoid lengthy partisan fight.”

In The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko reports that “Civil rights groups oppose court pick; New coalition says it’s not racist to fight nomination.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that “Owen at center of filibuster fight; Both sides use a Texas justice’s record to argue their points.”

The Dallas Morning News reports that “Texas judge at center of faceoff in Senate; Democrats call Owen an activist; GOP seeks vote on appointment.”

The Gainesville (Ga.) Times reports that “Another senator comes to town; Isakson anticipates showdown over judicial appointments.”

The Rutland Herald contains an editorial entitled “Game of chicken.”

The Monitor of McAllen, Texas contains an editorial entitled “Keep the Filibuster: Nothing wrong with hitting the brakes.”

The Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Virginia contains an editorial entitled “Ignore thy enemies; Sen. Warner should vote to end Democratic radicalism in the Senate–despite Jerry Falwell & Co.

In The New York Times, George J. Mitchell has an op-ed entitled “The Not-So-Secret History of Filibusters.”

In The Washington Post, columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. has an op-ed entitled “A GOP Plan to ‘Fix’ the Democrats.”

And in The Washington Times, Tod Lindberg has an op-ed entitled “Stop the filibustering.”

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