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Saturday, May 14, 2005

“Which Judges Write Their Opinions (And Should We Care)?” Stephen J. Choi and G. Mitu Gulati have posted online to SSRN this essay (abstract with download links). Thanks to “Legal Theory Blog” for the pointer.

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“Kansas senator adds his doubts about ‘nuclear option’ to eliminate filibusters”: Sunday’s edition of The Kansas City Star will contain an article that begins, “With a showdown over judicial nominees looming, Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas could be one of several Republicans to oppose stripping the Senate of its traditional power to filibuster.”

The Chicago Sun-Times yesterday contained an editorial entitled “Public deserves chance to hear this one out.”

And today in The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Rudy Boschwitz has an op-ed entitled “Changing the rules to do nation’s business.”

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Indiana’s death penalty volunteer can’t change his mind, Supreme Court of Indiana decides: The Associated Press offers a report headlined “Corcoran too late in death wish reversal; Justices to set execution date for Fort Wayne man convicted of killing brother, three others” about a ruling that the Supreme Court of Indiana issued on Thursday.

And in other news cocerning the same death row inmate, The News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Indiana reports today that “Mass murderer is now lawfully wedded; Joe Corcoran, on Death Row for 1997 killings, recently tied the knot.”

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“Court to rehear bartender’s lipstick lawsuit”: Reuters reports here that “A federal appeals court agreed on Friday to reconsider the case of a female bartender who was fired from her job at a Nevada casino for refusing to wear lipstick, blush and other make-up.”

And The Associated Press reports that “Bartender Getting New Sex-Bias Hearing.”

You can access yesterday’s order granting rehearing en banc of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit at this link. The now-vacated three-judge panel’s ruling can be accessed here, while my coverage of that ruling is here.

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“GOP decries ‘stunt’ by Reid”: Today in The Washington Times, Charles Hurt has an article that begins, “Republicans charged yesterday that Minority Leader Harry Reid was wrong to mention on the Senate floor ‘a problem’ he said is in a Bush nominee’s ‘confidential report from the FBI’ as grounds for keeping him off the federal bench.” Later, the article notes, “The Center for Individual Freedom, a conservative group that monitors judicial nominations, filed a formal ethics complaint yesterday against Mr. Reid.”

A copy of the ethics complaint can be viewed at this link, and you can also access online a press release entitled “CFIF Files Ethics Complaint Against Senate Minority Leader Reid.”

The New York Post today contains an editorial entitled “Democratic sleaze fest.”

On Friday, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel contained an editorial entitled “Filibusters.”

Also on Friday, The Sentinel & Enterprise of Fitchburg, Massachusetts published an editorial entitled “Republicans not playing by the rules.”

Finally for now, Andrew Sullivan has an essay entitled “If Bush beats the blather, his placemen win” in The Sunday Times of London.

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“After a Mostly Silent Execution, Some Questions Remain”: This article appears today in The New York Times, along with articles headlined “Connecticut Execution Is Unlikely to Hasten Others, Experts Say” and “For the Families, the Death of a Loved One’s Killer Offers a Slim, Bittersweet Consolation.”

The Day of New London, Connecticut today contains an article headlined “For Ross, No Theatrics At The End; Serial Killer Slipped Quietly Away Before Eyes Of 21 Witnesses.”

And The Hartford Courant today contains an article headlined “Turning Away From Death; ‘Ross’ execution will not lead to a floodtide of new executions,’ says Joshua Marquis, District Attorney for Clatsop County, Ore.

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In today’s issue of The Washington Post: An editorial is entitled “Gay Marriage Overreaction.”

And Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, has an op-ed entitled “It Is About Religious Belief” that begins, “During his nationally televised press conference April 28, President Bush was asked about the Family Research Council’s allegation that some of his judicial nominees have been filibustered because of their faith.”

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“At Center of Senate Showdown, a Boxer Takes On a Surgeon”: Sunday’s edition of The New York Times will contain an article that begins, “In the end, the brutal public battle over judicial confirmations in the Senate comes down to two starkly different men: one a wealthy surgeon still considered new to the Senate but with an eye on the White House, the other a former lightweight boxer and police officer whose flashes of candor sometimes get him into trouble – like calling President Bush ‘a loser’ in a speech to a student group.”

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“Jurists Picked for Showdown on Filibuster; Frist propels California and Texas justices to the center of the political brawl; The Senate will consider their nominations next week”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

The Houston Chronicle reports today that “Senate judicial face-off begins; Frist sets stage for partisan fight, saying the GOP will challenge the Dems’ filibuster.”

Jesse J. Holland of The Associated Press has a report headlined “Justice Dept. Enters Court Nominee Fight” that begins, “The Justice Department is edging into the Senate controversy over judicial nominees, writing key lawmakers after Democratic Leader Harry Reid publicly referred to an FBI file on one of President Bush’s controversial appointees.”

The Cox News Service reports that “Filibuster showdown nears; Senate majority leader seeks to get 2 judicial nominees confirmed next week.”

The Birmingham News contains an article headlined “Cheney balancing act: AU ball, judgeships; Graduation audience cheers remarks on campus life, team.”

In Sunday’s edition of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Michael Rooke-Ley will have an op-ed entitled “A free judiciary is best.”

And today in The Rocky Mountain News, Polly Baca, Paul Sandoval, and Fidel “Butch” Montoya have an op-ed entitled “Salazar’s courageous filibuster stance undeserving of attacks.”

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