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Sunday, May 22, 2005

“Senate Leaders Prepare for Crucial Filibuster Vote”: This front page article will appear Monday in The Washington Post.

The New York Times on Monday will report that “Senate Negotiations Go Down to Wire.”

Monday’s edition of USA Today will report that “Activists on right and left agree: No deals.” The newspaper also offers this “nuclear option”-related graphic.

Monday’s edition of Financial Times contains articles headlined “Senators limber up for battle over the filibuster” and “Prospects of Senate showdown intensify.”

Monday’s edition of The Independent (UK) contains an article headlined “Republicans ‘go nuclear’ with vote to ban the filibuster.”

The Dallas Morning News on Monday will contain an article headlined “Public seeing more of judicial pick Owen, but less of who she is.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram today contains an article headlined “Texas jurist at center of filibuster storm.”

And Monday in The Los Angeles Times, Ronald Brownstein’s “Washington Outlook” column will be headlined “Concept of Compromise Is Pushed Off Senate’s Center Stage.”

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Judicial filibuster related coverage from C-SPAN: C-SPAN offers video online, on-demand, of a ton of recent judicial filibuster-related programming:

RealPlayer is required to launch these video segments.

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“War on the Floor: The Freshmen vs. the Varsity; Senators spar over tradition, and with one another, in a largely generational row over the filibuster.” This article will appear in the May 30, 2005 issue of Time magazine, along with an article headlined “It’s Lonely in The Middle.”

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“In Washington, Twilight of the Lawyer-Gods”: Todd S. Purdham has this essay today in the Week in Review section of The New York Times.

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“The Choirboy: As head boy at a legendary choir school, Lawrence Lessig was repeatedly molested by the charismatic choir director, part of a horrific pattern of child abuse there; Now, as one of America’s most famous lawyers, he’s put his own past on trial to make sure such a thing never happens again.” This lengthy article will be the cover story of the May 30, 2005 issue of New York magazine.

I previously noted Professor Lessig‘s oral argument before the Supreme Court of New Jersey in a post you can access here.

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“Next church-state dispute: ‘In God We Trust’; A case challenging a display of the national motto is one of many battles over religious references in public places.” Warren Richey will have this article Monday in The Christian Science Monitor.

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“Time running out for possible deal on Bush judges”: Thomas Ferraro of Reuters provides this report.

The Associated Press provides a report headlined “McCain: Filibuster Showdown Can Be Averted.”

Bloomberg News reports that “McCain Says Senate Has ‘Last Opportunity’ to Avert Showdown.”

Monday’s issue of Financial Times will contain articles headlined “Senate limbers up for battle over filibuster” and “Prospects of Senate showdown intensify.”

And The Orange County Register today contains an editorial entitled “Judgment day.”

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“AG’s office can represent Chief Justice Williams; The order is among eight issued by the state Supreme Court in advance of Tuesday’s oral arguments in the suit that claims Frank J. Williams is no longer chief justice”: The Providence (R.I.) Journal contains this article today.

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“Bush Keeps Role in Senate Fray Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind; Publicly, the president remains an onlooker in the battle over his judicial nominees; But his strategy behind the scenes is another story”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

The St. Petersburg Times today contains an article headlined “Bush’s 2 nominees are many things to many people; Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown are brilliant and inspiring jurists…or out-of-touch right-wingers.”

The May 30, 2005 issue of Newsweek magazine will contain an article headlined “In the Eye Of the Storm: Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen is an unlikely protagonist in the Senate’s toxic showdown over judges.”

The Washington Times today contains an article headlined “Judge’s past belies present criticisms.”

The San Francisco Chronicle contains a front page article headlined “Shaping the judiciary.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that “Hitler, Darth Vader invade Senate in bitter fight on judges.”

In The Philadelphia Inquirer, political analyst Dick Polman has an article headlined “Filibuster wars and the revenge of spinmeisters; Both parties, despite their rhetorical amnesia, have in the past switched sides on the tactic.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that “Ex-senators wary of ‘nuclear’ threat; Former members say the current crisis would not have happened on their watch.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that “Filibuster tactic may end with ‘nuclear option’; Frist heads the change that will allow up-or-down judicial vote.” And yesterday, the newspaper reported that “Hillary Clinton hangs back in the Senate filibuster fight; Presidential aspirations for ’08 may be the reason.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports today that “Judicial impasse over filibuster comes to a head; Senate would enter a gray area over cloture rules.”

The Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star today contains articles headlined “Hagel grapples with vote on nuclear option” and “Democrats praise Nelson at annual dinner.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that “Senator DeWine center of debate to end filibuster.”

The Union Leader of Manchester, New Hampshire reports that “Sununu keeping mum on what how he’ll vote on filibuster rule.”

And The Lufkin Daily News reports that “Christian activist in national spotlight.”

In commentary, The Washington Post today contains an editorial entitled “Nuclear Brinkmanship.” Columnist George F. Will has an op-ed entitled “A Court That Can’t Be Labeled.” And Dick Meyer has an essay entitled “The Wreck of the U.S. Senate; It was foundering even before the filibuster flap.”

In The Los Angeles Times, Judy Dugan has an op-ed entitled “Nuclear-Free Zone.”

In The Boston Globe, columnist Ellen Goodman has an op-ed entitled “The ‘Ladies First’ strategy.” And Dave Denison has an Ideas essay entitled “Constitutional dreaming: As conservatives move to consolidate their hold on the courts, liberals and progressives look ahead–way ahead–and plan their strategy for taking back the Constitution.”

The Washington Times contains an editorial entitled “Senate majorities and judicial nominees,” while Robert Hardaway has an op-ed entitled “Filibuster repair.”

In The New York Daily News, columnist Michael Goodwin has an op-ed entitled “N.Y. has the right guy for the front lines in filibuster fight.”

In The Chicago Sun-Times, Robert Novak’s column is headlined “McCain’s judicial deal falls apart.”

The Toledo Blade contains an editorial entitled “Filibuster folly.”

The Allentown Morning Call contains an editorial entitled “Reach a bipartisan compromise, stop Senate explosion with nuclear option.”

The Portsmouth Herald contains an editorial entitled “Filibuster rule change political grandstanding from far right.”

The Santa Cruz Sentinel contains an editorial entitled “The abortion issue hovers behind the entire conflict over whether to disallow filibusters in the U.S. Senate.”

The Nashua Telegraph contains an editorial entitled “Keep the passion, tone down language.”

In The Maine Sunday Telegram, Nancy Grape has an op-ed entitled “Filibuster wisdom goes way back.”

David Sanders of the Arkansas News Bureau has an essay entitled “Time to go ‘nuclear’ in the Senate.”

In The Winston-Salem Journal, Rick Horowitz has an op-ed entitled “Dubious Ground: When politicians take stands on principle.”

In The Des Moines Register, columnist David Yepsen has an essay entitled “GOP leaders tie filibuster to caucuses,” while columnist Jane Norman has an essay entitled “Clean split for Iowa on ‘nuclear option.’

In The State of Columbia, South Carolina, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has an op-ed entitled “It’s time for votes on judicial nominees,” while Brad Warthen has an op-ed entitled “Graham joins ‘gang of 12’ in their effort to save the republic.”

Finally for now, in The Palladium-Item of Richmond, Indiana, Robert Hertzog has an op-ed entitled “GOP’s dangerous game of politics, religion subverts nation’s judiciary,” while Nate LaMar has an op-ed entitled “Filibuster outmoded; U.S. Senate should play by rules that others follow.”

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“The Deal of the Art: The agreement to move the Barnes collection to Philadelphia came about only after a year of rancor, punctuated by the issue of race.” Patricia Horn has this lengthy front page article today in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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