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Saturday, June 4, 2005

“Compromise on judges set for critical test in Senate”: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will contain this article Sunday.

Sunday’s issue of The Washington Post will contain an article headlined “Centrist Democrat a Test of GOP Hold; Nebraska’s Nelson Could Help Thwart Drive to Build Filibuster-Proof Senate.”

The Hispanic Link News Service offers an article headlined “Senate deal on judges worries Latino lawmakers.”

From South Carolina, The Associated Press offers reports headlined “Graham Takes Heat Over Filibuster Deal” and “Graham: Filibuster compromise gives Senate new start.” In related commentary, today The State contains an op-ed by John Drummond entitled “The punishment for Graham’s good deed.” And today in The Sun News, Todd Kincannon has an op-ed entitled “Graham’s political deal on legal issue in error.”

The Cincinnati Post today contains an editorial entitled “Hoping for a consensus.”

The Kalamazoo Gazette on Wednesday published an editorial entitled “Hoping for an end to partisan paybacks” that begins, “Is the judicial tit-for-tat finally over?”

Today in The Washington Times, Linda Chavez has an op-ed entitled “Fractured compromise.”

In The Naples Daily News, Dale McFeatters has an op-ed entitled “But what does it do – really? When Congress returns, maybe we’ll find out what that filibuster agreement really means.”

And at Human Events Online, Gary Bauer has an essay entitled “Revenge of the ‘Moderates.’

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In news from Washington State: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports today that “Election case in judge’s hands; But final ruling likely to come from state Supreme Court.”

The Seattle Times today contains articles headlined “Election case is about trust, attorneys say” and “Judge makes courtly gesture on trial’s last day.”

The Olympian reports today that “GOP, Democrats give judge final pitches.”

And The Los Angeles Times reports today that “GOP, Democrats Rest Their Cases in Washington Governor Dispute; A judge will decide whether to uphold the election of Christine Gregoire, challenged by the Republicans, or order a new vote.”

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Release of Leroy Hendricks from confinement in Kansas as a sexual predator generates controversy: On June 23, 1997, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its 5-4 ruling in Kansas v. Hendricks.

Now, nearly eight years later, Hendricks is again in the news. The Lawrence Journal-World reports today that “Restraining order filed ordering Hendricks out; Leavenworth county opposing molester’s move.”

The Leavenworth Times reported yesterday that “Infamous child molester moves into area.”

And The Kansas City Star reports today that “Predator must leave facility; Leavenworth County wins a round in fight with state over sex offender.”

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“Judges Are Seeking Cover on The Bench; Safety Is Top Concern After Recent Attacks”: The Washington Post on Sunday will contain a front page article that begins, “An unprotected head, an exposed neck and the top few inches of a judicial robe: That’s all that can be seen of Judge Bruce Petrie as he bunkered down on his bullet-resistant judge’s bench, panic button within reach, armed bailiffs nearby, taking on the first case of the day.”

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“Deadlocked on every count; 10 days into deliberations, judge tells jury to keep working”: The Birmingham News today contains an article that begins, “Jurors in the Richard Scrushy trial said Friday they were deadlocked on all 36 criminal counts facing the former HealthSouth Corp. chief executive.”

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“For high court, Bush seeks ‘a certain temperament’; Sought: a conservative with ‘confirmability.'” Gail Gibson had this article yesterday in The Baltimore Sun.

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The Toledo Blade is reporting: Today’s newspaper reports that “Judge confirms ruling that may free Richey.”

And yesterday, the newspaper contained an article headlined “Attorney asks for action in Richey case; Court order to retry or release death-row inmate stuck in holding pattern” that begins, “Supporters of Ohio death-row inmate Kenny Richey were elated last month after the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state had 90 days in which to retry him or set him free. The mood has turned sour in recent days.”

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Available online from Tony Mauro has an article headlined “On the Trail of the Latest High Court Contender” that begins, “He’s the latest flavor of the week on the rapidly changing menu of potential Supreme Court nominees: Michael McConnell, a mild-mannered yet controversial judge from Utah who skis and hikes and last year taught a course on Plato’s ‘Republic.'”

Mike McKee of The Recorder has articles headlined “Calif. High Court Is of Two Minds on Jury Trial Waivers” and “Sour Reception for Lemon Law Case.”

In other news, “5th Circuit: Civil Lawyers Have a Duty to Investigate Source of Fees.” The Fifth Circuit‘s ruling can be accessed here.

In news from Georgia, “Ex-Porn Actor Is Now Ex-PoGo Lawyer.”

And an article reports that “N.Y. Governor Introduces Bill to Raise Judges’ Pay; Proposal includes 18.6 percent increase at trial level; no cost-of-living index.”

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“Removal of judge names criticized”: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today contains an article that begins, “A decision to remove the names of judges from Allegheny County’s real estate Web site undermines access to public records and sets a risky precedent, critics of the action said Friday.”

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“Texas scientist appeals jailing; Lawyers for Thomas Butler will argue that he has spent the past year in prison because of judicial error and national hysteria over bioterrorism”: This article appears today in The Austin American-Statesman.

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In news from Kansas: The Kansas City Star today contains an article headlined “More for schools, court says; Kansas justices order legislators to add $143 million; Ruling rejects local option budget increases, sets July 1 deadline” and an editorial entitled “Court ruling gives schools a chance.”

The Wichita Eagle reports today that “Schools prevail; Court: Funding is millions short” and “Ruling elates schools’ leaders; Superintendents see new money funding smaller classes and higher teacher salaries, among other things.”

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that “School fix rejected; Court gives Legislature $285 million target“; “Educators say state has its homework; Few surprised that local tax provision was struck down“; and “Bullock pleased with ruling.”

And The Lawrence Journal-World reports that “Lawmakers told to double school spending; Supreme Court gives July 1 deadline; Legislature must hold special session” and “Lawrence school officials happy with ruling.”

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