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Sunday, June 5, 2005

“ICLU leaders balance freedom and faith; Organization’s stand on separation of church and state has fostered an anti-religious image”: This article appears today in The Indianapolis Star.

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Seals and Cross: The Los Angeles Times on Thursday contained an article headlined “Engineer Battles for the Cross in Redlands’ Seal; The city removed the Christian symbol from its sign after the ACLU complained, citing 1st Amendment concerns.”

And from San Diego, The Union-Tribune recently published articles headlined “Soledad issue may affect race for mayor; Activist says supporters of cross will be key factor” and “Cross purposes: The symbol at the center of the Mount Soledad debate wasn’t always embraced by Christians.”

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“First Court Case of Hussein Stems From ’82 Deaths”: In Monday’s edition of The New York Times, John F. Burns will have an article that begins, “The Iraqi court set up to hear cases against Saddam Hussein and his top aides plans to bring him to trial by late summer or early fall in its first case, involving the 1982 killings of nearly 160 men from Dujail, a predominantly Shiite village north of Baghdad, after he survived an assassination attempt there, according to a senior Iraqi court official.”

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Philadelphia Phillies 7, Arizona Diamondbacks 6: On a gorgeously sunny and warm afternoon in Philadelphia, my son and I today had the pleasure of attending this baseball game.

Apparently the Phillies stole the victory due to a second inning home run that wasn’t. But it sure looked like a home run from where I was seated, and I haven’t seen the replay yet on television.

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“FAMU chair filled by its donor; Shirley Cunningham Jr. gave the FAMU law school $1-million for an endowed chair; He got the position and a $100,000 salary”: The St. Petersburg Times contained this article yesterday.

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“The case for ‘originalism'”: Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III has this op-ed today in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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“From Advocacy to Terrorism, a Line Blurs”: Eric Lichtblau has this article about the Sami Al-Arian case today in The New York Times.

The Washington Post reports today that “Trial to Reveal Reach Of U.S. Surveillance; Wiretaps to Be Used Against 4 Terrorism Suspects.”

The Tampa Tribune today contains articles headlined “Indictment Details Paper Trail“; “Palestinian Cause Is Life’s Common Thread“; and “Family, Friends Cope With Loss Of Father, Husband, Counsel.” The newspaper’s web site offers additional background about the case at this link.

And The Orlando Sentinel reports today that “Al-Arian trial begins in shadow of 9-11; The case embodies the clash of new terror-fighting tools with civil liberties.”

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In today’s edition of The St. Petersburg Times: An article is headlined “A terrorist or scholar? Time for jury to decide; The trial of the former USF professor starts Monday, but the case is more than a decade in the making.”

In other news, “Off road, off limits; Polk County land that was once sold as part of a scam now seems to exist outside the authority of government, and the reach of some landowners.”

And an editorial is entitled “The public vs. the private: The state Supreme Court must take care not to erode our Sunshine Amendment when deciding how to handle court records in the digital age.”

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