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Saturday, June 11, 2005

“Maag’s $110 defamation suit dismissed”: The Madison County (Ill.) Record on Friday provided an article that begins, “The $110 million defamation lawsuit filed by Gordon E. Maag, who lost a costly and contentious race for Illinois Supreme Court justice last November, was dismissed by Seventh Circuit Judge Patrick Kelley today.” You can access a copy of yesterday’s ruling dismissing the lawsuit at this link.

In other coverage, The Telegraph of Alton, Illinois reports today that “Judge throws out Maag’s suit; Defeated judicial candidate claimed flier defamed him.”

And The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports today that “Maag’s lawsuit over campaign is dismissed.”

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In news from Mississippi: The Biloxi Sun Herald today contains an article headlined “Judge sued to reveal filings” that begins, “The Sun Herald is asking the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to order a federal court trial judge to open files sealed in a judicial bribery case being tried in Jackson.” The newspaper has posted online a copy of its writ of mandamus at this link.

Earlier this week, The Sun Herald’s coverage of the trial consisted of articles headlined:

And The Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi this past week published articles headlined:

Justice Oliver E. Diaz, Jr. joined the Supreme Court of Mississippi in January 2001.

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“Judge clears Hatch sisters, says charges didn’t hold up”: The Minneapolis Star Tribune today contains an article that begins, “Anne and Elizabeth Hatch were acquitted Friday on all counts in a low-level criminal case that placed them in the center ring of a Chicago news media circus largely because their father is Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch.”

The Chicago Tribune reports today that “Hatch sisters cleared; State’s witnesses’ reports of a fight with police outside a bar were contradictory, judge says.”

And The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that “Judge says Hatch sisters not guilty.”

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Justice’s resignation delayed is Justice’s resignation denied? Imagine a Supreme Court Justice‘s announcing plans to resign only to declare some five month’s later that she had changed her mind. Well, that’s what Michigan residents heard yesterday from Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver.

In news coverage, The Detroit Free Press reports today that “Justice is staying on the bench.” And The Associated Press reports that “State supreme Court justice delays plans to step down.”

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“The Rehnquist Court and Its Imperiled States’ Rights Legacy”: Linda Greenhouse will have this article in the Week in Review section of Sunday’s edition of The New York Times.

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“U.S. Campaign Produces Few Convictions on Terrorism Charges; Statistics Often Count Lesser Crimes”: This front page article, the first in a two-part series, will appear Sunday in The Washington Post.

Sunday’s newspaper will also contain related articles headlined “The Terrorism Case That Wasn’t — and Still Is“; “Post-9/11 Probe Revived Stolen-Cereal Incident“; and “A Case-by-Case Examination.” And two related graphics are headlined “330 Suspects Charged” and “Narrowing the Field.”

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NOW v. Fumare? NOW’s president responds.” This new post at the blog “Fumare” responds to a comment posted here at “SCOTUSblog” about the Scheidler v. NOW case pending on writ of certiorari before the U.S. Supreme Court. According to Lyle Denniston in this post at “SCOTUSblog,” the Court has postponed its consideration of the case from its conference of June 9, 2005 to its conference of June 16, 2005.

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The Associated Press is reporting: Jesse J. Holland has an article headlined “Senators Mentioned As Possible Justices.” A related item is headlined “Senators Who Have Served on Supreme Court.”

And in other news, an article headlined “Court Grants Stay for Rape Counselor” begins, “A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the military from arresting a civilian counselor for refusing to turn over records of sessions with a former Air Force Academy cadet who said she was raped.”

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“Winning Ugly: Republicans are doing better than you think.” Fred Barnes will have this essay, in which he discusses the issue of judicial confirmations, in the June 20, 2005 issue of The Weekly Standard.

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“Star Bock brewer’s bar closes after wife dies; Businessman in trademark fight with Starbucks to reopen if he can ‘find the strength'”: This article appears today in The Houston Chronicle.

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“The new statesman: Mark Pryor does the right thing.” The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today contains an editorial that concludes, “Miguel Estrada would still make an excellent nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. He’s certainly our sentimental favorite. And it’s never too late to do right.”

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“Senate to move ahead on Griffith confirmation”: The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday contained an article that begins, “Thirteen months after President Bush nominated him to a federal appeals court, the U.S. Senate has scheduled a confirmation vote next week for Brigham Young University general counsel and former Senate lawyer Thomas Griffith.”

It now appears that the confirmation vote on D.C. Circuit nominee Thomas B. Griffith is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday, July 14, 2005.

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