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Saturday, July 2, 2005

In news from Kansas: The Kansas City Star provides a news update headlined “Court threatens Kansas school funding cutoff” that begins, “The Kansas Supreme Court threatened today to cut off state funds to public schools — which could shut them down until lawmakers appropriate an additional $143 million.”

The Wichita Eagle provides news updates headlined “Kansas Supreme Court to consider closing schools” and “Lawmakers head home with no school funding agreement.” Today’s edition of that newspaper, meanwhile, contained an article headlined “Legislators remain deadlocked; Late Friday, it appeared the House and Senate would not meet the court’s deadline to increase school funding.”

And The Topeka Capital-Journal today contains articles headlined “No one’s budging: No plans have passed; constitutional amendment remains sticking point” and “Kline seeking to block court.”

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In Sunday’s edition of The Washington Post: Tomorrow’s newspaper will contain front page articles headlined “Activists Gear Up For Nominee Fight; Many Conservatives Aren’t Behind Gonzales for the Supreme Court” and “The Right’s Moment, Years in the Making.”

In related news, “Parties Line Up Strategies for Hearings on Nomination; Senate Republicans Seek Rapid Confirmation To Avoid Divisive Issues.”

The newspaper will also contain articles headlined “O’Connor Successor Debated; Views Differ on Whether a Female Replacement Is Needed” and “Feminists on O’Connor: A Mixed Verdict.”

And Law Professor Linda Ross Meyer will have an op-ed entitled “Supreme Difference: Why the Court Still Needs The O’Connor Approach.”

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“Supreme Court Justice O’Connor steps down”: U.S. News & World Report provides this coverage, along with an article headlined “Big fight likely in wake of O’Connor retirement.”

The Baltimore Sun today contains articles headlined “O’Connor steps down; 1st woman on Supreme Court announces her retirement“; “Future of abortion could be at issue“; “Much is at stake with Bush’s choice“; “Justice changed culture by being on the bench; Many liberal women supported conservative as an inspiration“; “Stage set for battle over a nominee to high court; Lawmakers on both sides praise O’Connor, a centrist in her post“; and “Bush gets chance he has waited for; President eager to install a justice who shares his ideals, ensures his legacy.”

The Birmingham News today contains an article headlined “Sessions: Consider Pryor for Court.”

The Boston Globe contains articles headlined “Nominee battle looms for court; O’Connor retires after 24 years“; “Pragmatist used swing-vote clout“; “Stage set for clash over social issues“; and “Democrats’ threat could set up showdown over nominee.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “O’Connor’s common sense” and an op-ed by Law Professor Charles J. Ogletree Jr. entitled “Justice O’Connor’s legacy.”

The Charlottesville Daily Progress reports that “O’Connor departure turns eyes to judge.”

The Columbia (S.C.) State contains articles headlined “Graham-brokered deal faces its toughest test; Compromise to end filibusters on judicial nominees could collapse on nomination to replace O’Connor“; “O’Connor developed strong connections to S.C.“; “Orangeburg woman long shot for court seat“; and “O’Connor cast crucial swing votes on key issues.”

The Denver Post contains articles headlined “Supreme battle looming; Stakes high as O’Connor will leave top court“; “Conservative Christians gearing up“; and “Justice: Court needs expert on West’s water law.”

The El Paso Times contains articles headlined “O’Connor’s exit opens door for Bush to select Hispanic“; “‘She was brilliant’; Friends remember teen as ‘superb’ dancer“; and “O’Connor often cast swing vote.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “Bush should nominate another O’Connor.”

The Hampton Roads (Va.) Daily Press reports that “Warner urges Bush to choose centrist; With a Supreme Court seat up for grabs, Virginia’s senior senator hopes to have a bipartisan deal that spares the Senate a long confirmation battle.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that “Battle lines forming to replace O’Connor; Retirement yields first opening in 11 years; As Bush gets his first opportunity to shape the court, partisans digging in for an epic fight.”

The Kansas City Star reports that “Brownback to bask in debate spotlight.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that “Reid says replacing O’Connor needn’t be divisive; All five Nevadans in Congress praise retiring judge.”

The Lynchburg (Va.) News & Advance reports that “Falwell, conservatives want a ‘true believer.’

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that “With retirement comes an intense fight; 2 Wisconsin Democrats to be in thick of battle.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune contains articles headlined “Battle begins for O’Connor’s successor” and “Dayton, Coleman agree to cooperate — sort of.”

The Newark Star-Ledger contains articles headlined “O’Connor to retire from top court; Ferocious Senate battle expected over successor to the court’s first woman” and “For nominee, there’s no middle ground; Senate’s Judiciary Committee, a bastion of extremism, will be a tough test for Bush’s pick.”

Newsday contains an article headlined “A chance for Bush to tilt court to right; Decisions in touchy cases may change if conservative is chosen to fill Justice O’Connor’s seat on Supreme Court.”

The Philadelphia Daily News contains an article headlined “With O’Connor leaving, who’s in line for bench?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette contains articles headlined “Surprise move: After 24 years, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retiring” and “Last day reflected O’Connor’s legacy.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch contains articles headlined “Virginians Luttig, Wilkinson seen as possible choices” and “Riggins’ uncourtly words created no hard feelings.”

The Rocky Mountain News contains articles headlined “O’Connor ‘absolutely tuned in’; Lawyers praise her courage, probing questions, fairness“; “Emotions run gamut; Abortion activists feel thrills, chills“; and “Allard, Salazar say they hope to avoid a divisive showdown.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “O’Connor’s exit good for court; One less swing voter” and an op-ed by columnist Mike Littwin entitled “O’Connor gone is a Supreme shake-up.”

The Sacramento Bee contains articles headlined “Pivotal court fight ahead; O’Connor’s departure could shift philosophical balance“; “Pragmatism called driving force behind justice’s rulings“; and “O’Connor’s likely legacy: She found the middle ground.”

The San Antonio Express-News contains articles headlined “Trailblazer O’Connor at end of her road“; “Several Texans turn up on the list of O’Connor’s possible replacements“; and “South Texas judges praise the retiree.”

The San Francisco Chronicle contains articles headlined “Centrist Justice O’Connor’s retirement sets stage for shift in divided high court“; “She used her pivotal vote to make the law work“; “Can Bush find a nominee to please the right without divisive confirmation fight?“; and “Worries over successor mix with words of praise.”

The San Jose Mercury News contains articles headlined “Swing vote gave O’Connor power to shape court” and “High court vacancy raises Latino hopes; Some think appointment mught help GOP draw more traditional Democrats to Bush.”

The St. Petersburg Times contains an article headlined “Exit, O’Connor; enter, new court.”

The Topeka Capital-Journal contains an article headlined “Kansas scholars praise justice.”

The Washington Times contains articles headlined “The battle for the court begins“; “Justice O’Connor had pivotal role in big rulings“; “Bush revisits options“; and “Democrats warn Bush to consult.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “Justice O’Connor retires.”

And The Waynesboro News Virginian reports that “Virginia experts see all-out political war on successor.”

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“Lockyer seeks review of gay marriage ruling”: Today in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko has an article that begins, “Attorney General Bill Lockyer, defending California’s ban on same-sex marriage, asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to bypass an appellate court and review a judge’s ruling that the marriage law violates the rights of gays and lesbians.”

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Available online from National Public Radio: Today’s broadcast of “Weekend Edition – Saturday” contained segments entitled “O’Connor’s Departure Comes as Surprise” (featuring Nina Totenberg); “Senate Awaits Bush High Court Nominee“; and “O’Connor and Conservatives.”

And this evening’s broadcast of “All Things Considered” contained segments entitled “Abortion Fight Awaits Shifting Supreme Court” and “Former Clerks Remember O’Connor.”

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In Sunday’s edition of The New York Times: An article will report that “Conservative Groups Rally Against Gonzales as Justice.”

Tomorrow’s newspaper will also contain articles headlined “In Battle to Confirm a New Justice, Both Sides Get Troops Ready Again” and “Confirmation Battle in Senate Could Define Specter’s Career.”

And in the Week in Review section, Law Professor Jeffrey Rosen will have an essay entitled “So What’s the ‘Right’ Pick?

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Also today in The Washington Post: In addition to the articles I previously linked to here, today’s newspaper contains articles headlined “Most in the Media Were Blindsided By Justice” and “No Restraining Order for This Political Fight.”

The newspaper contains an editorial entitled “The O’Connor Court.”

Columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. has an op-ed entitled “Practical Voice for Partisan Times.” Dana Milbank’s “Washington Sketch” is headlined “Word From O’Connor Sets Off Pre-Fourth Fireworks.” And U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has an op-ed entitled “Justice for the Next Justice.”

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In news coverage from Arizona: The Arizona Republic today contains articles headlined “O’Connor retires; Battle looms as Arizonan rides into sunset“; “Special interests gear up for fight over successor“; and “O’Connor ex-clerks surprised by move.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “Adios, Madame Justice; Sandra Day O’Connor is a legend and a lesson.”

And The Arizona Daily Star today contains articles headlined “Arizonan O’Connor retires; Childhood on ranch, experience in elected office served her in court“; “Legacy of ‘good judgment’; First woman justice left her mark on law“; and “O’Connor’s career inspired many of Tucson’s own attorneys.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “Find the middle in replacing O’Connor.”

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In today’s edition of The Los Angeles Times: David G. Savage reports that “Justice O’Connor Retires; Direction of Court Now Hangs in the Balance; She wielded great power in key cases, often casting the swing vote; Her surprise announcement sets off debate over whom Bush should pick for her seat.”

Henry Weinstein has an article headlined “A Jurist Who Took ‘One Case at a Time’; O’Connor played a central role in several controversial cases, often eschewing ideology in favor of pragmatism.”

And in other coverage, “A Centered Life: Sandra Day O’Connor’s approach to issues was formed long before her legal career“; “Adding 1 Involves a Lot of Variables; Bush will decide whether to appeal to conservatives or pursue a safer confirmation“; “Senators Launch Long-Awaited Battle Over Court“; and “Process Won’t Be Business as Usual; The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Assn. of Manufacturers prepare to lobby for the nomination of a Supreme Court justice.”

The newspaper also contains editorial entitled “O’Connor Leaves…” and “…a Challenge for Bush.”

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“Court: ‘Reprehensible’ letter to the editor protected by First Amendment.” The Tucson Citizen yesterday published online a news update that begins, “The Arizona Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday that the First Amendment covers a letter published in the Tucson Citizen that suggested killing local Muslims to prevent deaths of American soldiers in Iraq.”

You can access yesterday’s unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court of Arizona at this link.

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