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Monday, July 4, 2005

“Bush: ‘Tone down’ rhetoric.” Tuesday’s issue of USA Today will contain an article that begins, “President Bush said Monday that special-interest groups already running TV ads and mobilizing supporters for a fight over his choice of a successor to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor should ‘tone down the heated rhetoric.’ He forcefully defended Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a prospect criticized by conservatives.”

And the newspaper will also contain a news analysis headlined “For Bush, a lot riding on court appointment.”

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“Fall Cases on Hot-Button Issues May Hinge on the New Justice”: In Tuesday’s edition of The Washington Post, Charles Lane will have a news analysis that begins, “Abortion. Physician-assisted suicide. Gay rights. How will the Supreme Court handle those issues without Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the centrist swing voter who announced her retirement from the court last week after a 24-year tenure?”

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In news from Canada: The Toronto Globe and Mail today contains an article headlined “Media gauntlet awaits Homolka release” that begins, “Karla Homolka, having now spent more than one-third of her life in prison, will attempt today to bypass a gauntlet of reporters who stand between her and the freedom and anonymity she craves.” The newspaper also offers a news update headlined “Homolka set free.”

The Montreal Gazette today contains an article headlined “Sun sets on jail sentence of sex slayer Homolka; Gets out today; Killer’s lawyers fight to keep hungry media out of her private life.”

And Canadian Press provides reports headlined “Media muzzle try fails again” and “Homolka contrite in TV interview.”

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“Journalists Say Threat of Subpoena Intensifies”: This article appears today in The New York Times. The article begins, “In 1991, when Timothy Phelps, a reporter for Newsday, and Nina Totenberg, a reporter for National Public Radio, broke the news that Anita Hill had accused Clarence Thomas, then a Supreme Court nominee, of sexual harassment, a special Senate counsel tried to subpoena the reporters’ telephone records to unmask their confidential source.”

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“Court Fundraising Fury Underway; $50 Million or More on Both Sides May Rival 2004 Election”: Tuesday’s edition of The Washington Post will contain this article.

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In Tuesday’s edition of The Christian Science Monitor: Warren Richey will have articles headlined “Sandra Day O’Connor announces retirement; Conservatives hope to use opportunity to shift Supreme Court further to the right” and “The imprint that O’Connor leaves on the high court: The first woman justice, now retiring, has often cast the decisive vote in big cases.”

In related news, “Bush faces tough choice to fill Supreme Court vacancy; Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is the name mentioned most often, but his selection would not please Bush’s conservative base“; “Political factors for Bush as he picks a nominee; His choice for a new Supreme Court justice could help define his legacy“; and “Senate pact shapes high-court fight; Whether or not the ‘Gang of 14’ remains unified is a key factor in the fight to replace outgoing Justice O’Connor.”

And in commentary, the newspaper will contain an editorial entitled “Justice O’Connor’s Long Shadow.”

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“Ethical Culture: The next chief justice should seize the opportunity to institute important reforms on judicial conduct.” Law Professor Steven Lubet has this article in the July 2005 issue of The American Lawyer.

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“Class action Web sites untested; Courts wrestle with host of legal issues”: This week’s issue of The National Law Journal contains an article that begins, “A recent decision from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals bodes well for the legions of plaintiffs’ law firms that host class action Web sites, but much remains untested for attorneys using the Internet to connect with the masses.”

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In the July 11, 2005 issue of Time magazine: The cover story package focuses on Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement. Time makes freely available online the following two articles: “The Power Broker: Sandra Day O’Connor – Conservative yet moderate, sticking up for Roe v. Wade and states’ rights, she changed America one vote at a time; A look at her legacy” and “What’s at Stake in The Fight: The ideological balance on the high court shapes how hot-button issues of the day are decided; A sampling of topics the court may address.”

Update: has now made available the text of the other article from this week’s cover story package. The article — headlined “The Tipping Point? Sandra Day O’Connor’s surprise resignation unleashes a battle over whether the high court will gain a new swing vote or a solid-right identity” — can be accessed here.

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“Court vacancy puts pressure on Bush; Selection could anger conservatives or incite Democratic fight”: This article appears today in The Dallas Morning News.

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In today’s edition of The Los Angeles Times: The newspaper contains articles headlined “Court Battle Lines Drawn; Partisans are out in force to set the terms of the debate over Justice O’Connor’s successor; A big issue: Must Bush’s pick have broad appeal?” and “If Ax Falls on Roe, It May Also Split GOP.”

Meanwhile, in commentary, Law Professor Sarah M. Buel has an op-ed entitled “Battered Women Betrayed.” And Michael McGough has an op-ed entitled “Faith of Our Founders.”

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“Counter Evolution: Conservatives want a justice who won’t drift left once confirmed; History suggests they have less to worry about than they imagine.” On Sunday, The New Republic posted online this essay (pass-through link) by Law Professor Jeffrey Rosen.

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In today’s issue of The Washington Post: The newspaper contains front page articles headlined “Filibuster Deal Puts Democrats In a Bind; Pact May Hinder Efforts to Block High Court Nominee” and “Attorney General Makes Quick Trip To Iraqi Capital; Gonzales Stays Tight-Lipped On Prospects for High Court.”

In other coverage, “Evangelical Groups Plan Aggressive Drive for Nominee; Campaign Seeks Solid Conservative.”

Charles Lane’s “Full Court Press” column is headlined “In Other News From the Middle, Some Shifts by Justice Kennedy.”

And U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) has an op-ed entitled “Let the Senate Advise.”

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In today’s edition of The New York Times: Linda Greenhouse has a lengthy article headlined “Court’s Term a Turn Back to the Center.” A related graphic can be accessed here.

Today’s newspaper also contains articles headlined “Senators Clash on Questioning a Court Nominee“; “Speculation on Contenders Begins Despite Entreaties“; and “Run-Up to Judicial Fight Puts a Spotlight on Bork.”

And the Business section contains a news analysis headlined “The Fallout from O’Connor’s Resignation.”

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