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Monday, July 11, 2005

“Bush to meet with Senate leaders to discuss court vacancy”: James Kuhnhenn of Knight Ridder Newspapers provides this report.

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“A Court at the Crossroads: A pivotal abortion case for the post-O’Connor Court.” Terry Eastland has this essay in the July 18, 2005 issue of The Weekly Standard.

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“If you’re a judge from Massachusetts, don’t expect a call from the president”: The Lowell Sun today contains an article that begins, “Massachusetts’ historic role as a hatchery of Supreme Court justices will go untapped as President Bush maneuvers to replace one, or possibly two, high-court judges this summer, court observers say.”

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“A Tale of Two Ediths: Some lessons can best be taught by a woman.” Hadley Arkes has this essay today at National Review Online.

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Access online this past Saturday’s installment of C-SPAN‘s “America & the Courts“: C-SPAN describes Saturday’s program as follows:

Fmr. White House Counsel Reginald Brown talks about the next steps in replacing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Justice John Paul Stevens follows with an address at the Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference in Mackinac Island, MI. The final segment is a stakeout with Time Magazine Reporter Matthew Cooper and New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller.

You can view the program online, on-demand by clicking here (RealPlayer required).

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“High Court Special Master Goes on Location”: Tony Mauro’s latest Courtside column, available here via, begins, “Thanks to the Supreme Court, George Washington University Law School professor Gregory Maggs got to visit and fly over some of the most beautiful parts of Alaska.”

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To obtain the true picture of how the Third Circuit fared in the U.S. Supreme Court’s October 2004 Term, it is necessary to delve beneath the surface: Today’s issue of The Legal Intelligencer contains my annual look at how the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit fared in the Supreme Court of the United States in the just-concluded Term.

In the four cases that originated from the Third Circuit, the Supreme Court affirmed once and reversed three times. Yet the Third Circuit’s record of success improves to better than .500 when one considers cases in which the Supreme Court granted review to decide conflicts that expressly implicated the Third Circuit. I’ll post online later this week the text of this month’s column, in which I identify the specific cases on which I base these conclusions.

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Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist either will or will not announce his retirement today: This post is guaranteed to be correct for so long as it remains visible.

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“Property Rights Are Civil Rights; Opposition to the Kelo decision crosses racial and party lines”: OpinionJournal today has posted online this essay by John Fund.

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“Court choices unpredictable; GOP presidents chose 7 of 9 justices, but only 3 are reliably conservative”: Jan Crawford Greenburg has this article today in The Chicago Tribune.

In The Baltimore Sun, Gail Gibson today has an article headlined “White House in no rush to pick court nominee; By slowing down the process, Bush can shield a candidate from scrutiny.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that “High Court Fight Could Heat Up Senate’s Summer; Work on a highway bill, Social Security measure and energy policy is likely to take a back seat.”

The Rocky Mountain News reports that “Moderate urged for court.”

And The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that “Both sides on abortion issue gird for court fight; O’Connor’s announcement has groups ramping up their efforts to get messages out.”

In commentary, The Washington Post contains an editorial entitled “The Right Nominee.”

The Toronto Star contains an editorial entitled “Name judges on merit.”

In The Boston Globe, columnist Cathy Young has an op-ed entitled “O’Connor’s true feminism.”

And in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, columnist Joel Connelly has an op-ed entitled “Bipartisan pact yields stellar judges.”

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