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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

“Just what should we hear when listening to the past?” Today in The Houston Chronicle, columnist Cragg Hines has this op-ed about the debate over how to determine the meaning of the U.S. Constitution.

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In commentary: Online at Reason, Nick Gillespie has an essay entitled “Making a Federalist Case: Does it matter whether John Roberts was a member of the Federalist Society?

At, Garrison Keillor has an essay entitled “Save your fire: There were worse nominees George Bush might have sent up to the Supreme Court, and he did not; So shake hands with John Roberts and wish him well.”

And at American Prospect Online, Matthew Yglesias has an essay entitled “Just Say No: Democrats don’t have to filibuster John Roberts — but they don’t have to vote for him, either.”

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“ACLU sues over court oaths”: The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina today contains an article that begins, “The North Carolina chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit asking the state to rule that the term ‘Holy Scriptures’ refers not just to the Bible but to other sacred texts. The suit stems from a Superior Court judge’s decision not to allow oaths taken on the Quran, the Muslim holy book.”

And in other coverage, The News-Record of Greensboro, North Carolina reports today that “Suit filed over courtroom oaths.”

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“It’s open season on private property”: Today in The Los Angeles Times, Rosa Brooks has an op-ed that begins, “Supreme court Justice David Souter must be ruing the day he joined the majority opinion in Kelo vs. City of New London, the controversial case that approved the Connecticut city’s plan to redevelop its waterfront by seizing homes and handing them over to private developers.”

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“Chafee: Abortion-rights stance won’t sway his vote on Roberts; Strategically aligned in the ‘Gang of 14,’ the Rhode Island Republican has helped weaken the standing of Democrats who oppose the Supreme Court nominee.” The Providence Journal contains this article today.

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“Early on, Roberts leaned to the right; Papers reveal a man willing to be pragmatic with other viewpoints, yet ready to defend his conservative stands”: This article appears today in Newsday.

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“Outrageous French-fry ruling — Democrats can teach Roberts a lesson”: Stephen J. Fortunato Jr., an associate justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court, has this op-ed today in The Providence Journal.

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“Roberts had larger 2000 recount role; The role of U.S. Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in the 2000 election aftermath in Florida was larger than has been reported; Roberts helped prepare the Supreme Court case”: This article appears today in The Miami Herald.

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“AG charges 22-year-old man married to 14-year-old girl”: The Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star today contains an article that begins, “A 22-year-old Falls City man faces a rape charge in Nebraska after marrying his pregnant, 14-year-old girlfriend across the border in Kansas.”

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“Frist wants Aug. hearings”: The Hill today contains an article that begins, “Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and GOP members of the Judiciary Committee are pressing Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) to start hearings on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts during the August recess.”

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“Roberts showed way to shift the debate; Nominee advised using broad terms”: Charlie Savage has this article today in The Boston Globe.

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“Some Roberts Documents Released; Eight senators want records of the high court nominee’s work under Kenneth Starr, but the White House says they have enough to vet him”: David G. Savage and Warren Vieth have this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“John Roberts’s Pro-Life Spouse: The Relevance of Jane Roberts’s Politics.” FindLaw commentator Sherry F. Colb has this essay today.

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“John Roberts: Comfortable in ‘the Box’; Supreme Court nominee’s experience on circuit court is ‘norm'”: Marcia Coyle has this article online at

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The Omaha World-Herald is reporting: Wednesday’s newspaper contains an article headlined “Nelson says he leans toward approving Roberts for court.”

Tuesday’s newspaper, meanwhile, contained an article headlined “U.P. loses ruling in bias lawsuit” that begins, “A federal judge in Omaha has ruled against Union Pacific Railroad in a class-action lawsuit over coverage of contraceptives in its health care plan. The railroad plans to appeal the ruling, a spokesman said.”

Also on Tuesday, the newspaper reported that “Nebraska charges man for having sex with 14-year-old wife.”

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“Assisted suicide quote from Roberts revealing, analysts say”: Stephen Henderson of Knight Ridder Newspapers provides this report.

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