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Friday, August 5, 2005

“Strip club stirs outrage with less-than-subtle sign; What’s obscene and what isn’t? Frankly worded billboard infuriates merchants along Century Boulevard near LAX, but the owner says he’s merely promoting his business.” This article appears today in The Daily Breeze of Torrance, California.

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Racial Justice: Why John Roberts’s memos are a political liability. Noam Scheiber has this TRB essay in the August 15, 2005 issue of The New Republic.

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“Billboard law survives second challenge; Adult businesses suffer setback”: Wednesday’s edition of The Kansas City Star contained this article.

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“Sex toy sale ban on familiar turf in federal court; Attorneys point to Texas case in effort to strike state law”: This article appeared yesterday in The Huntsville Times.

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“Five Big Issues: Sure, Roberts might not be as bad as you fear; But there are reasons to worry.” Law Professor Kermit Roosevelt has this essay online at The American Prospect.

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“Verdict: Atkins not mentally retarded.” The Daily Press of Hampton Roads, Virginia provides a news update that begins, “A jury concluded today that death-row inmate Daryl Atkins, whose case led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision barring executions of the mentally retarded, is not retarded. The judge set an execution date of Dec. 2. The defense says it will appeal.”

And The Associated Press offers an article headlined “Jurors: Death Row Inmate Not Retarded.”

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“Enigma of Roberts Also Bedevils the Right”: provides this report.

The Washington Times today contains articles headlined “GOP to make push for Roberts” and “Rehnquist fever stirs up speculation about retirement.”

The Rocky Mountain News today contains an article headlined “Roberts helped foes of gay law; Nominee advised Dubofsky on appeal of Amendment 2” and an op-ed by Mike Rosen entitled “‘Ginsburg Rule’ in play.”

And in The Oakland Tribune, Josh Richman reports that “Roberts’ gay-rights work is cheered; Bay Area civil rights leaders laud nominee for pro bono efforts but still want more information.”

Finally for now, in commentary, The Birmingham News contains an editorial entitled “Judge Roberts points the way.”

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“College money of Roberts’ son in Utah”: The Salt Lake Tribune today contains an article that begins, “Young Jack Roberts got national attention for busting a move while President Bush announced his father’s nomination to the Supreme Court. But if Jack fails to land a performing arts scholarship, he has a healthy education fund invested in Utah.”

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“Top court stays ruling on private health care”: The Toronto Globe and Mail today contains an article that begins, “The Supreme Court of Canada has granted a one-year stay in its ruling clearing the way for private health insurance in Quebec, but experts expect the movement toward two-tier health care in Canada to continue.”

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“Advice and Consent: The Politics of Judicial Appointments,” by Lee Epstein and Jeffrey A. Segal. An “advance reading copy” of this new book published by Oxford University Press, and due to be available for sale to the public next month, arrived in today’s mail.

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“Money, Judicial Elections, And The First Amendment”: That’s the title of my monthly appellate column that will appear on Monday in The Legal Intelligencer. The column focuses on the Eighth Circuit‘s en banc decision earlier this week striking down Minnesota’s prohibition on the direct solicitation of funds by candidates for elective judicial office.

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“Quarreling About Quotas: The Left’s attack on Roberts’s civil-rights record.” Edward Whelan has this essay today at National Review Online.

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“In Private Practice, Roberts’s Record Is Mixed; Some Cases Run Counter to Conservative Image, but Activists on the Right Say His Past Is Irrelevant”: This article appears today in The Washington Post.

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“Mixed Signals: Roberts Took Liberal Portion of Red Meat.” The blog “ScrappleFace” this morning provides a report that begins, “In a revelation which further confused advocates on the right and left, a new Freedom of Information Act release shows that Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts once took liberal portions of red meat at a non-partisan fundraising event.”

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“Indians Continue Wait for Accounts’ Resolution; Nine-Year-Old Lawsuit Against Interior Department on Trust Funds Appears Far From Settlement”: This article appears today in The Washington Post.

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“Judge Roberts’s Memos”: The Washington Post today contains an editorial that begins, “The request by Democratic senators to see memos written by Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. during his service in the solicitor general’s office requires a difficult balancing of legitimate interests: the executive branch’s need for confidentiality against a full and informed Senate confirmation proceeding.”

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