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Monday, September 5, 2005

Available online from National Public Radio: This evening’s broadcast of “All Things Considered” contained segments entitled “Bush Shifts Strategy on Roberts’ High Court Bid” (featuring Nina Totenberg); “Roberts Nominated for Chief Justice“; and “Save ‘Political Theater’ for Controversial Nominees.”

And today’s broadcast of “Talk of the Nation” contained segments entitled “A Look at Roberts’ Nomination as Chief Justice” and “Weighing the Roberts Nomination” (featuring David G. Savage of The Los Angeles Times).

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“A Court Choice Well Schooled in Chief Justice Job’s Pitfalls”: Linda Greenhouse will have this article Tuesday in The New York Times.

Tuesday in The Washington Post, Charles Lane will have articles headlined “Roberts Was Influenced by Critics of the Warren Court; Like Rehnquist, the Nominee Is a Skeptic on Judicial Intervention” and “Roberts’s Personal Skills and Political Savvy Seen as Assets; Persuasion, Tact Could Help Forge New Majorities.” And in related coverage, “Bush Nominates Roberts as Chief Justice; President Seeks Quick Approval With Another Seat Left to Fill.”

The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday will report that “Bush nominates John Roberts to be chief justice.”

Newsday on Tuesday will report that “Bush taps Roberts for chief; President notes judge’s ‘striking ability’ as a lawyer and leadership qualities, as Democrats call for release of more background information.”

And The Guardian (UK) reports that “Bush plays safe in appointing chief justice.”

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“Roberts gets nod as chief; President quick to nominate a successor for Rehnquist”: Jan Crawford Greenburg of The Chicago Tribune provides this news update, along with a news update headlined “Roberts more like Rehnquist than O’Connor; Sees limited role for courts.”

Tuesday’s edition of The Hill will contain articles headlined “Roberts hearing delayed” and “25 Dems could vote for Roberts.”

Patti Waldmeir of Financial Times reports that “Senate’s choice of top judge will reverberate for decades.”

The Telegraph (UK) reports that “Bush surprises in choice of top judge.”

The Independent (UK) reports that “Bush moves quickly to nominate Roberts as the next chief justice.”

And The Times of London reports that “Bush plays it safe over his choice of new Chief Justice.”

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“Bush nominates Roberts to be chief justice”: Steven Thomma and Stephen Henderson of Knight Ridder Newspapers provide this report.

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President Bush’s decision to nominate John G. Roberts, Jr. to replace Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, instead of having Judge Roberts replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, is good news at least temporarily for liberal opponents of this nominee: Judge Roberts, whom the U.S. Senate unquestionably would have confirmed to replace Justice O’Connor, appeared quite likely to wield a dependably more conservative vote than Justice O’Connor had exercised in her key swing-vote role. Judge Roberts is likely to be just as conservative as, but not much more conservative than, Chief Justice Rehnquist had been.

Thus, Judge Roberts’s confirmation to the Court no longer threatens to replace a centrist swing-vote with a dependably conservative vote. And conservative supporters of President Bush must again worry that the Bush Administration might squander the opportunity to replace Justice O’Connor with a more reliably conservative vote.

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“Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies at 80; Bush nominates Roberts to be next chief justice”:’s Tony Mauro provides this report along with a list of the Chief Justice’s major opinions and dissents.

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In commentary: The New York Times today contains an editorial entitled “Chief Justice William Rehnquist.”

The Los Angeles Times today contains an editorial entitled “Judicious restraint” and an op-ed by Law Professor John Yoo entitled “A revolution that had run its course: Rehnquist went from ‘Lone Ranger’ to chief justice, and saw many of his conservative views triumph; But recent rulings went against him.”

The Washington Post contains an editorial entitled “The Rehnquist Era” and an op-ed by columnist George F. Will entitled “An ‘Activist’ Justice.” In addition, Edward Lazarus has an op-ed entitled “Shallow Decisions,” while Cliff Sloan has an op-ed entitled “A Limited Legacy.”

The Boston Globe today contains an editorial entitled “After Rehnquist” and yesterday contained an op-ed by columnist Ellen Goodman entitled “Who is John Roberts?

The Baltimore Sun today contains an editorial entitled “Chief Justice Rehnquist.”

The Dallas Morning News contains an editorial entitled “William H. Rehnquist: Chief justice was pragmatic and principled.”

Newsday contains an editorial entitled “Rehnquist’s long reach: The chief justice made his conservative imprint with grace.” Columnist Raymond J. Keating has an op-ed entitled “Some advice for Schumer on judicial nominees.” And Jeffrey Segal has an op-ed entitled “Picks didn’t always do right by GOP: Though Rehnquist leaned conservative, justices historically have failed to move the court to the right.”

The Washington Times contains an editorial entitled “Chief Justice Rehnquist.”

The Oregonian contains an editorial entitled “The Rehnquist court, adjourned: William Rehnquist, a towering figure in American law, led a conservative revolution that is still on the ascent.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contains an editorial entitled “A legacy that touches us all.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram contains an editorial entitled “A remarkable American.”

The San Jose Mercury News contains editorials entitled “Court’s balance should be retained” and “Keeping our fingers crossed about Roberts.”

The Toledo Blade contains an editorial entitled “The Rehnquist vacancy.”

The Orlando Sentinel contains an editorial entitled “William Rehnquist: The chief justice served with extraordinary dedication and integrity.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer contains an editorial entitled “Chief Justice Rehnquist: A very long run with very big impact.”

The Charlotte Observer contains an editorial entitled “Rehnquist’s legacy: In integrity, manner, chief justice won colleagues’ admiration.”

The Providence (R.I.) Journal contains an editorial entitled “William Rehnquist, 1924-2005.”

The Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin contains an editorial entitled “Rehnquist served court, nation well.”

In The Chicago Sun-Times, Robert Novak has an op-ed entitled “Will Bush heed supporters’ demand, shift court to right?

Online at OpinionJournal, Law Professor Cass Sunstein has an op-ed entitled “John Roberts, Minimalist: He’s conservative, but he’s no fundamentalist.”

In The Kansas City Star, Heidi C. Doerhoff has an op-ed entitled “Hail to ‘the Chief’: An ex-clerk’s homage.”

And in The Centre Daily Times, Michael Comiskey has an op-ed entitled “Keep politics in the process of appointing Supreme Court justices.”

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On today’s broadcast of NPR‘s “Morning Edition“: A segment featuring Cokie Roberts was entitled “Roberts Tapped to Succeed Rehnquist as Chief Justice.”

The broadcast contained segments featuring Nina Totenberg entitled “Speculation over a High Court in Transition“; “Specter a Wild Card in Senate Hearings on Roberts“; and “Timeline for Roberts’ Confirmation Hearings in Doubt.”

And the broadcast also contained segments entitled “Will Rehnquist’s Conservative Legacy Endure?” and “Bush’s Nomination of Roberts a Balancing Act.”

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“Remarks by the President Nominating Judge John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court”: The White House’s web site has just posted online this transcript of this morning’s announcement.

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“Two Vacancies Give Bush a Chance to Solidify Court’s Right”: This news analysis appears today in The Washington Post, which also contains articles headlined “Second Court Vacancy Triggers a Scramble; Bush Considers Picking Roberts as Chief, Aides Say“; “The Rehnquist Legacy: 33 Years Turning Back the Court; Chief Justice Came to Recognize Limits On His Power to Fight Liberal Drift“; “Roberts Hearings Likely to Enter Religious Territory“; “One Man’s Unwavering Constitution: To the End, Rehnquist Followed His Own Path“; “Again, Right Voices Concern About Gonzales“; and “Delay Weighed for Roberts Hearings.”

The New York Times, in addition to the articles I noted here last night, today contains articles headlined “Complications for Both Sides in the Battle for the Court” and “Chaotic Week Leaves Bush Team on Defensive.”

In The Los Angeles Times, David G. Savage and Henry Weinstein report that “Supreme Court Picture Gets Complex; What had been seen as a smooth nomination process for John Roberts is now complicated by Rehnquist’s funeral and the chief justice vacancy.” And Ronald Brownstein has a news analysis headlined “Court Moves May Give Bush Political High Ground; Judicial nominations can reinvigorate his core supporters and score victories on Capitol Hill.”

The Chicago Tribune contains articles headlined “What’s next for court? Bush could renominate Roberts as chief justice“; “Top senators differ on delay; Democrats urge pause for Rehnquist, disaster“; and “Chaotic time in nation’s capital; Rehnquist’s death, Katrina’s wrath challenge Bush,” along with this obituary of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist.

In The Boston Globe, Charlie Savage reports that “Rehnquist death puts pressure on Bush; To be urged to pick female, Hispanic.” The newspaper also reports that “Death prompts Democrats to rethink strategy on Roberts“; “From troubled present, a chance to shape future; Bush’s problems may limit strategy he takes with court“; and “Law community cites Rehnquist’s courage, commitment.”

Newsday contains articles headlined “Seats are available to the right; Rehnquist’s passing leaves a second Supreme Court post open for Bush to use to solidify a conservative course” and “Supreme complication: With chief justice’s and O’Connor’s seats to fill, Bush has many strategic options to choose from to formulate a new court.”

In The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko has an article headlined “The effect on the court’s docket: If only 8 justices sit, tie votes could leave issues unresolved.” And the newspaper also reports that “Chief justice’s passing provides Bush with major opportunity.”

The St. Petersburg Times contains articles headlined “Roberts’ advice: Talk, but say little; His strategy for Sandra Day O’Connor’s confirmation hearings is likely to be a preview of his own, which start this week“; “Death’s impact on court minimal; President Bush will likely replace the chief justice with another conservative; The question: What kind?“; and “Without the robe, he blended right in.”

The Houston Chronicle contains articles headlined “Rehnquist led court to right; But his desire for unity often trumped principle of conservatism“; “Bush faces crucial test in Rehnquist vacancy“; “Court will face issues of new complexity; Unprecedented questions forming because of quick pace of change in tech world, science“; and “Texans view Rehnquist as a ‘hard act to follow’; Chief justice’s judiciary advocacy called unparalleled.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette contains articles headlined “Rehnquist’s death left Supreme Court tangle“; “Rehnquist’s death unsettled plans of Roberts’ supporters, opponents“; and “Bush: ‘America will honor’ memory of Rehnquist.”

The Sacramento Bee contains articles headlined “Bush ponders court strategy; The president vows quick action as he weighs several ways to replace Rehnquist” and “He was pivotal in shift to right; Rehnquist’s judicial revolution made the Supreme Court far more conservative.”

In The Dallas Morning News, Allen Pusey reports that “Leaders note Rehnquist’s imprint on high court; Chief justice praised for brilliance and for maintaining civility.” And in related coverage, “Rehnquist’s death raises stakes in battle over Supreme Court; With pressure already high, Bush vows to fill 2nd vacancy quickly.”

The Baltimore Sun contains articles headlined “Bush to nominate Rehnquist’s successor on court ‘promptly’; President must choose nominee, chief justice“; “2 vacancies may greatly alter court“; “Lawmakers reflect on Rehnquist’s deep commitment to federal judiciary; Delay in Roberts’ hearing weighed; some say moving ahead would show respect“; and “Selection to test Bush at precarious moment.”

The Washington Times contains articles headlined “Roberts’ star rose as a lawyer under Reagan, Bush“; “Bush vows to replace Rehnquist quickly“; “Chief justice remembered as staunch conservative“; “Democrats push for delay of Roberts hearings“; and “Specter rises above 2004 ‘Worst Republican’ title.”

The Globe and Mail of Toronto contains an article headlined “Can Bush reshape Supreme Court?

Financial Times reports that “US Supreme Court’s top justice dies.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that “Hatch may play protective role in Roberts hearings; He may stop Democrats’ criticism and reprimand them for ‘acting improperly.’

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that “Supreme Court fight puts Durbin in spotlight.”

The New York Daily News contains an article headlined “Supreme Court gridlock; Bush vows ‘timely’ pick.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that “Double decision awaiting Senate; Rehnquist death increases stakes.”

The State of Columbia, South Carolina reports that “Notable Roberts’ case has S.C. ties; Charleston lawyer argued ‘french fry’ case in appellate court in front of nominee.”

The Journal News of Westchester, New York reports that “Rehnquist’s death brings uncertainty.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that “Roberts hearings may be delayed; Rehnquist’s death, Hurricane Katrina divert lawmakers.”

The Hill reports that “Specter may delay Roberts hearing.”

The Providence (R.I.) Journal reports that “R.I. lawmakers laud Rehnquist; Some take the opportunity to urge moderation, especially in this time of national turmoil, as the president selects two new members of the high court.”

The Mobile Register reports that “Rehnquist’s legal philosophy won him many admirers in Alabama.”

The Tennessean reports that “Nashville lawyers recall Rehnquist’s lack of pretense, ability to compromise.”

The Orange County Register reports that “Local lawmakers see galvanizing issue.”

The Press-Enterprise of Riverside, California reports that “Inland stakes called high in choice for court; The decisions of Rehnquist’s successor will impact key issues, experts and residents say.”

The Toledo Blade reports that “Legal community expresses respect for chief justice.”

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that “State politicians hail Rehnquist for honor, dignity; Supreme Court chief justice and Wisconsin native ‘source of enormous pride.’

The Argus Leader reports that “S. Dakotans expect interesting fights over nominations.”

The Yale Daily News reports that “Professors reflect on Rehnquist era.”

The Indiana Daily Student reports that “Professors, former clerks remember friend, mentor; Former Rehnquist clerks reflect on legacy.”

The Daily News Journal of Murfreesboro, Tennessee reports that “Rehnquist long lone conservative.”

And The Press & Sun-Bulletin of Binghamton, New York reports that “Rehnquist recalled as ‘a good man…trying to do good’; Southern Tier residents reflect on chief justice and his record.”

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