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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

In commentary: The Washington Post today contains an editorial entitled “A Nominee for Chief.” Columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. has an op-ed entitled “Higher Stakes for Roberts.” And Law Professor Ronald D. Rotunda has an op-ed entitled “A Shaky Ethics Charge.”

The Los Angeles Times today contains an editorial entitled “The next chief justice.” And Edward Whelan has an op-ed entitled “A model of judicial restraint, not activism; Nominee Roberts’ records show him to be a strong and principled legal conservative with views shared by most Americans.”

USA Today contains an editorial entitled “How would Roberts, as chief justice, affect you?

The Houston Chronicle contains an op-ed entitled “William H. Rehnquist: Long-serving chief justice likely to be replaced by his former law clerk and philosophical heir.” And columnist Cragg Hines has an op-ed entitled “Is the selection of Roberts too easy an out for Bush?

The St. Petersburg Times contains an op-ed entitled “After Rehnquist: For Democrats, the nomination of John Roberts for chief justice has raised the stakes in the confirmation battle; But the more important fight still lies ahead.”

The San Francisco Chronicle contains an editorial entitled “Ten questions for John Roberts.”

The Sacramento Bee contains an editorial entitled “Feinstein in the spotlight; She’s set to be key to Roberts hearings.”

The New York Sun contains an editorial entitled “Roberts and Rehnquist.”

The Miami Herald contains an editorial entitled “Supreme Court prepares for a new chief justice; Revised nomination merits scrutiny.”

The Palm Beach Post contains an editorial entitled “Find out Roberts’ views on privacy, federalism.”

The Arizona Republic contains an editorial entitled “No circus, please; The highest seat on our highest court deserves a hearing conducted on highest plane.”

The Salt Lake Tribune contains an editorial entitled “President’s choice: If Roberts succeeds Rehnquist, it would complete circle.”

The Dallas Morning News contains an editorial entitled “Back on the Hill: Roberts’ chief justice nod raises the stakes.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch contains an editorial entitled “Judge John G. Roberts Jr.: Wrong side of history.” And U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin (D-IL) has an op-ed entitled “The stakes could not be higher.”

The News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware contains an editorial entitled “Bush is right to act quickly in nominating a new chief justice.”

The Mobile Register contains an editorial entitled “John Roberts will do well at court’s helm.”

The Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser contains an editorial entitled “Rehnquist death changes picture.”

The Huntsville Times contains an editorial entitled “Change on the court; Rehnquist’s death alters the scenario for John Roberts.”

The Amarillo Globe-News contains an editorial entitled “Let hearing be loud and clear; Leave partisanship, politics at door.”

In The Chicago Sun-Times, Robert Novak has an op-ed entitled “Bush secretly decided weeks ago on simplest solution.”

And in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Richard Stengel has an op-ed entitled “Senate has played its part judiciously.”

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“Justices pay last respects to Rehnquist; Body lies in repose at Supreme Court; Funeral set for Wednesday”: provides this report.

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“Supreme Court Nomination and Withdrawal Sent to the Senate”: The White House today officially nominated John G. Roberts, Jr. to serve as Chief Justice of the United States.

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“High Stakes for the High Court”: This segment (available online in both RealPlayer and Windows Media formats) appeared today on the public radio program “On Point.” The segment features impressive guests, including the mysterious “Linda Crawford Greenburg” of The Chicago Tribune. [Update: Now having listened to the program, I can report that Jan Crawford Greenburg did not appear, which may explain why the segment’s online description contains an incorrect first name for her.]

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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overturns as constitutionally excessive $108.5 million in punitive damages
awarded by a jury in 1999 for violations of the Freedom of
Access to Clinic Entrances Act:
You can access today’s ruling in this matter, sometimes known as the “Nuremberg Files” case, at this link. In today’s ruling, the three-judge panel remits the punitive damages award to an amount that the panel views as constitutionally permissible and orders the district court to conduct a new trial if plaintiffs refuse the remittitur.

Additional background about the case can be accessed here and here.

Back in May 2002, the Ninth Circuit issued a sharply divided en banc ruling in this case. My coverage of that ruling can be accessed here and here.

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“Dual Purpose: Rehnquist attempted two distinct projects during his years on the Court; In one area, his arguments were important and plausible; In the other, he overstepped.” Law Professor Cass R. Sunstein has this essay online today at The New Republic.

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“Rehnquist Public Viewing”: C-SPAN is planning to provide live coverage beginning at 10 a.m. eastern time today. You can click here to view live online using RealPlayer.

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“Roberts Tapped for Chief Justice; At 50, he could shape the court for decades; O’Connor’s swing-vote seat must still be filled”: David G. Savage and Henry Weinstein have this article today in The Los Angeles Times. And David G. Savage also reports that “O’Connor’s Staying on Court May Carry Little Weight; Her vote on cases would count only as opinions are issued, presumably after she’s gone.”

The Washington Post, in addition to the articles I noted here last night, today contains articles headlined “Observances Begin Today at High Court; Body to Lie in Repose Until Tomorrow“; “Democrats Pledge More Intense Scrutiny of Roberts; With His Confirmation Still Expected, the Real Battle Focuses on a Successor to O’Connor“; and “New Kid on Top; John Roberts Could Leapfrog Over His Elders.”

The Boston Globe today contains articles headlined “Bush picks Roberts for chief justice; O’Connor is likely to remain for now“; “Art of persuasion may be key to a Roberts Court“; and “With stakes raised, Democrats seek more background on nominee.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that “Bush picks Roberts for chief justice; Nominee ‘has earned nation’s confidence,’ he says of his choice to succeed Rehnquist; New round of speculation over O’Connor vacancy” and “Confirmation hearings are likely to heat up.”

USA Today contains articles headlined “Picking Roberts for court’s top job raises stakes; Hearings delayed until after Rehnquist funeral“; “Special interests gear up for fight on court vacancy; Partisan groups make lobbying plans“: and “Senators differ on pace of hearing.”

The Washington Times contains articles headlined “Roberts picked for chief justice“; “Chief justice favored Roberts“; and “Senate delays hearings for Roberts nomination.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette contains articles headlined “Roberts picked for chief justice; Bush moves quickly to nominate 50-year-old to succeed Rehnquist” and “Analysis: Likely choices for vacancy include women, Hispanics.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that “Roberts’ nomination as chief may avoid Senate fight; His record has been scrutinized for several weeks.”

Newsday reports that “Roberts called on as chief; Bush cites judge’s ‘striking ability’ as lawyer when choosing him to replace Rehnquist, which will delay O’Connor’s retirement from court.”

The New York Sun reports that “President Nominates Roberts as Chief Justice.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that “Roberts tapped to succeed Rehnquist; Democrats warn pick will warrant tougher scrutiny.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that “Stable court defied forecasts; Major 5-4 centrist decisions marked Rehnquist years.”

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that “Bush taps Roberts as chief justice; President urges Senate to confirm him before new term on Oct. 3” and “Rehnquist decisions were felt in Jersey.”

The Journal News of Westchester, New York reports that “Schumer fires up grill for Roberts.”

The Providence (R.I.) Journal reports that “Chafee remains noncommittal on Roberts nomination; The Rhode Island Republican says he is continuing to study the record of the nominee now being considered for the position of chief justice.”

The News Journal of Wilmington reports that “Delawareans trying to read Roberts; Groups will hold rallies as experts debate judge’s impact on country.”

The Harvard Crimson reports that “Bush Nominates Roberts for Chief Justice; Roberts would be first College, HLS grad to head Supreme Court.”

And The Gallup Organization reports that “Public Most Interested in Hearing Roberts’ Views on Abortion; Slim majority continues to favor his confirmation.”

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