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Monday, September 19, 2005

“Recruits Sought for Porn Squad”: Tuesday’s edition of The Washington Post will contain an article that begins, “The FBI is joining the Bush administration’s War on Porn. And it’s looking for a few good agents.”

And in news from Syracuse, New York, The Post-Standard reports today that “Topless case goes to court.”

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A bow tie is no longer part of the baseball player’s uniform: Last Tuesday, I had a post titled “U.S. Supreme Court Justices don’t bat, but tomorrow night one will pitch.” You can access here and here photographs of Justice John Paul Stevens throwing out the first pitch at last Wednesday night’s Chicago Cubs game, against the Cincinnati Reds. Justice Stevens was wearing a Cubs home jersey in place of his customary bow tie. Of course, once upon a time a baseball player’s uniform included a bow tie (see here, here, and here, for example). For those keeping score, the Reds defeated the Cubs 7-4 in 11 innings.

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“Smile for the camera”: Today in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, columnist Linda P. Campbell has an op-ed that begins, “No one asked John G. Roberts Jr. whether he was a literalist about the First Amendment.”

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For those awaiting the chance to spend hundreds of dollars on a Justice Antonin Scalia bobblehead doll: Your moment has arrived, here at eBay, where the current bid (as of the time this post first appeared) is a mere $75.99.

Meanwhile, my post from this weekend seeking to encourage the development of a Justice Scalia bobblehead doll certificate redemption service has yet to generate a groundswell of enthusiastic support, although one reader was willing to offer his services for $50 per certificate/Scalia doll shipped.

Also this weekend, as earlier noted here, a Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist bobblehead doll sold at auction on eBay for more than $2,000.

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“Wine shipping issue lingers; Out-of-state vintners still not allowed to ship to Michigan residents despite high court ruling”: The Detroit News yesterday contained an article that begins, “Although the U.S. Supreme Court declared four months ago that Michigan discriminates against out-of-state wineries by not allowing them to ship to its residents, no out-of-state wine has been arriving on Michigan doorsteps.”

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“Don’t Expect Roe’s End With Roberts, GOP Senator Says; Lindsey Graham says the chief justice nominee’s conservatism is based on law, not partisanship”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

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Roberts vs. Scalia and Thomas: How different are they after all? The organization People For the American Way has today posted online this analysis.

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Available online from The Weekly Standard: The September 26, 2005 issue of the magazine contains an editorial entitled “Chief Justice Roberts: The distinction between law and politics that the Judiciary Democrats do not respect lies at the heart of Roberts’s approach to judging.”

And online, you can access an essay by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross entitled “Expanding Rights vs. Protecting Rights: Why the judicial branch should not be deciding our culture wars.”

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“A December Court Battle?”: Today’s edition of Roll Call contains an article (subscription required) that begins, “The White House and Senate Republicans are facing a tight calendar as President Bush eyes his second pick for the Supreme Court, a nomination process that could last well into December under even the rosiest of scenarios.”

The article goes on to note that “If Bush waits until after Roberts clears the Senate to announce the new pick, the week after Thanksgiving would be the earliest the full Senate would take up the nomination, according to recent history of nomination fights.”

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“Who’s next? With Roberts’ nomination for chief justice on track, attention now turns to filling Justice O’Connor’s seat and the names on President Bush’s short list.” This article appears today in The Sacramento Bee.

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“Roberts vote holds risks for Democrats; Strategists weigh political message, fallout for ’08 race”: The Boston Globe contains this article today.

The Washington Times today contains an article headlined “Bush’s high court balancing act.”

And in The New York Sun, Josh Gerstein reports that “Bloomberg’s Stance on Roberts Ratchets Up Pressure on Clinton.”

In commentary, The Boston Globe contains an editorial entitled “Roberts’s qualities.”

The Montgomery Advertiser contains an editorial entitled “Roberts clearly has temperament.”

The Harvard Crimson contains an editorial entitled “Fit to be Chief: We are hopeful for the future of the Court under the lead of Justice Roberts.”

In The Washington Post, Al Kamen’s “In the Loop” column is entitled “For Liberals, Easy Does It With Roberts.”

In The Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Robert Novak has an op-ed entitled “Schumer is no match for Roberts.”

In The Washington Times, Donald Lambro has an op-ed entitled “Senatorial follies…,” a headline that concludes in Mark Steyn’s op-ed entitled “…in review.”

In Newsday, columnist Raymond J. Keating has an op-ed entitled “Schumer wants to keep tight reins on commerce.”

In The Daily Texan, Matthew Nickson has an op-ed entitled “Anticipating Justice Roberts.”

In The Topeka Capital-Journal, Gregory L. Schneider has an op-ed entitled “Law schools could use some conservatives, too.”

And in The Colorado State Collegian, Jake Blumberg has an op-ed entitled “History in the Making.”

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