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Sunday, October 9, 2005

“Administration increasingly faces accusations of cronyism”: Monday’s edition of The Dallas Morning News will contain this article.

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“Specter to Press Miers in Hearings; Judiciary Panel Leader Says Nominee Has Not Yet Been Heard”: Monday’s edition of The Washington Post will contain this article.

Allen Pusey of The Dallas Morning News on Monday will report that “Talk of Miers ‘deal’ raises concerns; Senator doesn’t believe nominee pledged her vote; others want to question White House on rumor.”

And Sunday in USA Today, Tony Mauro will have an op-ed entitled “Bush’s words saddle Miers: ‘She’s not going to change.’

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“Lords line up to debate right to die; Bill would allow doctors to assist with patient’s suicide”: This article appears Monday in The Guardian (UK).

Monday’s edition of The Independent (UK) reports that “Williams defends Church stance against euthanasia.”

And BBC News reports that “Clergy opposed to euthanasia bill; Anglican and Catholic church leaders have spoken out against voluntary euthanasia ahead of a Lords debate.”

More information about the proposed law can be accessed here and here.

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“Conservatives spar over Miers nomination; Politicians, religious leaders carry debate to Sunday talk shows”: provides this report.

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“Conservatives Debate Miers’ Nomination on ‘FNS'”: provides this transcript from today’s broadcast of “FOX News Sunday.”

The Texarkana Gazette reports today that “Texarkana attorney worked with Miers.”

In Monday’s edition of Financial Times, Patti Waldmeir reports that “Conservative ire grows over Miers nomination.”

Monday’s edition of The Independent (UK) reports that “Cronyism row heightens over Bush’s choice of judge.”

Bloomberg News reports that “Specter to Ask Whether Rove Gave Assurances on Miers.”

And The Associated Press reports that “Dallas Minister Seeks Prayers for Miers.”

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“Senators to Question Supreme Court Nominee on Reported Abortion Assurances”: Voice of America News provides a report that begins, “Two powerful U.S. senators say they want to know whether Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers assured conservatives she will vote against abortion if confirmed.”

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“Transfer of cross ruled unconstitutional; Judge had barred land donation last month”: The San Diego Union-Tribune yesterday contained an article that begins, “The Mount Soledad cross stood on shakier ground yesterday after a Superior Court judge ruled that it would be unconstitutional to transfer the towering symbol and the La Jolla land around it to the federal government.”

You can access Friday’s ruling of the San Diego Superior Court at this link.

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“Conservatives say Democrats cowed Bush into weak court choice”: Jan Crawford Greenburg has this article today in The Chicago Tribune.

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On today’s broadcast of the CBS News program “Face the Nation“: On today’s program:

Sen. Sam Brownback, (R-Kansas); Sen. Charles Schumer, (D-NY); Jan Crawford Greenburg of The Chicago Tribune; and David Brooks of the New York Times joined Face The Nation. They discussed the Supreme Court nomination of White House counsel Harriet Miers.

You can access a complete transcript at this link.

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“I can tell you that the Harriet Miers I knew in a limited way was fair to a fault, smart and quick on her feet — ambitious, yes, tempered by modesty, independent, but above all, kind and decent.” Today in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Tom Uhler has an op-ed entitled “Just who is Harriet Miers?” reflecting on the Harriet Miers he knew many years ago growing up down the block from her family in a north Dallas neighborhood.

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“Judgment day is coming: We know more about America’s Harriet Miers than our own top judge, and that’s dangerous.” The Observer (UK) today contains an op-ed by Mary Riddell that begins, “One of the most powerful figures in government has been anointed. If you blinked, you will have missed it. Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers was last week sworn in as Lord Chief Justice. The accession of a lady mayoress in rural Humberside might have attracted more media attention. Nor was the ceremony at Westminster Abbey a picture of slick pageantry. According to the only paper to mention the event, the new head of the judiciary had to hang around for 10 minutes, in wig and tights, because the Lord Chancellor’s car was stuck in traffic.”

And today in the Sunday Times of London, Andrew Sullivan has an op-ed entitled “Bush picks a pal and feeds a credibility crisis” that begins, “She’s a tiny unassuming lady, with the most modest of public careers as a trial lawyer. Her main claim to fame is that she once managed the Texas lottery and then became the president’s bureaucratic gatekeeper in the White House and his personal legal counsel.”

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“Doubts over nominee unite Democrats, GOP; In Miers choice, many conservatives cite failure to pick a strong legal figure”: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contains this article today.

The Washington Post today contains a front page article headlined “Miers to Face Tougher Time Than Roberts in Hearings” along with a news analysis headlined “Bush the Conservative v. Bush the Pragmatist.”

The Week in Review section of The New York Times contains an article headlined “The Crisis of the Bush Code.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that “Response to Miers’ legal work is mixed.”

The Houston Chronicle contains articles headlined “She knows how to keep a secret; But nominee’s closely guarded style frustrates those who wonder about her beliefs” and “Miers pick may be splitting solid GOP base; Conservatives’ unified front may be coming apart with nomination and other issues.”

Newsday contains an article headlined “Issues are key after all; In a switch from Roberts’ confirmation hearings, nervous conservatives now want to know her stand.”

The Denver Post reports that “Miers enters the political arena.”

The Des Moines Register contains an article headlined “Brownback: Court is not a legislature.”

The Missoulian reports that “Pro-choice head reserves judgment on Miers.”

The Telegraph (UK) reports that “White House struggles to stem revolt over Supreme Court choice.”

The Observer (UK) reports that “Bush hits back as Republicans erupt over Supreme Court pick.”

And The Charlotte Observer on Friday contained an article headlined “Graham: Bashing Miers is out of line; Conservatives should listen to Bush nominee before calling her a bad selection, senator says.”

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“The Two Knocks on Miers: And why—surprise!—they’re both coming from the right; And why, even so, they might not derail her.” This article will appear in the October 17, 2005 issue of Time magazine.

And the October 17, 2005 issue of Newsweek will contain articles headlined “Mild About Harriet: She has served the president faithfully, but her resume drew fire from the right; Will Harriet Miers make it to court?” and “The Right: With Friends Like These; The cheerleaders for Bush’s judicial pick found little to cheer.”

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“Dobson spiritual empire wields political clout”: This article, the first in a three-part series on key evangelical leaders, appears today in The Boston Globe.

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“Scalia Didn’t Expect Bush to Nominate Him”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Saturday that he had not expected President Bush to nominate him to replace the late William Rehnquist as chief justice.”

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“The New New Federalism: Liberals discover states’ rights.” This editorial from The Wall Street Journal appears online today at OpinionJournal.

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