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Sunday, October 16, 2005

“Miers must go: Bush’s blatant cronyism, and his outrageous appeal to religion, cross lines the founders held sacred.” Joe Conason has this essay at

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“Miers’ academic background draws scrutiny”: The Austin American-Statesman contains this article today.

The Associated Press provides a report headlined “Rice: Criticism of Miers Is Unfounded.”

OpinionJournal today reprints an editorial from The Wall Street Journal entitled “Religion and the Court: Harriet Miers’s faith tells us nothing about how she would rule.”

In The Age of Australia, Michael Gawenda has an essay entitled “George and the Bachelorettes: The denigration of the White House women is sexist and wrong.”

And David M. Shribman of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today has an essay entitled “Thunder on the right: The Miers Supreme Court nomination has rocked many conservatives’ sense of entitlement.”

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“A right to privacy roils a nation and its courts; From abortion to assisted suicide, from computer confidentiality to sodomy, the issue is in the eye of the ‘culture wars’ storm”: This article appears today in The Kansas City Star.

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“Evacuated Prisoners Are Captive to Legal Limbo; Help in the courts appears to be distant in a system that was strained even before the storm”: Henry Weinstein has this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“Inmate seeking abortion is stressed”: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch today contains an article that begins, “One of the lawyers trying to secure an abortion for a Missouri prisoner said Saturday that his client is feeling the strain of the court battle, which now rests with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.”

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“Harriet’s Hail Mary: OK, so the religious line didn’t work so well; The White House is back with a new strategy for its embattled high-court choice.” The October 24, 2005 issue of Newsweek will contain this article.

In The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Michael McGough reports that “Conservatives soured on Souter for tilting so quickly to the left.” And an article is headlined “Specter: Court snubs Congress.”

In The Philadelphia Inquirer, political analyst Dick Polman has an article headlined “Key to choice: Presidential power; Bush’s real mission for Harriet Miers.”

The Dallas Morning News contains an article headlined “A familiar journey to the bench; Texan justice’s résumé not unlike Miers’.”

And Newsday reports that “Miers land had liens; Court nominee had to reimburse Texas city for failing to clear weeds, debris from vacant lots.”

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