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Monday, October 17, 2005

“2 jurists reportedly say they feel Miers would reject Roe; Nominee tells senator no one knows how she’d handle ruling”: This article will appear Tuesday in The Dallas Morning News, along with an article headlined “Miers’ unpaid legal cases centered on ‘small matters’; Pro bono work includes adoption, immigration but no sweeping issues.”

Newsday on Tuesday will contain an article headlined “When Harriet met Chuck: Senator finds his sitdown with Supreme Court nominee yields no insights and shows some weakness in law.”

The Hill on Tuesday will report that “Right ups ante on Miers.”

The New York Times on Tuesday will report that “Nominee Meets With Committee Democrats.”

In Tuesday’s edition of The Washington Post, Dana Milbank’s “Washington Sketch” column is headlined “Some Critics Still See Bugs.” And Howard Kurtz’s “Media Notes” column today is headlined “On the Right, Caught in the Middle.”

USA Today will report on Tuesday that “Miers says she made no promises on abortion.”

Steven Thomma and James Kuhnhenn of Knight Ridder Newspapers report that “Senators to press for details of call about Miers’ views on abortion.”

The Austin American-Statesman today contains an article headlined “Miers’ stint with lottery full of strife; Views differ on whether Supreme Court nominee caused storms or charted course through them.”

The Houston Chronicle reports today that “Business leaders say they’re ready to back Miers; Her experience in corporate law is a comfort factor.”

The Washington Times reports today that “Bush move no ‘favor’ to Miers.”

And The St. Petersburg Times on Sunday contained an article headlined “Miers’ mind a mystery – except toward Bush; What is known about the Supreme Court nominee? She’s a stickler for accuracy and consistency; She’s loyal to the president; And little else.”

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“Specter: Miers expressed belief in constitutional right to privacy.” Steven Thomma and James Kuhnhenn of Knight Ridder Newspapers provide this report.

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“Senator Clinton Seeks Way Out of Nettlesome Case”: Today in The New York Sun, Josh Gerstein has an article that begins, “A lawyer for Senator Clinton urged a California state appeals court Friday to give the senator a second chance to end her involvement in a politically nettlesome lawsuit stemming from a star-studded and star-crossed fund-raising gala for her 2000 Senate bid.”

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“Supreme Court Deals Setback to U.S. Push for Tobacco Penalties”: Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times provides this news update.

Tuesday in The Christian Science Monitor, Warren Richey will report that “High court contains federal RICO powers.”

Gina Holland of The Associated Press reports that “Court Won’t Let Bush Push Tobacco Penalty.”

Reuters provides a report headlined “Win for Tobacco, U.S. Top Court Rejects Govt Appeal.”

Bloomberg News reports that “Supreme Court Rejects U.S. on $280 Bln Tobacco Claim.”

And at “SCOTUSblog,” Lyle Denniston has a post titled “Court denies tobacco case; no action on Hamdan.”

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“Supreme Court declines to block abortion for Missouri inmate”: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch provides this news update.

The Kansas City Star provides a news update headlined “Inmate wins ruling in abortion case.”

Gina Holland of The Associated Press reports that “Court Won’t Block Mo. Inmate Abortion.

And Reuters reports that “Supreme top court allows abortion for Missouri inmate.”

You can access today’s order of the U.S. Supreme Court at this link.

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