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Sunday, October 30, 2005

“Abortion measure could be pivotal; Forces for and against are using Prop. 73 to galvanize their base on the governor’s initiatives”: This article appears today in The Sacramento Bee.

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“Sandra Day O’Connor’s Careful Steps Through the Judicial Landscape”: Today in The New York Times, Adam Cohen has this Editorial Observer essay that begins, “When Sandra Day O’Connor was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1981, she had more of a problem with the religious right than Harriet Miers.”

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“Bush sets short list for court; Sources name 2 conservative appeals judges”: Jan Crawford Greenburg has this article today in The Chicago Tribune.

The Los Angeles Times reports today that “Solid Conservatives Said to Be at Front of Line; Bush may name his next pick for the Supreme Court as soon as today; His selection is expected to come as a relief to activists on the right.”

The Houston Chronicle contains articles headlined “Ball dropped with Miers, conservatives say; Advisers failed to grasp, address the needs of core Bush supporters, experts argue” and “Miers case may be a gut-check failure; President prides himself on using instincts as guide.”

The Boston Globe contains articles headlined “Gavel bangs on Miers mission” and “Grand old crackup? Is the conservative movement cracking up, or just the Bush White House?

The Washington Times reports that “Bush’s base ill at ease in dissent.”

And The Republican of Springfield, Massachusetts reports that “Direction of court uncertain.”

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Coming soon to a newsstand near you: The November 7, 2005 issue of U.S. News & World Report will contain articles headlined “One Down And One To Go: Conservatives got Miers to withdraw. Now they want a nominee of their own” and “Among the Contenders: President Bush has gone back to a pool of judges long under consideration.”

The November 7, 2005 issue of Newsweek will contain articles headlined “Better Luck Next Time — What went wrong: Harriet Miers was asked to be candidate and campaign manager; Lessons learned from a failed Supreme Court pick” and “Flying Blind — Dark days: Singed by the special prosecutor and rattled by the Harriet Miers mess, Team Bush is in turmoil.”

And the November 7, 2005 issue of Time magazine will contain an article headlined “A Time To Regroup: Bloodied by scandal, setbacks and casualties, Bush is looking for fresh troops and a new battle plan.”

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“Holding court on O’Connor: Joan Biskupic talks about Sandra Day O’Connor, her legal legacy and, yes, the time when two future Supremes dated.” Bill Adair had this article Thursday in The St. Petersburg Times.

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