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Sunday, November 27, 2005

“Poll: Americans back abortion limits, oppose ban; Supreme Court set to hear cases on notification, clinic protests.” provides this report.

Posted at 11:33 PM by Howard Bashman

“Alito keeps favor of conservatives, moderates”: This article will appear Monday in USA Today.

And in somewhat related news, Monday’s edition of The New York Times will contain a profile headlined “Intense, Yes, but Not Always Hugely Successful” of Steve Schmidt, described as among other things “chief White House strategist in charge of selling the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. on Capitol Hill.”

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“Court considers expense account revisions; Changes could be implemented in January”: The Harrisburg Patriot-News today contains an article that begins, “One month after The Patriot-News reported on spending by the state’s top court justices, Supreme Court Chief Justice Ralph Cappy wrote an e-mail suggesting revisions to the judges’ expense accounts.”

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“Abortion Wars, Once Again: The case being argued this week before the Supreme Court may determine just how far state restrictions can go.” This article will appear in the December 5, 2005 issue of U.S. News & World Report.

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“Court guide on abortion limits access; Rules keep judicial review to work hours”: The Concord Monitor today contains an article that begins, “Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is defending the state’s abortion law by arguing that it doesn’t need a health exception because girls who can’t tell a parent they need an emergency abortion can ask a judge for permission at any hour, even on weekends and holidays. But the rules the state Supreme Court has approved for a ‘judicial bypass’ do not give a pregnant girl or her doctor anything close to the access Ayotte envisions. The rules allow a doctor to fax a bypass request for an emergency abortion to a court at any time, but they clearly state that the fax machine would not be checked until the next business day.”

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“Splitting 9th Circuit bad for Ariz.” Columnist Jim Kiser has this op-ed today in The Arizona Daily Star.

Last Monday, The Arizona Republic contained an op-ed by Roxie Bacon and Don Bivens entitled “Rhetoric, not 9th Circuit, is what’s overloaded.” In response to that op-ed, the newspaper yesterday printed a letter to the editor under the heading “‘9th Circus’ is a court full of clowns.”

And in somewhat related news, The Seattle Times yesterday published an article headlined “Once again, Magnuson the talk of Washington.”

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“Abortion law troubles both sides; Florida’s law requiring a teen to win judicial permission for an abortion without notifying her parents has critics questioning its efficacy”: The Miami Herald contains this article today.

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“USU twins helped put Roberts on high court; Which one is which? Both land jobs on the Judiciary Committee and cause some double takes.” This article appears today in The Salt Lake Tribune.

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“Why keep cameras out of the court? We can watch Paris having sex, but we can’t see our Supreme Court justices deliberate; Weird.” Columnist Steve Chapman has this op-ed today in The Chicago Tribune.

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