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Sunday, December 4, 2005

“Court Nominee Presents Father as Role Model”: The New York Times on Monday will contain an article that begins, “When a Democratic senator asked the Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. why he might empathize with the plight of minorities or the poor, he had his answer ready: the example of his late father, an Italian immigrant who in college once defended a black basketball player from discrimination on the team.”

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“High Court considers military recruiting on campus”: In Monday’s edition of USA Today, Joan Biskupic will have an article that begins, “The Supreme Court on Tuesday will consider whether the U.S. government may withhold funds from colleges that limit military recruiters’ access to campus to protest the Pentagon’s policy of barring openly gay people from serving in the armed forces.”

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“Assessing A Lethal Landmark In U.S.; Deep Divide Persists After 1,000 Executions”: Lynne Tuohy has this article today in The Hartford Courant.

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“Lionel Tate likely faces life in prison”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “Lionel Tate killed a young girl when he was 12, was convicted of her murder at 13 and got a fresh start when he was released at age 16. Now, Tate faces a possible return to prison for life for allegedly robbing a delivery man at gunpoint of four pizzas worth $33.60.”

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“Future of Campus Military Recruiting Hangs in Balance at High Court; Justices could sidestep Constitutional claims or tackle First Amendment head-on”: Daniel J. Hemel will have this article Monday in The Harvard Crimson.

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“Groups gear up for Alito fight; Some begin campaigns in state, but real battle expected after holidays”: This article appears today in The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

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“Judge apologizes for red-hot comment”: Yesterday’s issue of The Boston Herald contained an article that begins, “Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall publicly apologized yesterday for making an off-the-cuff and – politically speaking, at least – off-color joke about ‘red states’ during a commencement speech in May.”

The Boston Globe yesterday contained an article headlined “Marshall apologizes for ‘red states’ quip; SJC chief justice denies political cast.”

And The Associated Press reports that “Mass. Justice Sorry for ‘Red State’ Remark.”

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“Don’t alter juries to add black people, local judges told; High court ruling aims at Wayne Co.” Yesterday’s issue of The Detroit Free Press contained an article that begins, “Judges can’t bring affirmative action to the jury selection process, even if the jury makeup is not representative of the community, the state Supreme Court said in a ruling issued Friday.”

The rule amendment, which the Supreme Court of Michigan approved by a 4-3 vote, can be viewed at this link.

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“Law center fights battles of faith; Thomas More cases range from defending intelligent design to opposing same-sex marriage”: This article appears today in The Detroit News.

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“Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse With John Roberts”: In case you missed Robert Smigel’s animated cartoon when it appeared earlier this season, you can view the cartoon at this link (QuickTime).

Meanwhile, a reliable source at The Green Bag advises that the publication isn’t the origin of this bobblehead doll.

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“Luna case’s few leads keep friends frustrated; Luna case’s resolution remains elusive”: This article appears today in The Harrisburg Patriot-News. The article explains that “Two years ago this morning, the body of Baltimore-based federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna was found in the brook in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster County.”

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