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Monday, December 5, 2005

“Judge Easterbrook and the Winter Lecture”: Will Baude provides quotes at “Crescat Sententia.”

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“Alito on Roe: It’s not ‘personal’; When the Supreme Court nominee said 20 years ago that there was no constitutional right to abortion, he was speaking as a student of the law, not just as a hired gun; He should acknowledge that and move on.” Michael McGough has this “Intellectual Capital” essay today in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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“Voters, activists put heat on judges; Interest groups, playing to voter resentment, mount TV attack ads”: This article appears today in The Chicago Tribune. According to the article, “Far beyond the public rough-and-tumble politics attached to U.S. Supreme Court nominations, formerly obscure and second-tier elections for seats on state courts have become battlegrounds of culture wars, tort reform and other business cost issues, as well as contests that give voters the opportunity to act on popular cynicism and resentment toward the judiciary.”

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“Clash over military recruiters on campus; High court must decide if schools can discriminate against military if it discriminates against gays”: Warren Richey will have this article Tuesday in The Christian Science Monitor.

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“State Supreme Court justice resigns”: The Rocky Mountain News provides an update that begins, “Colorado Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis announced this morning that she will leave the court in January.”

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“Raising the Bar: Even Top Lawyers Fail California Exam; Former Stanford Law Dean Becomes Latest Victim; A Mayor Tries Four Times”: The Wall Street Journal today contains a front page article (pass-through link) that begins, “Kathleen Sullivan is a noted constitutional scholar who has argued cases before the Supreme Court. Until recently, she was dean of Stanford Law School. In legal circles, she has been talked about as a potential Democratic nominee for the Supreme Court. But Ms. Sullivan recently became the latest prominent victim of California’s notoriously difficult bar exam. Last month, the state sent out the results of its July test to 8,343 aspiring and already-practicing lawyers. More than half failed — including Ms. Sullivan.”

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Today’s U.S. Supreme Court Order List: The Order List can be viewed at this link. The Court today granted review in two cases and called for the views of the Solicitor General in two other cases.

In early press coverage, The Associated Press reports that “Court to Hear Sexual Harassment Case“; “Supreme Court to Review Insanity Defense“; and “Justices Won’t Hear School Race Case.”

And at “SCOTUSblog,” Lyle Denniston has a post titled “Court to rule on insanity defense and Title VII.”

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“Is Roe Really That Relevant? How Roe Could Survive the Arrival of Alito.” This article (free access) appears in today’s issue of Legal Times.

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“Abortion Battles Without Much Effect On Abortions”: Stuart Taylor Jr. has this essay in today’s issue of National Journal.

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It’s not every day that I give a shout-out to one of my Blogads: As this Blogad debuting today explains, today marks the start of “Cato Unbound” — “the Cato Institute’s new online monthly.”

The ad states:

What if you could add three amendments to the Constitution? Nobel Laureate James Buchanan reveals his top three at Cato Unbound. Yale Law’s Akhil Reed Amar, the 9th Circuit’s Alex Kozinski, and Cato’s William Niskanen will fire back — and name their own picks.

To see the last time I couldn’t resist mentioning one of my Blogads, click here to access my post titled “Blogads utilized to market book written by U.S. Supreme Court Justice.”

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“Alito assailed on ‘1 man, 1 vote'”: This article appears today in The Washington Times.

The Arkansas News Bureau reports today that “Pryor enjoys higher profile as ‘gang’ member.”

And The Boston Globe reports that “GOP embracing its maverick; Tough race makes Chafee an asset.”

In commentary, The Hartford Courant contains an editorial entitled “Then And Now.”

The Mobile Register contains an editorial entitled “Abortion assertions: Politics confuses law.”

The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina contains an editorial entitled “A right, necessarily.”

And in The Wilmington (Del.) News Journal, Harry F. Themal has an op-ed entitled “Alito was hard on employee discrimination.”

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“What’s at Stake in the Roberts Court’s First Abortion Case: Surprisingly Little.” FindLaw commentator Michael C. Dorf has this essay today.

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