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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

“Activist Judge Cancels Christmas”: Tomorrow’s issue of The Onion will contain an article that begins, “In a sudden and unexpected blow to the Americans working to protect the holiday, liberal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt ruled the private celebration of Christmas unconstitutional Monday.”

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Another Justice Antonin Scalia bobblehead doll is up for auction at eBay: The auction will conclude Sunday night. And the listing is rather amusing.

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“Pastor’s rights not violated, federal judge rules”: The Wisconsin State Journal today contains an article that begins, “Monroe pastor and anti-gay crusader Ralph Ovadal’s rights to free speech were not violated when Madison police told him to remove anti-gay banners over the Beltline in 2003, a federal judge ruled Monday.” Ann Althouse looks ahead to the case’s likely forthcoming second visit to the Seventh Circuit. My earlier coverage of the first visit the case made to the Seventh Circuit is here.

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“Court May Hear Chinese Detainees; Muslims Lack Country of Refuge”: The Washington Post today contains an article that begins, “A federal judge in Washington said yesterday that he will consider allowing two detainees in the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to appear before him in court to challenge their confinement, telling lawyers that the ethnic Uighurs who have been cleared for release have been held too long.”

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“Will execution move the debate? The case of Stanley Tookie Williams rallied foes and advocates of the death penalty, but there’s no consensus on its legacy.” This article appears today in The Chicago Tribune.

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“Despite the substantial powers that Congress may exercise in regard to aliens, it is constitutionally doubtful that Congress may authorize imprisonment of [over two years and four months] for lawfully admitted resident aliens who are subject to removal.” A divided three-judge Ninth Circuit panel issued this decision today.

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“Court sees enough safeguards, discards muzzle; The proposed rule was meant to block the release of confidential or prejudicial information, but Chief U.S. District Judge Ernest C. Torres says it was worded too broadly”: This article appears today in The Providence Journal. My most recent earlier coverage is here.

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Divided three-judge Eighth Circuit panel rejects Zimbabwean’s asylum claim based on the Zimbabwe government’s intolerance of homosexuality: You can access today’s ruling at this link. In dissent, Senior Circuit Judge Gerald W. Heaney writes, “Our court ought not sanction the return of an openly gay man to a country whose leader has vowed to rid the country of homosexuals.”

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D.C. Circuit holds that National Association of Securities Dealers cannot obtain judicial review of Securities and Exchange Commission’s reversal of NASD’s decision to impose discipline against a member: You can access today’s ruling at this link.

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“Student’s striptease posted online; UWO investigates, discipline unlikely; Student knew photos were being taken”: The Toronto Star provides this report. And the author of the blog “c’est what?” offers these thoughts.

My recent coverage of a somewhat similar controversy at the University of Pennsylvania can be accessed here and here.

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“British to his prison camp boot straps, High Court rules”: Wednesday’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald will contain an article that begins, “The Australian terrorism suspect David Hicks won British citizenship and the hope of freedom last night, and moves are afoot to have him swear an oath of allegiance to Britain within days inside the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.” The newspaper will also contain a news analysis headlined “Glimmer of hope, but a long way to go.”

BBC News reports that “Terror suspect becomes UK citizen; An Australian held as a terror suspect at Guantanamo Bay has won a legal battle in the UK High Court to be registered as a British citizen.”

The Associated Press reports that “Australian at Guantanamo Wins Court Battle.”

And Reuters reports that “Australian Guantanamo inmate wins UK legal battle.”

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“Solomon Law Might Not Bar Jeering; Solicitor general says statute gives universities leeway to protest ‘don’t ask, don’t tell'”: Javier C. Hernandez has this article, in which I am quoted, today in The Harvard Crimson.

The Emory Wheel reports today that “Court hears military recruitment lawsuit.”

Dan K. Thomasson has an op-ed entitled “Take Uncle Sam’s money, play by his rules” for the Scripps Howard News Service.

And online at, Martin Frost has an essay entitled “Law Schools Should Permit Military Recruiting.”

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“Ressam’s attorneys ask court to overturn part of his conviction”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “Lawyers for Ahmed Ressam, who plotted to bomb Los Angeles International Airport on the eve of the millennium, asked a federal appeals court on Monday to overturn his conviction on one of the counts he faced at trial.”

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“New Developments in the Same-Sex Marriage Wars: The Fight Over the Issue in New York, and the Growing International Acceptance and American Rejection of ‘Genderless’ Marriage.” FindLaw commentator Joanna Grossman has this essay today.

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“Redistrict Fight Will Go Before High Court; Critics say Republican remapping in Texas, led by Tom DeLay, diluted minority voters’ power”: David G. Savage has this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

In today’s issue of USA Today, Joan Biskupic reports that “Court to review Texas redistricting arranged by DeLay.”

Michael McGough of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “Supreme Court agrees to hear dispute over Texas redistricting.”

The Dallas Morning News contains articles headlined “Justices take up Texas remap; Stakes sky high as court weighs whether process was too partisan” and “Review heartens Democrats; Republicans doubt a change.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that “U.S. Supreme Court will hear Texas redistricting appeal.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that “High Court will weigh in on Texas remapping; Justices’ options include keeping redistricting in place or calling for another redraw.”

The San Antonio Express-News reports that “Justices to rule on Texas remap” and “Demos, Republicans confident justices will see remap their way.”

The Austin American-Statesman reports that “Supreme Court to review Texas congressional districts; Decision to take case is hailed by lawyers for minorities and Democrats, who call redistricting illegal.”

The Brownsville Herald reports that “High Court to hear Texas redistricting case.”

The Monitor of McAllen, Texas reports that “High court to hear Texas redistricting case.”

Financial Times reports that “Supreme Court to rule on Texas poll maps case.”

And The Hill reports that “High court to review map.”

In commentary, The Boston Globe contains an editorial entitled “DeLay’s poison fruit.”

And Newsday contains an editorial entitled “Supreme Court tries again; Its view on redistricting badly needed.”

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“Tookie Williams Is Executed; The killer of four and Crips co-founder is given a lethal injection after Schwarzenegger denies clemency; He never admitted his guilt”: The Los Angeles Times provides this news update. Today’s newspaper contains a news analysis headlined “Governor Didn’t Believe Williams Had Reformed.” And columnist Steve Lopez reports that “‘I Watched a Man Die Today.’

The San Francisco Chronicle today contains articles headlined “Williams executed; Gang co-founder put to death for 1979 murders of four in L.A. area“; “Granting Williams clemency could have cost Schwarzenegger even more GOP support“; “Tears, anger, silence at protesters’ candlelight vigil; Speakers read from Williams’ anti-gang children’s books“; and “In black community, Williams case brings out calls for mercy and calls for punishment.”

The Sacramento Bee provides a news update headlined “Crips founder Williams executed at San Quentin; Anti-gang efforts in prison drew world attention.”

In The San Jose Mercury News, Howard Mintz reports that “Crips co-founder Williams executed.” An article reports that “More sadness than anger greets the decision against clemency.” And the newspaper also contains this news analysis.

The Washington Post contains a front page article headlined “Schwarzenegger Declines to Halt Execution of Gang Founder” and a news update headlined “Gang Founder Is Executed in Calif.

The New York Times reports that “Governor Rejects Clemency for Inmate on Death Row.”

And USA Today reports that “Crips founder executed early today; Late appeals failed to save ‘Tookie’ Williams.”

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