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Sunday, January 1, 2006

She missed the top grade of “super-duper” by only that much: In yesterday’s edition of The Sacramento Bee, legal affairs writer Claire Cooper had an article headlined “Court pick is given high rating; Some critics object to the State Bar finding” that begins, “The State Bar has given its next-to-highest rating of ‘well-qualified’ to California Supreme Court nominee Carol Corrigan, telling the commission that will vote whether to confirm her Wednesday that she’s ‘brilliant,’ ‘compassionate’ and ‘well-balanced.'”

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“Judge Upholds Prayer Limits in Ind. State House; Some in Both Parties Vow to Fight Ruling”: The Washington Post contains this article today.

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“Our Legal and Political Culture”: At “Balkinization,” Yale Law Professor Jack Balkin has a post in which he writes, “we have all known for many years that lawyers are rhetorical whores; their job is to confuse, obfuscate, and make unjust and illegal things seem perfectly just and legal, or, if they cannot quite manage that feat, to muddy up our convictions sufficiently that we conclude that it’s a close case. There is nothing new about this; lawyers have been implicated in the worst injustices in human history, arguing heatedly for them all the way.”

And a bit later, he adds, “Given that lawyers are whores–and I apologize in advance for the offense I may have given to prostitutes by comparing them to lawyers–the question becomes, what restrains lawyers from being the most shameless tools of interest, or power, or both?”

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“Top judge worried about court violence, pay gap”: Reuters provides an article that begins, “In his first year-end report on the federal judiciary, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts on Sunday called for better court security to prevent violence and higher salaries to keep a diverse mix of judges on the bench.” Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.’s first year-end report can be accessed here.

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“Death Wish: It’s been almost 60 years since our last execution; We went to Texas to see what we could learn from a land that embraces capital punishment.” Karen Olsson has this article today in The Boston Globe Magazine.

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“Making the Calls: Neutrality counts for both umps and Supreme Court justices-but it doesn’t hurt that they know their decisions are final.” Steven Lubet has this essay in the January 2006 issue of The American Lawyer.

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“Justice Scalia: The Stand-up Comedian of One First Street?” This brand new post appears today at “Underneath Their Robes.”

“Article III Groupie” notes, among other things, that Law Professor Jay D. Wexler‘s article in the current issue of The Green Bag, “Laugh Track,” is now available online at this link. Adam Liptak (who in November 2005 had an article about A3G) wrote about Wexler’s Green Bag piece in an article headlined “So, Guy Walks Up to the Bar, and Scalia Says…” published yesterday in The New York Times.

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