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Sunday, January 22, 2006

“Blatz sees a threat to Minnesota’s judiciary; Putting more politics in judicial elections puts at risk something Minnesotans should safeguard — confidence in the courts”: Columnist Lori Sturdevant has this op-ed today in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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“Where The Real Action Is… For all the debate in Washington, the battle over abortion is actually in the states, which are imposing more limits than ever; Missouri is a case study.” This article will appear in the January 30, 2006 issue of Time magazine.

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“Pressure may drive Dems to filibuster Alito vote”: Columnist Robert Novak has this op-ed today in The Chicago Sun-Times.

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“Oklahoma City moves past its infamous bombing; The release of Michael Fortier Friday caused few ripples in the revitalized city, despite his role in the 1995 terror attack”: Monday’s edition of The Christian Science Monitor will contain this article.

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A partial graphic mention: Back on November 16, 2005, Adam Liptak had an article in The New York Times headlined “Mystery of Gossipy Blog on the Judiciary Is Solved” in which I was mentioned and quoted.

Today, the New Jersey section of The New York Times — that’s Section 14 for those of you scoring at home — contains something of a follow-up (as I first noted here earlier today), an article headlined “He Fought the Law. They Both Won. The Double Life of a Prosecutor Who Preferred Cheeky Blogging.”

Today’s article neither mentions nor quotes me. However, as those of you fortunate enough to get the New Jersey section of today’s NYTimes can see for yourselves by turning to read the completion of the article on page 8, a graphic accompanying the article consists of a reproduction of this “Underneath Their Robes” post cropped in a manner so as to show only my first name. Henceforth, I shall not complain about receiving the New Jersey section of The New York Times as a regular part of the newspaper’s Sunday home delivery at my residence in the northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia.

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“Former employees render a less-than-unanimous verdict; As trial nears, conflicted, varied views of Skilling and Lay emerge”: This article appears today in The Houston Chronicle.

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“Hearing loss: Before 1925, the Senate didn’t hold Supreme Court confirmation hearings; After Samuel Alito’s appearance, some are waxing nostalgic.” Alan Wirzbicki has this article today in the Ideas section of The Boston Globe.

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“How to turn your anonymous blog into a career”: Andrew Raff has this post at “” As the conclusion to Andrew’s post reveals, all that’s involved is a following a simple, three-step process.

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“Mistakes found in 98% of US patents”: The blog “,” written by the law firm Pinsent Masons, offers this post. By contrast, blog posts on average only contain errors 97% of the time, proving once again the superiority of blogs to all other things.

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“Calif justices remove former Stanford law dean from case”: David Kravets of The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “The California Supreme Court removed Kathleen Sullivan, Stanford Law School’s former dean, from a biotechnology giant’s legal team in a $500 million licensing dispute after she recently failed the State Bar exam.”

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“The end of pretense”: Today in The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Bradley R. Gitz has an op-ed that begins, “Democratic Sen. Joe Biden recently dispensed some uncharacteristic wisdom when he said that the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito were pointless.”

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In the January 30, 2006 issue of Newsweek: Evan Thomas and Stuart Taylor Jr. will have an article headlined “O’Connor’s Rightful Heir? Kennedy may check the Supreme Court’s tilt toward the right.”

Steven Levy will have an article headlined “Technology: Searching for Searches; The government is demanding millions of your queries; AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft have coughed up; Google is resisting.”

And George F. Will will have an essay entitled “About Those Categories… In the Roberts Court’s first major decision, the ideas of liberalism, conservatism, activism and deference to democracy got blurred.”

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