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Sunday, January 29, 2006

“Women demand tougher laws to curb abortions; Poll reveals growing concern over late terminations”: The Observer (UK) today contains an article that begins, “A majority of women in Britain want the abortion laws to be tightened to make it harder, or impossible, for them to terminate a pregnancy.” (Via “PrawfsBlawg“).

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“Amendment reroutes monies for V.I. Supreme Court to St. Croix”: Yesterday’s issue of The Virgin Islands Daily News contained this article.

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“Is a BlackBerry blackout likely? Most experts say no; patent fight over e-mail device is at key phase here next month.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch today contains an article that begins, “Inside the stone walls of the federal courthouse in downtown Richmond rests the threat, though perhaps a small one, of a blackout on the BlackBerry wireless e-mail gadgets.”

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“Top Enron Officials’ Trial Begins Today; Firms’ Collapse Sparked Crackdown”: This article will appear Monday in The Washington Post.

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“Welcome, New York Times Readers”: This new post appears today at the blog “Underneath Their Robes.” By the way, tomorrow marks David B. Lat’s debut as a blogger at “Wonkette.”

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“Judge Alito Passes Muster”: This editorial appears today in The Hartford Courant.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal today contains an editorial entitled “Alito appears clear — maybe; Nevada’s Harry Reid might vote to filibuster.”

The Huntsville Times contains an editorial entitled “The inevitable Alito.”

The Decatur (Ala.) Daily contains an editorial entitled “Now is not right time for Democrats to fall on swords.”

The Beaver County (Pa.) Times contains an editorial entitled “Win Elections.”

In The San Jose Mercury News, Susan Estrich has an op-ed entitled “The likely tie-breaker on abortion? Not Alito.”

In The Pueblo Chieftain, U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO) has an op-ed entitled “Senate should confirm Judge Alito’s nomination.”

In The Boston Globe, columnist Joan Vennochi has an op-ed entitled “Tilting at Alito.”

In The Sioux Falls Argus Leader, columnist David Kranz has an op-ed entitled “Johnson’s vote for Alito stirs debate among South Dakota Democrats.”

In The Washington Times, Carey Roberts has an op-ed entitled “Fathers back in abortion debate.”

In The Houston Chronicle, Olive Hershey has an op-ed entitled “The shame I don’t wish on any woman; Alito’s confirmation stirs up dark memories of growing up in ’50s.”

In The Anniston Star, H. Brandt Ayers has an op-ed entitled “Sam Alito’s times.”

In The Athens Banner-Herald, Wendy Chambers has an op-ed entitled “High court nominee no fan of ‘little guy.’

And in The Albany (N.Y.) Times Union, Marianne Means has an op-ed entitled “Beware of Alito’s hidden agenda.”

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“Palace Revolt: They were loyal conservatives, and Bush appointees; They fought a quiet battle to rein in the president’s power in the war on terror; And they paid a price for it.” Daniel Klaidman, Stuart Taylor Jr. and Evan Thomas have this lengthy investigative article in the February 6, 2006 issue of Newsweek.

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“The gay divorcees: First came gay marriage; Now comes the inevitable – and a slew of unprecedented legal questions.” The Ideas section of today’s edition of The Boston Globe contains this article.

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“Lay, Skilling trial will be a battle of strategies; The defense will focus on intricate accounting, and prosecutors want to keep it simple”: Mary Flood has this article today in The Houston Chronicle, along with an article headlined “Enron judge comes to trial well-prepared.”

Today’s newspaper also contains profiles of defense attorneys headlined “Lay attorney won’t shy away from fight“; “Criminal case something new for Skilling lawyer.”

The newspaper contains profiles of prosecution attorneys headlined “Attorney ‘destroys the other side’“; “Ex-judge argues for government“; “Prosecutor gained experience fast“; and “Lead attorney relishes challenge.”

Finally, today’s newspaper reports that “Seating is ‘first come, first serve’; ‘Overflow’ room with big-screen TV will accommodate 120 reporters or other spectators.”

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