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Monday, January 30, 2006

“Bush judge under ethics cloud: James H. Payne broke the law by ruling on corporations in which he held financial interests; Now Bush’s nominee to the nation’s second-highest court has the Senate and a top judge on his case.” This article bearing tomorrow’s date is available at And Salon’s earlier report on the matter can be accessed here.

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“Enron Jury Chosen in First Day, Setting Stage for Opening Arguments”: The New York Times on Tuesday will contain this article.

Tuesday’s edition of The Washington Post will report that “Jury Chosen for Lay, Skilling; Former Enron Executives’ Trial, Which Starts Today, Caps Era of Corporate Scandal.”

And The Dallas Morning News provides an update headlined “Jury is seated in Enron trial; Defense pleased with panel, which judge had pledged to pick in a day.”

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“Kennedy Seen as The Next Justice In Court’s Middle; Alito Expected to Tilt Conservative”: Charles Lane will have this article Tuesday in The Washington Post.

The Chicago Tribune on Tuesday will report that “Filibuster attempt fails; Alito likely to be confirmed Tuesday.”

The San Francisco Chronicle provides a news update headlined “Democrats don’t get support for Alito filibuster; Just 25 votes of 41 needed means conservative is headed to Supreme Court.”

The Hill on Tuesday will contain articles headlined “Nuke option fizzles with easy cloture” and “Ford, black leaders at odds over Alito.”

And in Tuesday’s issue of Financial Times, Patti Waldmeir has an article headlined “Conservatives join court, but how will they vote?

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“Why Bush won the Alito fight: A look at the decisive dates in the struggle over the Supreme Court.” Tom Curry, national affairs writer for MSNBC, provides this news analysis.

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“DNA tests gain ground as legal defense; Even prosecutors are embracing the technology as a protection against wrongful imprisonment”: Warren Richey will have this article Tuesday in The Christian Science Monitor.

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“Senate Moves Alito Close to Confirmation”: Jesse J. Holland of The Associated Press provides an updated report that begins, “The Senate all but guaranteed Samuel Alito’s confirmation as the nation’s 110th Supreme Court justice Monday, shutting down a last-minute attempt by liberals to block the conservative judge’s nomination with a filibuster.”

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“Senate to Decide on Ending Alito Debate”: Jesse J. Holland of The Associated Press provides this update. Based on the votes cast thus far, it sounds like cloture will be invoked by a comfortable margin.

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“EBay v. MercExchange Amicus Briefs”: “Patently-O: Patent Law Blog” offers this post today summarizing and linking to the amicus briefs.

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Samuel A. Alito, Jr. will still receive more senatorial support from the Third Circuit than Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. received from the D.C. Circuit: Only two of the six U.S. Senators who come from the States within the jurisdiction of the Third Circuit — the two Republican Senators from Pennsylvania — will vote to confirm Judge Alito.

Update: In response to this post, a reader emails, “0/0 is undefined!”

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“Appeals Judges Question Ebbers Sentence”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “A lawyer for former WorldCom Corp. chief Bernard Ebbers found a receptive audience Monday in appeals court judges who questioned the fairness of prosecutors and of the 25-year sentence Ebbers faces for an $11 billion fraud.”

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They paved paradise and put up a tax-exempt parking lot: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today contains an article headlined “Church parking lots win tax plea; High court ruling could affect property throughout state.”

Earlier this month, The Harrisburg Patriot-News reported that “Court’s ruling gives church tax break on vital parking lot.”

The ruling that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued late last month is available online (majority opinion; dissenting opinion).

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“Chafee statement on Judge Alito nomination”: U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) has issued a four-page statement that concludes, “I am a pro-choice, pro-environment, pro-Bill of Rights Republican and I will be voting against this nomination.”

And The Providence Journal offers a news update headlined “Chafee will vote against Alito.” The update concludes, “Chafee had committed himself to help fellow Republicans break a last-ditch Democratic filibuster of the nomination. He re-affirmed that stand this morning.”

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“Enron Trial Puts Focus on Fastow; Testimony by Ex-Finance Chief Will Likely Pose Challenges For Both Defense and Prosecution”: This article (pass-through link) appears today in The Wall Street Journal.

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“John Kerry’s Last Stand: The Alito Filibuster Backstory.” The first substantive (in a manner of speaking) post of the new “Wonkette” is here.

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“Trial of Enron ex-bosses to begin today; Finding unbiased jurors may be tough”: This article appears today in The Toronto Globe and Mail.

Today’s broadcast of NPR‘s “Morning Edition” contained a segment entitled “Jury Selection Begins in Enron Fraud Trial” (RealPlayer required).

Reuters reports that “Jury selection starts in long-awaited Enron trial.”

And The Associated Press reports that “Enron’s Lay, Skilling Arrive at Court.”

The Houston Chronicle features three blogs that will provide coverage of the trial: “Enron: TrialWatch“; “Enron: Legal Commentary; Lay-Skilling trial analysis from Houston-area attorneys“: and “Full Disclosure.”

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“Too short a career on the federal bench”: The Kalamazoo Gazette yesterday contained an editorial that begins, “Susan Bieke Neilson could have served the last four years of her life as a federal appeals judge.”

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