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Sunday, March 18, 2007

“Senator Insists Bush Aides Testify Publicly”: The New York Times on Monday will contain an article that begins, “The Democratic senator leading the inquiry into the dismissal of federal prosecutors insisted Sunday that Karl Rove and other top aides to President Bush must testify publicly and under oath, setting up a confrontation between Congress and the White House, which has said it is unlikely to agree to such a demand.”

The Washington Post on Monday will contain articles headlined “Prosecutor’s Firing Was Urged During Probe” and “Justice Dept. Recognized Prosecutor’s Work on Election Fraud Before His Firing.”

And The Los Angeles Times provides a news update headlined “California attorney’s firing draws Dems’ spotlight.”

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“School opposes high court review”: Yesterday’s issue of The Honolulu Advertiser contained an article that begins, “Kamehameha Schools attorneys contend there is no constitutional grounds for the country’s highest court to review an appellate court ruling that upheld the institution’s Hawaiians-first admissions policy.”

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“Rumors of Howard Bashman’s reaming have been greatly exaggerated”: So writes Cathy Gellis, at her blog “The Great Change: Turning Cathy into a Lawyer.”

Cathy goes on to remark, “I think it’s a pity that [Bashman] seems to have accepted his Bluebook-induced fate with such equanimity. With a little more righteous indignation, I bet the blog citation form would get fixed right away.” My fate is that the 18th edition of The Bluebook commands that cites to “How Appealing” not mention my name because my site is a single-author blog. How’s that for righteous indignation!

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Available online from National Public Radio: Today’s broadcast of “Weekend Edition Sunday” contained audio segments entitled “White House, Congress in Talks on Attorney Firings” and “How Prosecutor Lam’s Case Was Handled.”

Yesterday’s broadcast of “All Things Considered” contained an audio segment entitled “Political Tension the Norm for Attorney Generals.”

And yesterday’s broadcast of “Weekend Edition Saturday” contained an audio segment entitled “White House Misses Testimony Notification Deadline.”

RealPlayer is required to launch these audio segments.

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“No trouble for Buchanan to stay in line; Amid battle over firing of 8 other U.S. attorneys, she’s a model appointee”: This article appears today in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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“Student free speech vs. school drug policy; The US Supreme Court is set to hear the case of an Alaska teen who was suspended after unfurling a banner near school”: Warren Richey will have this article Monday in The Christian Science Monitor.

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“A Shot in the Arm for the GOP”: Today in The Washington Post, columnist George F. Will has an op-ed that begins, “By striking down the District of Columbia’s extraordinarily strict gun control law, which essentially bans guns, a federal appeals court may have revived gun control as a political issue.”

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“Saudi Arabia Routinely Frees Detainees; Release of Guantanamo Prisoners Undermines U.S. Claims of Threat, Analysis Says”: This article appears today in The Washington Post.

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“Old Pa. death sentences getting new day in court; In many cases, the trial lawyer was less than stellar”: The Philadelphia Inquirer contains this article today.

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In the March 26, 2007 issue of Newsweek: Michael Isikoff, Richard Wolffe And Evan Thomas will have an article headlined “Disorder in King George’s Court” that begins, “At highly charged moments, attorney General Alberto Gonzales can seem placid, passive–at times, just plain out of it.”

The magazine will also contain an articles headlined “‘We Are Enemy Combatant’: In a courtroom diatribe, 9/11’s mastermind boasts about his exploits; Is he telling the truth?” and “General Comment: Peter Pace called homosexual acts ‘immoral’ last week; It wasn’t the first time he’d weighed in on the matter.”

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“Make Way for Copyright Chaos”: Today in The New York Times, Law Professor Lawrence Lessig has an op-ed that begins, “Last week, Viacom asked a federal court to order the video-sharing service YouTube to pay it more than $1 billion in damages for some 150,000 videos that Viacom claims it owns and YouTube users have shared.”

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“Free-Speech Case Divides Bush and Religious Right”: Today in The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse has an article that begins, “A Supreme Court case about the free-speech rights of high school students, to be argued on Monday, has opened an unexpected fissure between the Bush administration and its usual allies on the religious right.”

And on Thursday published a report headlined “‘Bong Hits 4 Jesus’: Student Protest Goes to Supreme Court; Legal Experts Call Case Most Significant Student Free Speech Case Since the Height of Vietnam War.”

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