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Saturday, April 14, 2007

“Justices weigh limits on racial slurs in the workplace; The Supreme Court may hear the case of a black computer technician fired after he complained about a co-worker’s comment”: David G. Savage has this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“E-Mail Identified G.O.P. Candidates for Justice Jobs”: The New York Times contains this article today, along with an article headlined “Lawyer Says Rove Assumed E-Mail Was Kept.”

The Washington Post today contains articles headlined “Gonzales Aide Floated Replacements Early On” and “Explaining Missing E-Mails, Attorney Says Rove Thought RNC Saved Them.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “White House E-Mail Mystery: The administration needs to do better if this puzzle is not to become a scandal.”

The Los Angeles Times contains articles headlined “Attorneys assessed long before firings; Bush officials looked at insiders to take the prosecutor jobs, new documents show“; “Search for e-mails in U.S. attorney firings may be fruitless; Karl Rove’s messages sought by congressional Democrats may be lost to changes in storage practices“; and “Rove, others were warned to save e-mails.”

The Boston Globe reports that “Testimony of ex-aide to Gonzales questioned; E-mails show list of replacements for prosecutors.”

In The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko reports that “Justice Dept. criticized S.F. prosecutor, papers show; Memo suggests Ryan was fired for running a ‘fractured’ office.”

And McClatchy Newspapers report that “Wisconsin prosecutor surfaced on ‘firing’ list” and “U.S. attorney asserts politics had no place in his decisions.” You can also access online this statement issued today by Steven M. Biskupic, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

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“Lawyer Attacked for Book His Panel Deems Offensive”: The New York Times today contains an article that begins, “Raoul Felder, a celebrity divorce lawyer who is chairman of a state commission that oversees judges, has been given a unanimous vote of no confidence by the other nine members of the commission for helping to write a book they said is racially and ethnically inflammatory.”

The New York Post today contains an article headlined “Roasting Raoul: Law panel moves to ax Felder for ‘racial’ book.”

And The Associated Press reports that “Judge conduct panel shuns its ‘Schmucks!’ chairman.”

You can learn more about the book in question at this link.

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“Courts and Greens”: The New York Times today contains an editorial that begins, “A little over four years ago, when the forces of deregulation were riding high, this page observed that the federal courts could turn out to be the last, best hope for slowing the Bush administration’s assault on the body of bipartisan environmental law established over the last four decades and, by extension, on the environment itself. As things have turned out, this is pretty much what has happened.”

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“Quest to convict hid a lack of evidence; The district attorney moved quickly to take over the lacrosse inquiry; An N&O review shows that once he accepted the accuser’s story, little else mattered”: This article — the first in a five-part series titled “Rush to Judgment” — appears today in The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The newspaper today also contains articles headlined “Bar denies Nifong’s request; Allegation that he withheld evidence in Duke lacrosse case won’t be dismissed“; “Lacrosse dismissal ends season of discontent“; “Case’s end worries crisis counselors; Some say fewer assaults will be reported“; “Player’s lawyer: Accuser shouldn’t be charged“; and “Cooper is choosy with media interviews; Others are denied; ’60 Minutes’ isn’t.”

The Herald-Sun of Durham, North Carolina today contains articles headlined “Charges stand against Nifong“; “Cooper: Nifong’s behavior ‘offensive’“; and “Bar complaints stem from comments.”

And The New York Times reports that “Prosecutor Loses Effort to Dismiss Main Ethics Charge.”

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“P&G takes issue with effort to overturn verdict in SLC”: The Salt Lake Tribune today contains an article that begins, “Procter & Gamble is giving Amway distributors hell for trying to overturn a multimillion-dollar jury verdict against them for spreading the false rumor that the household-products giant supported a satanic church.”

And The Associated Press reports that “P&G Wants Judge to Uphold Jury Award.”

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“Alito to sell Jersey home; He coached kids, raised family here”: Yesterday’s edition of The Newark Star-Ledger contained an article that begins, “Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s Jersey roots run deep: Trenton-born, he grew up in Hamilton Township, attended Princeton University and later settled in West Caldwell with his wife, Martha-Ann. After Alito joined the U.S. Supreme Court last year as its newest justice, his family stayed put so his daughter could finish her senior year at James Caldwell High School. Every weekend, he left the nation’s capital and trekked back home. But come June, Alito will no longer have a Jersey address: He and his wife are under contract to sell the two-story Colonial where they raised their children and lived for nearly two decades. With both kids now in college, they plan to purchase a home closer to his new job, instead of renting as they had been doing.”

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Available online from An article reports that “$1 Billion Fen-Phen Case Settles Before Appellate Oral Arguments.”

In other news, “Mandatory CLE Planned for New Jersey, State High Court Says.”

Jason McLure and T.R. Goldman have an article headlined “The Man Behind the Democratic Assault on the DOJ: Schumer counsel Bharara knows something about the Justice Department: He’s a former assistant U.S. Attorney.”

And the brand new installment of my weekly “On Appeal” column is headlined “The N-Word and a Plaintiff’s Right to His Day in Court.”

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