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Monday, April 23, 2007

“Drugs Used in Executions May Cause Paralysis, Pain for Conscious Inmates”: The Washington Post on Tuesday will contain an article that begins, “The cocktail of drugs used for lethal injections is unreliable and could render inmates paralyzed but not unconscious, unable to cry out as they experience excruciating pain and eventually suffocate, according to a new scientific analysis.”

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“Cheesy Judges”: Saturday in The Wall Street Journal, John Fund had an op-ed (pass-through link via “Confirm Them“) that begins, “Last year, candidates for state supreme court seats spent a combined $40 million nationwide. Earlier this month, a whopping $6 million was spent to win a single vacant seat on Wisconsin’s state Supreme Court. It seems voters are growing discontented with their judges and increasingly willing to engage in partisan battles over who should sit on the bench.”

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Available online from An article reports that “DOJ Defections Grow as Prosecutor Firings Controversy Builds; Several key attorneys have left the Department of Justice in the last month alone.”

In other news, “Case Before 11th Circuit Will Test Student Threats, Free Speech; Federal appeals court judges to hear of high school student suspended for story about shooting a teacher.”

And in news from Florida, “Defense Bar Protests Removal of Plea Deals From U.S. Web Site.”

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“Faith-Based Justices”: ABC News correspondent Jan Crawford Greenburg has this post today at her “Legalities” blog.

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“The Face-Off Over Partial-Birth Abortion: Judicial restraint and ‘facial’ challenges.” Edward Whelan has this essay today at National Review Online.

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“Abortion Complaint Against Judge Dropped”: In news from Topeka, Kansas, The AP provides a report that begins, “A state panel has dismissed an ethics complaint that abortion opponents filed against a judge who threw out a criminal case against the state’s best-known abortion provider.”

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“Passenger Rights Pondered by Court”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “Is a passenger in a car stopped by police free to get out and walk away? Most Supreme Court justices didn’t seem to think so as they took up a case Monday dealing with passengers’ rights.”

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“Reaction to the Oral Argument in Brendlin v. California”: Orin Kerr attended today’s U.S. Supreme Court oral argument in the case, and he offers these thoughts at “The Volokh Conspiracy.”

The Court has posted online at this link the transcript of today’s oral argument in Brendlin v. California, No. 06-8120.

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En banc Eighth Circuit rules that plea agreement signed by federal prosecutors and criminal defendant cannot be enforced unless accepted by the federal district court: Today’s ruling failed to produce a majority opinion, although the vote in favor of the federal government’s position on appeal was 8-4.

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“Supreme Court to Hear Environmental Case”: The AP provides a report that begins, “The Supreme Court is scheduled to consider an environmental case Monday that could make it easier for many industrial companies to recover some of the millions of dollars they’ve spent cleaning up hazardous waste sites.”

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“Abortion rights gain ground in Latin America; Mexico City is voting Tuesday on a bill that would legalize abortion”: The Christian Science Monitor contains this article today.

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“Gonzales remains in the spotlight; Key GOP senator says the attorney general’s testimony hurt the White House and the Justice Department”: The Los Angeles Times contains this article today, along with an editorial entitled “The next attorney general? If Gonzales does step down, Bush would do well to follow the example of Ronald Reagan with a crony-free nomination.”

And The Washington Times reports today that “GOP hits Gonzales’ ‘harmful’ testimony.”

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“Few Specifics Evident As Padilla Trial Nears; Prosecutor Calls Charge ‘Hard to Particularize'”: The Washington Post today contains an article that begins, “The trial of Jose Padilla, the ‘dirty bomber’ whose alleged plotting was used to justify extraordinary presidential power, will get underway next month, and the prosecution’s case is rich in atmospherics.”

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