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Monday, November 12, 2007

“Justice Dept. Chief Faces a Test in Minnesota”: The New York Times on Tuesday will contain an article that begins, “If Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey wants to know what he is up against in restoring stability to the Justice Department, he is being urged by the department’s employees in Minnesota, as well as by prominent lawyers and law professors here, to consider an early visit to the United States Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis. The 34-year-old lawyer who holds the job, Rachel K. Paulose, is routinely described by colleagues in Minneapolis and Washington as representative of much that went wrong at the department under Alberto R. Gonzales, the former attorney general.”

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“Piercing the 5th Circuit’s veil of secrecy”: At the blog “LawBeat,” Mark Obbie has a post that begins, “Lise Olsen’s incendiary report in [Sunday’s] Houston Chronicle on the case of U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent — the Galveston, Texas, judge recently reprimanded by the 5th Circuit following sexual harassment allegations by a court employee — uses numerous named sources to reveal a 10-year history of alleged workplace harassment and assaults.”

My earlier post linking to yesterday’s news coverage can be accessed here.

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“Apartheid Suit Puts Corporations on Notice”: Today in The New York Sun, Joseph Goldstein has an article that begins, “In giving the go-ahead to a historic class-action suit against businesses that sold to South Africa’s apartheid regime, a federal appellate court here has put the world’s largest companies on notice that they can be held liable for doing business with foreign regimes that commit human-rights abuses.”

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“High court has shot at ‘right to bear arms’ case; Could trigger switch on nation’s gun laws”: Joan Biskupic has this article today in USA Today.

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“NPR commentator kicks off lecture series”: The Tulsa World today contains an article that begins, “Nina Totenberg is an engaging journalist who calls herself ‘uppity,’ openly states that she does not have ‘a degree in anything,’ and speaks with humor about what could be a very dry subject — the United States Supreme Court.”

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“The right to hate: A Kansas church’s message is ugly and despicable — and it merits 1st Amendment protection.” This editorial appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“Panel may cut thousands of prison terms; The early release of 19,500 inmates could result as officials try to address perceived unfairness in sentencing under federal cocaine laws”: The Los Angeles Times today contains an article that begins, “Under pressure from federal judges, inmate advocacy groups and civil rights organizations, federal authorities are considering a sweeping cut in prison sentences that could bring early release for thousands of federal inmates.”

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