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Sunday, November 25, 2007

“Doling Out Other People’s Money”: Monday’s edition of The New York Times will contain the latest installment of Adam Liptak’s “Sidebar” column, which begins, “A couple of years ago, Judge Harold Baer Jr. found himself with $6 million of unclaimed money from the settlement of an antitrust class-action lawsuit. The case had involved fashion models, so he decided to give the extra money to charities likely to assist them.”

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“Death penalty policy hangs in uncertainty”: CanWest News Service provides a report that begins, “The Conservative government is not saying if it has re-opened the door to seeking clemency for certain Canadians on death row in the U.S.”

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“Taking The Second Amendment To Court; The Supreme Court Prepares To Examine DC’s Right To Ban Handguns In The Context Of The Constitution”: This written report appears at the web site of the CBS Evening News.

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“Critics: Texas Supreme Court favors big business; Court disagrees, pointing out opinions are often divided.” Today’s edition of The Dallas Morning News contains an article that begins, “Texas’ Supreme Court justices aren’t in the habit of defending their judicial records, much less from lawyers grilling them as they would an uncooperative witness. But that’s just what happened in September at a continuing education event at Horseshoe Bay Resort hosted by the Dallas Bar Association, where lawyers peppered two justices with questions about their impartiality.”

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“Why so Little Tax Evasion?” That’s the topic for discussion today at “The Becker-Posner Blog.” Becker’s comment is here, while Posner’s is here.

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“Can you sue if your 401(k) nest egg is mishandled? The US Supreme Court on Monday hears a case that will determine if individuals have redress under federal law if their savings plan is mismanaged.” Warren Richey will have this article Monday in The Christian Science Monitor.

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“N.J. out to end death penalty; Gov. Corzine and top legislators see a chance in the lame-duck session; A study and other factors have added momentum”: The Philadelphia Inquirer contains this article today.

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“A people’s right: Second Amendment speaks to individual freedoms.” The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner today contains an editorial that begins, “As the Supreme Court prepares to take on the key Second Amendment question of the individual right to keep and bear arms, as opposed to bearing arms only as part of an organized state militia, Alaskans may be sorting out their own views on the issue.”

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“Foes of electronic spying may have a new way to challenge it”: Yesterday in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko had an article that begins, “Despite their latest court setback, challengers of President Bush’s electronic surveillance program have another arrow in their quiver – a section of the same law that Bush spurned when he first ordered wiretaps six years ago.”

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“Who would Giuliani nominate? While Democratic contenders are clear on how they view justices, the GOP’s Giuliani is a bit of a puzzle.” Friday’s edition of The Los Angeles Times contained an editorial that begins, “What kind of justice a presidential candidate would name to the Supreme Court isn’t just a legitimate issue; it’s a vital one.”

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“Judge’s refusal to step down after 1935 bribery conviction led to change in state Constitution; Gavin Craig said he was innocent and refused to leave the bench”: The Los Angeles Times today contains an article that begins, “Justice Gavin W. Craig, who sat on the state appellate court about 70 years ago in Los Angeles, made his mark on history not through his judicial opinions but through his own legal woes and a penchant for persistence. When Craig refused to leave the bench after his 1935 felony conviction on bribery charges, opponents launched a drive to remove him and fomented a change in the California Constitution.”

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“Chief justice bucks precedent in smoke-shop case”: The Providence (R.I.) Journal today contains an article that begins, “A state Supreme Court directive that the criminal charges stemming from the state police raid on a Narragansett Indian smoke shop be resolved, if possible, through mediation is not only unprecedented, it bucks the high court’s own rules.”

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“Court may have violated its own policies”: The Galveston County Daily News today contains an article that begins, “Cathy McBroom’s mother and others say that her May complaint against U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent wasn’t the first time she told court officials about the judge’s alleged sexual misconduct. But the court, often charged with judging sexual harassment by others, apparently failed to follow its own internal guidelines for correcting the problem, at least according to several people close to the case.”

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“For Thompson, federalism at heart of campaign; Draws mixed responses to the principle”: The Boston Globe contains this article today.

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