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Saturday, December 8, 2007

“Bonds Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges”: This article appears today in The New York Times, along with an article headlined “Elite Lawyers Anchor the Defense.”

Today’s edition of The San Francisco Chronicle contains articles headlined “Bonds: I will be vindicated” and “Barry Bonds first court appearance sets off media frenzy.”

The San Jose Mercury News contains articles headlined “Barry Bonds launches legal battle against charges of perjury, obstructing justice” and “Bonds draws few fans to court; ‘I’ve got his back for life,’ says one.” In addition, columnist Mark Purdy has an essay entitled “Bonds’ case shaping up as World Series of perjury trials.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that “Bonds trial may be a year away; Judge doesn’t restrict the travels of the former Giants slugger, meaning he could play another season; His legal team has been expanded.”

And The Washington Post reports that “Bonds Takes Center Stage, Pleads Not Guilty.”

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“High Court to Rule On Wal-Mart Transfer Of Disabled Worker”: Dow Jones Newswires provide a report that begins, “In a case involving Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the Supreme Court Friday said it will determine if a disabled employee, under federal disabilities law, gets preference over others for a vacant position even if they aren’t the best qualified for the job.”

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“Lawyer sues again over Web site he says defamed him”: On Tuesday, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article that begins, “Pittsburgh attorney Todd Hollis has revived his lawsuit against a Web site that accused him of infidelity and infecting women with herpes. Mr. Hollis said the site — — defamed him by publishing false and malicious statements. Acting as his own lawyer, Mr. Hollis filed suit last week in U.S. District Court in Miami against the Florida-based Web site and its owner, Tasha Cunningham. A judge in Allegheny County dismissed Mr. Hollis’ initial lawsuit last year, saying a Pittsburgh court had no jurisdiction over a Miami company. Mr. Hollis, 39, said he reluctantly sued again in Miami because Ms. Cunningham refused to remove the numerous lies that her Web site has published about him.”

I have made available online via this link a copy of the pro se complaint initiating suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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“L.A. County’s religion-free seal: Squabbles over a cross once found on the emblem have done little but divert attention from more pressing issues.” The Los Angeles Times contains this editorial today.

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“Inquiry Begins Into Tapes’ Destruction”: This article will appear Sunday in The New York Times, along with an article headlined “Detainee Says He Was Tortured in C.I.A. Prison.”

Today’s edition of The New York Times contains articles headlined “C.I.A. Was Urged to Keep Interrogation Videotapes” and “Congress Looks Into Obstruction as Calls for Justice Inquiry Rise.”

The Washington Post today contains a front page article headlined “Inquiry Sought On CIA Tapes; Destruction Is Said To Be News to Bush.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “The Torture Tapes: The CIA may have destroyed evidence of crimes.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that “Democrats demand probe into destruction of tapes; Congress members want the Justice Department to investigate whether the CIA acted illegally in destroying the video of terrorism suspects’ interrogations.”

And McClatchy Newspapers report that “Democrats seek investigation of destroyed CIA videotapes.”

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“Guantanamo detainees face uncertain future; As the number of prisoners dwindles, many are left in diplomatic limbo”: Carol J. Williams will have this article Sunday in The Los Angeles Times.

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“In Denver, Former City Official’s Death Prompts Promise of a Lawsuit”: The New York Times today contains an article that begins, “As its city attorney, Larry Manzanares was one of Denver’s most prominent public officials, a rising star in Colorado’s legal community, when he resigned abruptly in February amid well-publicized accusations that he had stolen a state-owned laptop computer. The authorities later announced that pornographic files had been downloaded on and erased from the computer while it was in Mr. Manzanares’s possession.”

The Denver Post reports today that “Manzanares’ widow files intent to sue notice.”

And The Rocky Mountain News reports that “Manzanares’ widow to sue DA in Jeffco; She says actions of prosecutor led to suicide.”

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“Policeman’s widow seeks execution of Abu Jamal”: Reuters provides this report. According to the article, “Abu Jamal’s lawyers are seeking a new trial on grounds his first was tainted by racism. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia could rule on the request at any time.”

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“Roberts says she believed petitions legal”: The San Antonio Express-News today contains an article that begins, “A lawyer on trial for helping her husband, also an attorney, unlawfully extract thousands of dollars from her former lovers testified Friday that she does not believe the unorthodox means used to get the money is illegal.”

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