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Sunday, December 28, 2008

“Naming names: Court weighs whether to identify authors of critical and anonymous postings on the Internet.” Today’s edition of The Baltimore Sun contains an article that begins, “You may not be as anonymous online as you think. Maryland’s highest court will soon decide how easy it is to unmask those who use pseudonyms to post critical comments on the Internet. So far, the state has been operating without a set of rules for identifying those people, but the issue has surfaced over criticism of an Eastern Shore developer. The issue of Internet anonymity has cropped up in other courts around the country, but this is the first time that Maryland’s Court of Appeals has confronted it.”

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“U.S. Supreme Court is asked to look at Colleyville exorcism case ruling”: This article appeared yesterday in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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“Split appeals court upholds bank robbery sentence”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “A federal appeals court has upheld a 22-year prison sentence for a convicted bank robber, determining there was enough evidence for nearly tripling the original sentence based on two other charges he was acquitted of in connection with the 2003 crime.”

My earlier coverage of Wednesday’s en banc Sixth Circuit ruling appears at this link.

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“Reform judicial nominations”: The Palm Beach Post today contains an editorial that begins, “As became evident this month, Florida gives the governor too much power over selecting judges.”

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“Navy, environmentalists settle sonar lawsuit”: The Associated Press provides a report that begins, “The Navy has settled a lawsuit filed by environmentalists challenging its use of sonar in hundreds of submarine-hunting exercises around the world.”

And The Los Angeles Times reports today that “Lawsuit on whales and sonar is settled; Environmental groups concerned about the effect on whales claim victory, as does the military; The Navy says the deal does not expand protections; The Supreme Court recently decided a similar case.”

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“Florida high court to rule on same-sex adoption ban; Florida has only ban in U.S.” This article appeared yesterday in The News-Press of Fort Myers, Florida.

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