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Saturday, January 17, 2009

“Prosecutor seeks, loses bid to delay terror hearings; Both the chief prosecutor and his defense counterpart sought delays in next week’s war court sessions straddling the inauguration but two Army colonels denied the request”: Carol Rosenberg of The Miami Herald provides this report.

Today in The Los Angeles Times, Carol J. Williams reports that “Guantanamo defense calls for charges to be dropped; The convening authority said this week that some of the men facing trial were tortured; Dropping all charges ‘is the legally and morally correct course,’ the defense writes in a letter.” You can view the letter at this link.

Jonathan S. Landay of McClatchy Newspapers has an article headlined “Appointee: Guantanamo suspects likely to face civilian courts.”

And The New York Times reports today that “Pentagon Studies Bases as Alternative to Guantanamo; G.O.P. Lawmakers Object.”

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“At confirmation, two views of Holder emerge; On the second day of hearings for the attorney general nominee, ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh hails Holder’s professionalism, while a bombing victim’s son lambastes nationalist clemencies”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

The Washington Post today contains an article headlined “Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Gains Support From GOP, Law Enforcement.” The newspaper also contains an editorial entitled “Confirm Mr. Holder: The Senate hearing showed his grasp of the issues — and the lessons he learned about a pardon.”

The New York Times contains an article headlined “Support for Justice Dept. Nominee From Ex-F.B.I. Chief” and a news analysis headlined “Torture Remarks May Force Hand of New Administration.”

And reports that “On National Security, DOJ May Stay the Course.”

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“For a Power Lawyer, a New High-Wire Act”: The New York Times today contains a profile that begins, “During 40 years in politics, Gregory B. Craig has learned the art of the balancing act.”

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“A Texas challenge to the Voting Rights Act: The United States has made progress in fighting discrimination at the polls, but we still need the protections of the Voting Rights Act.” This editorial appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“Contempt Charges Will Stand In Terrorism-Related Case”: The Washington Post today contains an article that begins, “A federal judge in Alexandria ruled yesterday that she would not throw out contempt-of-court charges against former professor Sami al-Arian, who has refused to cooperate with a terrorism investigation, and set his case for trial on March 9.”

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“Justices to Hear 2 Cases Brought Against Schools”: Adam Liptak has this article today in The New York Times, along with an article headlined “High Court to Rule on State Inquiries on Banks.”

Today in The Washington Post, Robert Barnes reports that “High Court to Hear Case on Banks, Lending Practices; Justices Also Accept Two Cases On Education.”

In The Los Angeles Times, David G. Savage reports that “Supreme Court to hear school strip-search case; The justices will also determine whether a child with a disability must try public education before being reimbursed with taxpayer funds for private school tuition.”

In The Arizona Daily Star, Howard Fischer reports that “Strip-search ruling due; US high court takes on case of Safford girl, 13.”

James Vicini of Reuters has articles headlined “Supreme court to decide case on school strip search” and “US court to hear NY appeal on bank lending probe.”

And Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News reports that “Bank Probes by States Draw U.S. Supreme Court Review.”

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“Under Obama, feds may still snoop library files”: Today in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko has an article that begins, “President-elect Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general has endorsed an extension of the law that allows federal agents to demand Americans’ library and bookstore records as part of terrorism probes, dismaying a national group of independent booksellers.”

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