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Friday, February 27, 2009

“‘Enemy combatant’ expected to be charged; The move in the case of Ali Saleh Kahlah Marri may be timed to avoid a showdown in the Supreme Court”: Josh Meyer and David G. Savage have this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

Today’s edition of The Washington Post contains an article headlined “‘Combatant’ Case to Move From Tribunal To U.S. Court.”

The New York Times reports that “U.S. Will Give Qaeda Suspect a Civilian Trial.”

And The Peoria Journal Star provides a news update headlined “Al-Marri indicted on terrorism-related charges; Justice Department seeks dismissal of complaint he filed.”

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“Bonds’ perjury trial delayed indefinitely”: Lance Williams of The San Francisco Chronicle has a news update that begins, “Federal prosecutors indefinitely postponed Barry Bonds’ trial on perjury charges Friday while they appeal a judge’s ruling that put alleged positive steroid tests and other key evidence off limits. The move, announced three days before the trial was to begin, could delay the case for months, legal experts said.”

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“No harm in Pa. pay raise, court rules”: Today’s edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer contains an article that begins, “A panel of federal judges yesterday upheld a lower court decision dismissing claims that state lawmakers and top members of the judiciary conspired to enact the controversial 2005 pay raise.”

My earlier coverage of yesterday’s Third Circuit ruling appears at this link.

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“U.S. would leave detention power unsettled”: At “SCOTUSblog,” Lyle Denniston has a post that begins, “The Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court on Friday afternoon to end the case of an individual captured and held in the U.S. as a terrorism suspect, but did not tell the Court that it is abandoning the claim that it has power to do so.”

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“Why Are Court Docs Still Behind Paid Firewall, Joe Lieberman Wants To Know”: This afternoon at’s “Threat Level” blog, Ryan Singel has a post that begins, “The head of a powerful Senate committee wants the federal courts to explain why its online database still charges eight cents a page for court documents, and why many of those documents still contain social security numbers and other sensitive information.”

The Senator’s letter to the Chair of the U.S. Courts Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure can be accessed here.

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“Court rejects Obama bid to stop wiretapping suit”: The Associated Press has a report that begins, ” The Obama administration has lost its argument that the state secrets privilege is a good enough reason to stop a lawsuit over the government’s warrantless wiretapping program. A federal appeals court in San Francisco has rejected the Justice Department’s request for an emergency stay. The Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, claimed that national security would be compromised if a lawsuit brought by the U.S. chapter of an Islamic charity was allowed to proceed.”

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“Possible delay in Bonds’ perjury trial”: Lance Williams of The San Francisco Chronicle has a news update that begins, “The government may delay Barry Bonds’ trial on perjury charges to appeal a judge’s ruling that put key evidence off limits, a prosecutor said Friday.”

Howard Mintz of The San Jose Mercury News has an update headlined “Barry Bonds judge: Anderson will go to jail again if he refuses to testify.”

The Associated Press reports that “Feds to decide on appeal of Bonds evidence ruling.”

And earlier, published an article headlined “Will Feds Swing at Bonds, or Run to Umpires?

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“Va. Supreme Court says collector can keep Declaration of Independence copy”: Frank Green of The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a news update that begins, “A wealthy Fairfax County collector can keep a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence claimed by the small Maine town where it was sent in 1776, the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled this morning.”

And The Associated Press has a report headlined “Court: Va. man owns 1776 copy of Declaration.”

You can access today’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Virginia at this link.

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“Pentagon report on Guantanamo detainees: incomplete? The Pentagon should have included more laws in its assessment of conditions, some experts argue.” Warren Richey has this article today in The Christian Science Monitor.

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“Lawyer says Kent deserves pension”: Today in The Houston Chronicle, Mary Flood has an article that begins, “Judge Samuel Kent is a psychologically broken man who served well on the bench for 18 years and deserves mercy and his pension, his lawyer said Thursday.”

And today in The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, columnist James Gill has an op-ed entitled “Most likely to be impeached?

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“The Supreme Court Decides an Important Case the Wrong Way: Why It Held that the Government Lacked the Power to Become a Trustee on Behalf of the Narragansett Tribe of Indians.” Edward Lazarus has this essay online at FindLaw.

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