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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Editorials published today in The Los Angeles Times: The newspaper contains editorials entitled “Supreme Court is religiously inconsistent: The court ruled correctly in the Summum case, but the controversy could have been avoided if the court had made its stand clear on religious displays


Giving DNA the OK: The Supreme Court must rule that access to DNA information is a constitutional right; Otherwise, states would be free to withhold evidence that could free a wrongly convicted person.”

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“Existing gay marriages now on a great divide; With the California Supreme Court likely to uphold Proposition 8 but still recognize those already married, the couples are feeling both elated and isolated”: Maura Dolan and Jessica Garrison have this article today in The Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper also contains an op-ed by Robin Rauzi entitled “I’ll be a marriage outlaw: It’s OK if the state Supreme Court wants to uphold Prop. 8 — I’ll still be married.”

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“A Reckoning at Bagram: Mr. Obama must give those held at the Afghan air base a way to challenge their detentions.” Today’s edition of The Washington Post contains this editorial.

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“Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court liberal? In a decision last week against the drug company Wyeth, it was the court’s most conservative justice who dealt a blow to Bush administration legal policy.” David G. Savage will have this article Sunday in The Los Angeles Times.

Sunday in The Washington Post, Robert Barnes will have an article headlined “Court Defies Pro-Business Label; Decisions Reveal More Nuanced Portrait.”

Today’s edition of The St. Petersburg Times contains an editorial entitled “The public wins one.”

And yesterday’s edition of The Burlington (Vt.) Free Press contained an editorial entitled “Drug-case ruling improves protection.”

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“Mixed Opinions of a Judge Accused of Misconduct”: The New York Times on Sunday will contain an article that begins, “If Sharon Keller, the presiding judge of Texas’ highest criminal court, has ever doubted her judgment, she has not shown it. In 1998, Judge Keller wrote the opinion rejecting a new trial for Roy Criner, a mentally retarded man convicted of rape and murder, even though DNA tests after his trial showed that it was not his semen in the victim.”

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“11th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds most of the counts that convicted former Alabama governor Don Siegelman and HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy; Court tosses 2 Siegelman counts”: This article appears today in The Birmingham News.

You can access yesterday’s ruling at this link.

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“Federal Circuit Bars Patent for Business ‘Paradigm’; Attorney Scott Harris, who was pushed out of Fish & Richardson over a patent matter, said he might appeal to the Supreme Court”: has this report on a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued yesterday.

Update: Link to ruling corrected. I had originally, and erroneously, linked instead to this order granting rehearing en banc issued yesterday. The order is the subject of this post today at “Patently-O.”

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“Judge Weighs Dismissing Case Involving Torture Memorandums”: Today in The New York Times, John Schwartz has an article that begins, “Lawyers for the Obama administration struggled on Friday to persuade a federal judge here to throw out an unusual civil lawsuit against John C. Yoo, the former government lawyer whose memorandums on torture were used by the Bush administration to justify sweeping policies on detention and interrogation.”

Bloomberg News reports that “Obama Administration Defends Yoo, Torture Memo Author.”

At, Josh Gerstein reports that “Obama Justice Dept. will defend Yoo.”

And reports that “Judge Presses Government on Torture Memo Liability; Now a law professor, Yoo faces a complaint brought by Jose Padilla, which claims that Yoo’s DOJ memos directly led to his torturous treatment.”

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