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Friday, April 10, 2009

“Hatch asks if he can serve end of sentence in Argentina”: Today’s edition of The Providence (R.I.) Journal contains an article that begins, “If Survivor star Richard Hatch can’t be a free man, he wants to be free to serve his time on supervised release in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and travel wherever he pleases to make guest appearances on the popular CBS reality show.”

Posted at 11:14 PM by Howard Bashman

California Court of Appeal strikes down requirement that “impermissibly denies California-born transgender individuals who reside outside of California the same right to issuance of a new California birth certificate as California-born transgender individuals residing in California”: You can access today’s ruling of the California Court of Appeal for the First Appellate District, Division One, at this link.

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“Want to be on the 2nd Circuit? Maybe Don’t Ask.” At “The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times,” David Ingram has a post that begins, “One of President Barack Obama’s appellate court nominees says he never asked to be chosen.”

Posted at 2:12 PM by Howard Bashman